When it comes to work shoes for men/women, you want to find something that’s not only functional but stylish as well. That’s where Safety Brands UK comes in; a name that you can trust. They offer top-quality safety boots, trainers, and steel toe cap boots for both men and women that are not only stylish but also affordable. You can rest easy knowing that your feet are protected in the workplace while still looking great. The team at Safety Brands UK knows that men and women need shoes that are both practical and fashionable, and they deliver on both fronts. So, whether you’re working in construction, healthcare, or any other industry that requires protective footwear, trust Safety Brands UK to keep your feet safe and stylish.


About Safety Brands UK

Safety Brands has quickly become a respected name in the safety footwear industry. Established in 2014, this family-owned business has made it their mission to provide top-quality safety footwear at reasonable prices. Operating in the Midlands, England, Safety Brands has become one of the leading retailers and wholesalers of safety shoes. With a focus on safety, their steel toe cap footwear is CE/UK certified and adheres to European quality and safety standards. Trustworthy and reliable, Safety Brands is the go-to destination for anyone in need of quality safety footwear.


1. Safety Trainer Style 40


When it comes to tough jobs, having durable and dependable footwear is a must. That’s where the Safety Trainer Style 40 Men/Womens Steel Toe Cap Boots come in. With a steel toe cap, superior middle sole, and water-resistant design, these boots can handle whatever the work day throws your way. But that’s not all – the fly knit breathable upper and mesh + fabric lining insole provide comfort and breathability while you’re on the job. And with its anti-smashing, anti-pinching, and anti-puncture features, these boots give you added protection and peace of mind. Whether you’re on a construction site or working in a warehouse, these boots are the perfect companion to keep your feet safe and comfortable throughout the day.


2. Safety Trainer Style 42

When it comes to workplace safety, you need a pair of shoes that can keep up with the demands of the job. The Safety Trainer Style 42 for both men and women boasts a steel toe cap, which means you can go about your tasks without worrying about potential hazards. Not only that, but the shoe is also water resistant, which is a great feature for those who work outside or in damp environments. The superior middle sole also provides added comfort, even during long periods of standing or walking. And, perhaps most importantly, the Fly Knit breathable upper and mesh and fabric lining insole ensure you stay cool and dry on the job. The anti-smashing, anti-pinching, and anti-puncture features make this shoe a solid choice for those in industries where accidents can happen. Investing in a reliable pair of Safety Trainers is essential to ensure both your safety and comfort on the job.


3. Safety Air Trainer Style 50

Looking for a safety shoe that you can wear without sacrificing style? Look no further than the Air Trainer Style 50 for men and women. These steel toe cap trainers come equipped with a superior middle sole for added support, as well as water resistance for those rainy days on the job. The fly knit breathable upper and mesh and fabric lining insole ensure that your feet won’t get too hot and sweaty, while also providing a comfortable fit. And with anti-smashing, anti-pinching, and anti-puncture features, you can rest assured that your feet will stay safe on any work site. Don’t compromise on style or safety- get the Air Trainer Style 50 today.


4. Safety Trainer Style 101

When it comes to staying safe on the job, the right equipment can make all the difference. That’s where Safety Trainer Style 101 Men/Womens come in. With their durable steel toe caps, these boots offer top-notch protection against potential hazards on the work site. But these boots aren’t just built for safety- they’re also designed for comfort. With a superior middle sole and breathable fly knit upper, these boots will keep you feeling good all day long. And with water-resistant materials and anti-smashing, anti-pinching, and anti-puncture features, you can rely on these boots to keep you safe even in the toughest conditions. Don’t compromise on safety or comfort. Make Safety Trainer Style 101 Men/Womens your new go-to work boots.


5. Safety Trainer Style 107

Looking for a durable and comfortable pair of safety boots? Look no further than the Safety Trainer Style 107 Men/Womens! These boots boast a UKCA and CE Certificate safety rating, ensuring that they’re up to par with industry safety standards. The EN ISO 20345:2011 SBP SRA rating guarantees protection against basic risks including crushing and slipping, while the steel toe cap provides additional protection. With a superior middle sole and fly knit breathable upper, these boots are not only practical but also stylish. And with added features like water resistance and anti-smashing, anti-pinching, and anti-puncture measures, these boots have got you covered on all fronts. Stay safe and comfortable with the Safety Trainer Style 107 Men/Womens.

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