What Is Bulk™ × Barratt®?

The five deliciously nostalgic flavours of Bulk Barratt® are combined with some of your fave supplements. Select Flumps Pure Whey Protein, available in a silky vanilla marshmallow flavour. Pre-Workout Lime Refresher is a zesty drink that will perk you up before and during your workout. Dip Dab Clear Whey has a lemony taste and a strawberry undertone; if you dare, give it a try. No matter what you pick, you’ll enjoy it.

Four Different Bulk™ × Barratt®

Bulk™ × Barratt® Pure Whey Protein

Are you prepared to jar some pleasant recollections? The best-selling recipe of their BulkTM Barratt® Pure Whey Protein is combined with a flavour profile reminiscent of days gone by. Indulge in a taste of the tropics with pineapple and raspberry Fruit Salad. Select vanilla marshmallow Flumps for the smoothest experience. Be bold and experience the distinctively intense aniseed flavour of BlackJack. No matter what you pick, you’ll enjoy it.
With 22g of protein and 5g of BCAAs* per serving, this protein powder is perfect for helping you reach your exercise goals. Quality is their top priority, so they stick with using the same superior whey made from the milk of European grass-fed cows. The only real change is an exciting new twist on a classic flavour.
This sweet shop shake is simple to whip up and tastes great, all while aiding in the development and upkeep of muscular mass**.The stuff of fantasies is BulkTM Barratt® Pure Whey Protein.


Bulk™ × Barratt® Clear Whey

Are you prepared to jar some pleasant recollections? They’ve taken the flavour you loved as a kid and added it to their best-selling recipe to create BulkTM Barratt® Clear Whey. Lime Refresher has a zingy flavour that will perk up your taste receptors. If you’re looking for something tangy and slightly sweet, try Dip Dab. No matter what you pick, you’ll enjoy it.
In 2021, they introduced a new kind of protein to the market: Clear Whey Isolate. This non-heavy replacement is a game-changer if you’re not a fan of viscous and creamy shakes. This is a tasty and interesting way to add more protein to a healthy, well-balanced diet, as it is high in protein (20g per serving), low in sugar (0.1g per serving), and low in fat (0.2g per serving). Throw in a dash of memories, and you’ve got a winning combination.


Bulk™ × Barratt® Pre Workout

Are you prepared to jar some pleasant recollections? Their Bulk Barratt Pre Workout takes their best-selling recipe and adds the flavour you remember from your youth. Lime Refresher is sure to perk up your taste senses. Here comes the good part.
There are ten powerful components in this pre-workout formula. Each dose contains 5 grammes of BCAAs  in a potent 3:1:1 ratio, plus 3 grammes of beta-alanine, 1 gramme of taurine, and 200 milligrammes of caffeine to give you a boost during your workout.
This sweet shop shake is loaded with nutrients specifically chosen to boost performance, energy, and focus right when you need it.Dreams are built of Bulk Barratt Pre Workout.


Bulk™ × Barratt® BCAA

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