In 2017, Fixter was established with the intention of transforming the way in which their clients experience car maintenance by making it as simple as placing an order for a takeaway.

Fixter founders had never experienced a transportation service that met their expectations. And this is how Fixter came into being.

They had become weary of constantly calling around to get estimates and taking time off from work to bring their vehicles to garages in the area. And they were never certain that the price that they were being charged was reasonable.

They were under the impression that maintaining a vehicle might be as easy as calling a taxi or placing an order for takeaway. In order to give a comprehensive end-to-end automotive service, Fixter was established with the intention of providing competent professionals and exceptional customer care.

The trustworthy service that Fixter offers to thousands of automobile owners in the United Kingdom each month is made possible by the fact that it collaborates with a network of hundreds of the top local garages.

Maker of repairs. With just the press of a button, you can get expert car maintenance.

How Fixter works

1)Book now, pay later

Pricing that is transparent and reasonable, with no hidden fees and free collection and return services. Then, their in-house specialists will select the most suitable garage to do repairs on your vehicle.

2)Fixter drive your car to the best garage

Your vehicle will be collected by a driver who is fully insured by Fixter at any time and location that is convenient for you. There is no problem with you driving your vehicle to the garage on your own if that is what you would prefer to do.

3)Fixter return your car the same day

The in-house specialists that Fixter employ will keep you informed, and your credit card will not be charged until all of the work has been finished to your satisfaction and approved by their staff. Following that, your driver will return the vehicle to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Car servicing

Annual or 12,000-mile service intervals, whichever comes first, are generally considered the gold standard for vehicle maintenance. You may keep your motor in top shape in the meantime with an interim service.

While not mandated by law, routine maintenance ensures that your car is always in top operating condition, helps identify problems before they become costly disasters, and keeps you safe on the road. You shouldn’t cut corners on either inspection, even though they are similar to a MOT in terms of the items examined.

What’s included in a car service?

Fixter provides three distinct services, the costs of which vary according to your vehicle’s age, model, make, and engine size, as well as your mileage. In almost every case, all three go above and above what is required by the manufacturer. Thanks to their exclusive alliance with AXATM Insurance, they have access to a vast network of repair shops and manufacturers of auto parts.

Full service

  • 71 maintenance checks
  • Drain engine oil, refill, replace oil filter and checks for excessive leaks.
  • Replace air filter.

Major service

  • 71 maintenance checks
  • Drain engine oil, refill, replace oil filter and checks for excessive leaks
  • Replace air filter.
  • Replace cabin filter.
  • Replace fuel filter (if needed).
  • Replacing of brake fluid and coolant.

Interim service (recommended for high-mileage motorists)

  • 40 maintenance checks
  • Oil change; checks for any excessive leaking

Fixter will never do or recommend work that is not necessary, nor will they ever do anything that you have not specifically requested from them.

What happens when Fixter service your car?

Simple, straightforward pricing and a hassle-free process are hallmarks of their UK-wide vehicle servicing approach. Any vehicle up to 3,000 kg in weight can be serviced by them. Fixter can cut your costs in half and save you time—usually more than an hour and a half—compared to the competition.

To top it all off, you won’t even need to take your car to the repair shop, wait for them to finish, or negotiate the price. The service includes free pickup and delivery, and all components and labour are covered by a one-year warranty. Not only that, but their garages have been carefully selected.

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