EFlorist think flowers change everything. Each flower conveys the giver and receiver’s feelings, memories, and messages. Their enthusiasm for floral creativity and quality drive them to produce stunning arrangements for your special events.

After 75 years in the flower business, EFlorist prioritise local British farmers and eco-friendly agricultural communities. Even during busy times, they send same-day and next-day flowers from over 1,500 independent florists. Experience is powerful.

Let’s revisit their family company’s extraordinary journey, which began in 1947 as the British Teleflower Service. Their passion for flowers led them to work with talented UK florists to change lives.

International expansion began in 1953 with Teleflor’s International Network in 1971. Transforming into Teleflorist, they reorganised in 1978 and introduced a new logo with a gorgeous dove. The successful 2009 launch of Their digital ordering system made Eflorist what it is today.

Technology helped them reach more clients and become more involved in people’s lives as Their online presence grew. They partnered with Euroflorist in 2010. They were able to expand on Their success and assist more individuals send flowers with this important milestone.

The unconditional love and trust in their cherished blossoms amazes them after 70 years. Since their founding as the British Teleflower Service, Their family values have driven them to provide outstanding flower experiences as Eflorist. They are honoured to have participated in momentous occasions and look forward to many more.

Colourful Flowers

These flower arrangements are sure to turn heads with their vibrant hues and striking designs. No matter the occasion or location, sending a bouquet of flowers from this vibrant assortment is sure to brighten someone’s day. The many hues of flowers represent many feelings and events in ways that words alone cannot express. When you give a bouquet of colourful flowers, whether it’s a classic rose arrangement for love and celebration or a rainbow arrangement for optimism, the recipient will feel extra special.

Sweet Spring

The “Sweet Spring Sweet Autumn” bouquet embodies the enchanting transition between the vibrant bloom of spring and the warm hues of autumn. A carefully curated mix of pink and orange germini, set alongside delicate spray chrysanthemums, creates a visual harmony that whispers of sunny days and crisp fall evenings. At the heart of this arrangement lies a stunning cerise rose, a symbol of appreciation and grace, that boldly takes center stage, drawing the eye and touching the soul. This bouquet is not just a collection of flowers; it’s a celebration of the seasons, perfectly blending the freshness of spring with the cozy warmth of autumn.

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses stand as a captivating marvel in the world of floristry, embodying joy and vibrancy with their kaleidoscopic petals. Each of the 12 unique roses in a bouquet is meticulously dyed, merging an array of vivid colors to forge the spellbinding rainbow effect. This meticulous process ensures that every petal showcases a spectrum of hues, turning each rose into a work of art. Perfect for those moments when you wish to convey a message of happiness, celebration, or simply to brighten someone’s day, Rainbow Roses make an extraordinary gift, captivating the eyes and uplifting the spirits of anyone who beholds them.


Serenity is an exquisite floral arrangement that captures the essence of elegance and tranquility. This bouquet artfully combines soft pink and cream roses with the subtle charm of chrysanthemums and spray carnations. Each element is thoughtfully complemented with delicate foliage, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. What makes Serenity particularly special is that the flowers arrive in bud form. This thoughtful detail ensures that each bloom has the maximum potential to open and flourish, extending the life of the bouquet and allowing the recipient to enjoy its beauty for a longer period. Such thoughtful consideration in its composition makes Serenity a gift that truly embodies grace and lasting impressions.

Vibrant Oasis

The Vibrant Oasis bouquet is a mesmerizing array of colors and scents, designed to captivate and charm anyone who receives it. Bursting with luscious pink and orange roses, soft carnations, and eye-catching alstroemeria, it’s a celebration of color and life. Eucalyptus and hypericum berries add a touch of greenery and texture, making the bouquet not just a gift, but a piece of natural art. It’s the perfect way to express feelings of joy, gratitude, or affection, making it an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion that deserves a burst of beauty.

Bold Blooms

The Bold Blooms bouquet is a vibrant celebration of nature’s profound beauty, expertly curated to bring a splash of color and joy into any space. Each bouquet is a symphony of colors and textures, featuring bright orange roses that beam like the sun, juxtaposed with the deep hues of cerise carnations, creating a visually stunning contrast. The vivid green chrysanthemums add a fresh, lively touch, while the soft petals of germini and lisianthus introduce a grace and elegance to the arrangement. A thoughtful selection of foliage complements the blooms, adding depth and a sense of fullness, ensuring that the Bold Blooms bouquet is not just a floral arrangement but a work of art, designed to captivate and enchant.

Why Do We Shop Colourful Flowers From EFlorist?

The incredible variety of vibrant flowers offered by EFlorist not only brightens our homes but also lifts our moods, which is why we shop with them. No matter the event, your mood, or personal taste, you’ll find the perfect colour in their assortment. And because EFlorist is so dedicated to freshness, you can rest assured that your bouquet or arrangement will arrive in perfect shape, bursting with colour and aroma. Sending flowers as a token of appreciation, celebration, love, or sympathy has never been easier than with their streamlined online buying system and dependable delivery service.

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