On June 1, 2021, O2 went live with a service that combines the fastest generally available broadband speeds with the UK’s largest and most dependable mobile network. They are a customer-focused business that centralises several different types of network connectivity to better serve the people of the United Kingdom.

They are one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom and operate under the corporate brand of a 50/50 joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica SA. Including all UK residents, their total number of internet, mobile, TV, and landline connections is 47.9 million. Along with their mobile network’s 99 percent coverage of the country via 4G and over 800 cities and towns via 5G, they also operate their own fixed network that now passes 16 million premises.

Samsung Accessories

Samsung The Freestyle Full HD HDR Smart TV LED Projector

The Samsung The Freestyle Full HD HDR Smart TV LED Projector is a truly revolutionary piece of technology. It brings together the picture quality of a large television with the portability of an LED projector, giving users the option to watch their favourite shows and movies on a big screen anywhere. And that’s not all; this projector offers true-to-life colors and contrast for an immersive cinematic experience. With the ability to play 4K and HDR content, you can enjoy stunning visuals with deep blacks or bright whites that bring out all the details in whatever movies or shows are being enjoyed. Additionally, its WiFi connectivity lets users access YouTube or any other streaming apps easily with no extra hardware required. For those who want it sharper, there’s even support for upscaling regular content to near-4K clarity! This amazing device packs in power and convenience all in one impressively compact package – making it ideal for any home entertainment setup.

Samsung Original 45W Super Fast Mains Charger

The Samsung Original 45W Super Fast Mains Charger is the perfect companion for your everyday power needs. This device is designed to charge quickly and efficiently, allowing you to stay connected to your devices no matter where you go. It’s compatible with a range of USB Type-C devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, while its sleek and compact shape ensures it fits perfectly in any bag or luggage. With its optimized power efficiency, the mains charger reduces energy consumption while providing you with enough juice for efficient use of your device. Don’t let battery life keep you away from staying connected – grab yourself this powerful charger and make sure you’re always powered up!

Samsung All in One Soundbar 2021

The Samsung All in One Soundbar 2021 is the ultimate audio experience for those who are looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution. Whether you’re looking to replace your standalone home theater system or just upgrade your TV sound, this soundbar is the ideal choice. Enjoy 4K UHD cinematic surround sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for every area of your room without hassle or complex setup. The powerful subwoofer can provide deep bass sounds that you won’t find elsewhere. With advanced voice assistants built-in, control your music and settings from anywhere in the room. Perfect for movie nights or listening to music, the Samsung All in One Soundbar 2021 will bring a new level of clarity and audio fidelity to any space – all in one package!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the perfect combination of form and function. With their iconic bean shape, these wireless earbuds provide a snug fit in your ears to feel secure and comfortable throughout the day. With long lasting battery life, you’ll be able to go from long commutes to all-day wearability without having to worry about any power supply issues. Plus, the noise cancellation technology blocks out unwanted ambient noise so that you can have a peaceful listening experience no matter where you’re at. For anyone who wants both style and functionality in an earbud, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are an unbeatable choice.

Samsung Original Battery Pack 10000mAh

This Samsung Original Battery Pack is the perfect choice for anyone on-the-go. Boasting a capacity of 10,000mAh, it can power up to three devices simultaneously and fast chargers any device compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 or USB Type-C output in a fraction of the time. With some phones, this battery pack lasts almost twice as long as their own battery life and keeps users well connected no matter where they are. Despite how powerful the pack is, it’s small enough to slip into your pocket or purse for extra peace of mind when out and about. Overall, this product offers convenience, dependability, and efficiency that make it ideal for everyday use.

Why We Choose O2?

Virgin Media O2, situated in the United Kingdom, makes significant investments. They’ll be investing £10 billion over the next five years, employing 16,000 people, and running more than 400 stores. Moreover, they are launching 1,000 apprenticeships to increase access to opportunities around the country.

To keep the country running during and after the epidemic, Virgin Media O2 will combine next-generation gigabit bandwidth with 5G services and roll out its network across the country. To better serve their customers, they plan to upgrade their fixed network to full fibre to the premises by 2028 and roll out gigabit broadband speeds across their network footprint by 2021.

Internet, WiFi, and streaming media services from their company have won multiple awards. Users can watch live programming, thousands of hours of on-demand programming, and a plethora of apps on their tablets and smartphones thanks to the set-top box.

Their 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks are utilised by giffgaff, Sky Mobile, Lycamobile, and Tesco Mobile.

When it comes to aiding the public sector and smaller businesses, Virgin Media O2 Business takes the lead. This includes wholesale services to other operators and partners, as well as managed connectivity, flexible working, security, data insight, 5G private networks, cloud solutions, and more.

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