Do you want to give someone a present that will last forever? Emma Bridgewater has the perfect pottery presents for you. Each item has been carefully made by hand and features a delightful design that perfectly depicts the spirit of life in the English countryside. Emma Bridgewater’s ceramics makes lovely presents, whether it’s a functional mug set or a beautiful accent. And because they last for so long, they can be given as a present that keeps on giving. Emma Bridgewater  ceramics are the perfect present because they are both handcrafted and created in the UK.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding gift, you want something that will last a lifetime. That’s where their collection of unique and beautiful ceramics come in. Their crystal glasses and mugs, including the popular Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, and Mrs & Mrs designs, are exquisitely created and will be treasured by the newlyweds forever. Handcrafted in the English city of Stoke on Trent by Emma Bridgewater’s pottery artisans, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Add a personal touch by including the couple’s names and presentation will be complete. For an extra special touch, why not include one of their coordinating Luxury Greeting Cards and Wrap? Available in a range of charming patterns, it’s the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your thoughtful gift.

Searching for the perfect anniversary gift can be challenging, but Emma Bridgwater’s collection of high-quality ceramic pieces makes it easy. Whether you prefer the hand-decorated clay vases or the customized mugs in romantic motifs, each piece is sure to be a unique and memorable present. The attention to detail and craftsmanship put into each item ensures that they are heirloom quality, meant to be treasured forever. For an added touch of elegance, consider including one of their coordinating Luxury Greeting Cards and Wrap in charming patterns. Make this anniversary even more special with a thoughtful and personalized ceramic present from Emma Bridgewater.

When it comes to welcoming a new little one into the world, there’s nothing more special than a personalised gift that will last a lifetime. That’s why customised pottery creations are the perfect way to express your happiness and support for a loved one. With the ability to add any phrase, name, or word, these cute and unique presents will surely be treasured by the family. Plus, the wide range of patterns and colours mean that you can tailor the gift to suit their style perfectly. And don’t forget to add that extra touch of luxury with the coordinating greeting cards and wrap, making this gift even more special.

A housewarming present should be unique, something that reflects the recipient’s personality and preferences. Their collection of pottery is perfect for this purpose. They have an array of clay dinnerware, drinkware, and decor that can find a place on anyone’s shelf. But what makes their pieces truly special is that they can personalize them with the recipient’s name. Imagine presenting your friend or family member with a ceramic mug, bowl, or vase, engraved with their name in beautiful calligraphy. It will be a gift they’ll treasure for years. And if you want to make the presentation even more impressive, they have a wide selection of Luxury Greeting Cards and Wrap, with charming patterns that will complement the pottery perfectly. Give a truly unforgettable present with their unique pottery collection.

Emma Bridgewater 

At Emma Bridgewater, they strive to create items that brighten your regular routines.
In 1984, when Emma had finished college and was working in London, the story began. She was out one day looking for a present for her mother’s birthday. Two cups and saucers bearing the message “I love you and miss you” were on her wish list. She browsed the wares at a china shop, looking for something that would evoke the homely feel of her mother’s North Oxford kitchen.

However, back then, it seemed like there were only two options on the Great British high street: delicate and formal, or sturdy and definitely unromantic. Emma had an instant mental image of her mother’s dresser in the dining room. She pictured it in this riot of colour and mismatched ceramics at the china store. To make her dream come true, she would have to learn how to create china on her own. However, she had no clue how or where to begin looking.

She decided to go to Stoke-on-Trent after a buddy casually suggested it. Thus, the modern pottery icon known as Emma Bridgewater was established. In the thirty years since that first spark of inspiration, they have never wavered from their commitment to the importance of perfecting their planning and execution. It is their firm belief that the ordinary kitchen china at the center of their lives contains personal tales, reflects shared memories, and enriches them as they eat and drink together. All of their designs begin as an emotional reaction to the things they appreciate in life.

But it’s only when you enjoy it too that they know they’ve succeeded. Recently, they’ve branched out into other areas outside ceramics. Their candles and home scents join their already popular assortment of glassware, tins, picnicware, stationery, wallpaper, and fabrics with their designs. Emma’s internal dialogue with her mother from 1984 continues. Only now, they’re hoping, you’re included as well.

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