The Arab Spring was the highlight of the year 2011, which was overshadowed by the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. It was the final time that Thomas Gottschalk presided over Wetten, dass…? and NASA launched the Curiosity rover onto the surface of Mars. Unfortunately, this was one of the very few vehicles for which we did not have a suitable battery in stock at the time.

However, the Avon timing would have been ideal because 2011, coincidentally, was the year in which three car-crazy college friends founded the batterium company in the first place. He didn’t say this because he was in the mood for a beer, but rather because he had a personal experience: Benny, one of the three founders, was in desperate need of a replacement car battery on short notice. To put it mildly, there was room for improvement in terms of the options available, the service provided, and the price charged.

Consequently, the concept of being able to purchase car batteries online in the same way that one might purchase shoes or jeans was born.

The three founders’ concept took shape while they were still in school, and orders were already being processed in the lecture hall when they came up with the idea. Despite the fact that the number of orders was increasing, the amount of available space in the first small warehouse in Remseck am Neckar was decreasing.

The latter situation changed in mid-2013 with the relocation to Ludwigsburg, a neighbouring city. This is where we built our new high-bay warehouse, which is over 1,000 m2 in size and has space for more than 15,000 batteries. Since then, the online store has gone by the name of

After that, it was time to hire our first employees, because we quickly realised how important it is for our customers to receive impartial and competent advice. This is a characteristic to which we continue to attach great importance today. By 2021, we will have more than 60 excellent and knowledgeable colleagues.

Accurat Basic B46 Autobatterie 46Ah

When it comes to consumer batteries, there are three main types to choose from. Alkaline, nickel metal hydride (NIMH), and lithium ion batteries are the three types of batteries. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Each one also has a unique place in the annals of technological history.

According to data from SNE Research, the top three battery manufacturers—CATL, LG, and Panasonic—account for nearly 70% of the global EV battery manufacturing market combined.

Battery life is typically 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme weather conditions can shorten the life of your vehicle’s battery significantly.

After a period of time, the battery’s capacity or ability to hold a charge diminishes. The battery should be replaced before its capacity reaches a critical level in order to avoid this situation. A car battery has a lifespan of between 5 and 7 years on average. If the vehicle is driven on a daily basis and the battery is kept fully charged, the battery will last longer.

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Accurat Basic B52 Autobatterie 52Ah

The cell caps are leaking bubbling liquid, which is seeping through them. The battery is warped, inflated, or appears to be distorted in some way or another. If you notice any of these symptoms, it indicates that the battery has been damaged and should be removed and replaced as soon as possible.

A wet cell battery, such as the one found in an automobile, has six cells and is an example of this. For each cell of a lead storage battery, alternate plates made of a lead alloy grid filled with sponge lead (cathode plates) or coated with lead dioxide are used in place of one another (anode). Each cell is filled with a sulfuric acid solution, which serves as the electrolyte in the system.

(a) It acts as a power storage device, releasing energy quickly to operate a vehicle starter motor when necessary. (b) It ensures that the parking lights are operational for a reasonable period. The ability to operate accessories even when the engine is not running is a major benefit of this feature. (d) It acts as a swamp, allowing voltage fluctuations in the system to be dampened.

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Accurat Basic B60 Autobatterie 60Ah

The Ampere-Hour Capacity of a battery is the amount of electricity that it can deliver for a period of 20 hours before the voltage drops below 10.50V. If a 60Ah battery has a capacity of 3A, it will deliver that current for 20 hours.

As long as the voltage remains constant, it is acceptable to use a battery with a higher Ah rating.

An Ah battery with a higher capacity, as a general rule, is better for delivering more current, which translates to more power in watts. When it comes to car batteries, a higher Ah rating will generally result in more cold cranking amps (CCA), whereas a deep-cycle battery will be able to deliver medium currents for an extended period of time.

As a result, it is typically measured at 0.1C. An AGM battery with a capacity of 60AH and 0.1C will deliver 60Ah over the course of ten hours. The output current is calculated by dividing the battery capacity by the time required for discharge – 60/10=6 Amps. During the 10-hour period, the continuous discharge current will be 6 Amps.

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