The power of stories is unmatched. They can open up new opportunities for them and the people in their lives. For this reason, they collaborate with some of the world’s most talented artists to deliver to their daily audience of millions something new and exciting in the form of originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. Audible is at the forefront of the audio entertainment revolution thanks to its customer-centric focus on innovation.
The People Principles at Audible honour their history and culture and provide direction for their collaborative efforts to better their customers’ everyday lives. They are representative of and relevant to all employees at Audible, from newcomers to veterans, from those who have been with the company for 20 years to those who have been with the company for only a few weeks or months.
They think businesses can have identities separate from their products or services and can look for deeper meaning in the world. Every city in the world can benefit from the creative solutions developed at their Global Centre for Urban Development, which focuses on issues of fairness, racial justice, and economic empowerment.

Award Winning Audiobooks by Women

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