At Vision Express, they understand the importance of keeping your glasses in top condition. That’s why they offer a wide range of accessories designed specifically for prescription glasses and sunglasses. From cleaning cloths to screwdrivers to glasses wipes, Vision Express have everything you need to keep your glasses looking and feeling great. Plus, if you struggle with glasses fogging up, their glasses mask tips provide solutions to help you prevent it from happening. And with their Grand Advantage card, you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be without a pair of prescription glasses for 2 years. Shop online today and take advantage of all their glasses accessories.

About Visionexpress

Gateshead was the location of their first Vision Express store, which opened more than thirty years ago. Vision Express now have over 550 locations located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In spite of the many shifts that have taken place throughout the years, they have consistently prioritised achieving their primary objective. Vision Express aspire to make their clients’ lives a little bit simpler and more enjoyable in any way they can. Vision Express helpful staff is here to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting your new look to locating the ideal lenses.

To ensure that you leave feeling like yourself and that your eyes have been cared for, they give a personalised service throughout the entirety of your eye care journey. When you leave your visit, not only will you look and feel fantastic, but you will also be filled with self-assurance.

Vision Express provide a variety of appointment kinds, each of which can be arranged to meet your requirements. Each consultation is a customised service that will walk you through the steps of your eye care journey so that when you leave, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that both you and your eyes have been cared for. Have a look down below to learn more about their eye exams for adults and children, as well as their appointments for contact lens fittings.

SO No Fog Glasses Lens Cleaning Wipes – 100 Pack

Glasses can be a hassle to keep clean, especially with all the smudges and fog that can accumulate throughout the day. Luckily, the SO no fog glasses lens cleaning wipes have got you covered. With 100 wipes in each box, you’ll have a convenient solution for removing fingerprints, smudges, and everyday dust both indoors and out. These anti-fog wipes are ideal for all types of lenses, including multi-coated lenses. Thanks to their anti-static formula, you’ll enjoy up to 24 hours of fog-free protection every time you use them. Not only are they easy to open and use, but they’re small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, wallet, or phone case, meaning they’re convenient for use anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to streaks and hello to clear vision with SO no fog glasses lens cleaning wipes!

William Morris Golden Lily Glasses Case

Designed by William Morris, the Golden Lily. The William Morris Gallery and William Morris, London, a famous British independent eyewear company, collaborated to create “The Gallery Collection,” which includes this flat-folding glasses case along with a matching polishing cloth. Morris passed just a few time before the publication of The Golden Lily (1897) design. In the field of design, this is only one of the numerous legacies he left behind. When the case is closed, its dimensions are 160 mm by 45 mm. The fastener is a magnetic clasp.

Vision Express Glasses Lens Cleaner Spray 35ml

Maintaining the quality and clarity of your glasses is key for optimal vision. That’s where Vision Express Glasses Lens Cleaner Spray comes in. With a capacity of 35ml, this alcohol-free formula is gentle on all types of lenses, ensuring they remain streak-free and crystal clear. The easy-to-use pump action spray bottle makes application a breeze. This multi-purpose lens cleaner is also perfect for those who wear sunglasses, ensuring that your eyes are protected and vision is crystal clear. Pair the spray with Vision Express Microfibre cleaning cloth for effortless cleaning. For those who know they love this product, it is also available in a larger, 120ml size. Keep your glasses spotless and your eyes sharp with the Vision Express Glasses Lens Cleaner Spray.

CotiVision Elements Bolo Leather Glasses Cord

Have you ever lost your glasses or left them lying around somewhere just to be forgotten? We’ve all been there, but with the Bolo Leather glasses cord from CotiVision Elements, you can keep your glasses within reach at all times. Made with high-quality 4 mm leather and designed to fit any pair of glasses, this cord is both stylish and practical. The classic black color and silver branded end piece will complement any style, while the 68 cm length provides ample space for comfortable wear. Say goodbye to misplaced glasses and hello to convenient and safe eyewear with the Bolo Leather glasses cord.

Vision Express Coloured Bead Chain

Add a pop of colour and personal flair to your eyewear with their Vision Express coloured bead chain. Featuring a vibrant mix of colours, each chain is uniquely patterned to showcase your individual style. Measuring at a comfortable 68cm in length, this chain can easily be added to a variety of eyewear styles. Not only does it add a fun and fashionable touch, but it also keeps your glasses secure when on-the-go. Upgrade your eyewear game with their multicolored bead chain – a perfect accessory for any outfit.

Why Do Vision Express Recommended?

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses is only the first step to enjoying clearer vision. Ensuring they stay in tip-top condition and showcase your sense of style requires glasses accessories. From cleaning wipes to protective cases and visor clips, these seemingly small items can make a huge difference in the long-term care of your glasses. That’s why it’s recommended to purchase glasses accessories from Vision Express, a reliable and trusted source for eyewear needs. Not only do they offer a variety of high-quality accessories, but their knowledgeable staff can also offer advice on proper care and maintenance to prolong the life of your glasses. With Vision Express, you can keep your glasses looking and functioning their best while expressing your personal style.

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