If you’re concerned about fulfilling your pet’s medical needs without overspending, you might want to check out Oxford Online Pharmacy. This platform is dedicated to providing high-quality pet medication sourced from reputable suppliers, like those your local vets use. And the best part is, they offer these medications at more affordable prices, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Their inventory includes various medications, such as antibiotics, inhalers, and heart medication, all of which are sent via Royal Mail to ensure secure and timely delivery. But more importantly, as a registered online pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet will receive only safe and effective treatments that would help address their specific needs. If it’s your first time ordering from them, you also get a 10% discount to sweeten the deal.

The benefits of ordering your pets prescription medication from Oxford Online Pharmacy:

It’s more affordable

Buying medication and having prescriptions filled regularly from an online pharmacy might be a cost-effective choice. If your pet needs a lot of expensive drugs every month, you may want to look into some other options. You can get the medication online without leaving the house if your vet issues you a written prescription. While there may be a nominal charge involved with the prescription’s drafting, you may still discover that buying the drug online is cheaper than going to the vet.

Many different types of pet drugs can be purchased at low prices at Oxford Online Pharmacy. In addition to being less expensive overall, Oxford Online Pharmacy prescription items are regularly discounted.

It’s easy and convenient

As soon as you have your pet’s prescription in hand, you can place an order. Oxford Online Pharmacy credentials as a reliable pharmacy are displayed here, and you may verify their registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council. It’s simple, fast, and convenient to place an order for your pet’s medication. All of this and more may be done from the convenience of your mobile device, desktop computer, or tablet computer.

It’s a reliable service

Because the skilled chemists and doctors who work at Oxford Online Pharmacy trusted online pharmacy are the ones who take care of your orders, you can rest assured that the medication that you have ordered for your pet is in good hands. When you make a purchase through the website, you have access to a number of different delivery options from which to select the one that best suits your requirements.

Levetiracetam Tablets PET Prescription

As pet owners, we want the best for our furry companions, especially when it comes to their health. If your pet suffers from epilepsy or seizures, your vet may prescribe Levetiracetam Tablets PET. However, it is important to note that a doctor’s prescription is required for this medication, which can be obtained from Oxford Online Pharmacy. It’s worth noting that the use of Levetiracetam Tablets PET is “off label” or “extra label,” but this is common in veterinary medicine. Always follow your vet’s advice when it comes to administering medication to your pet. With 250mg of Levetiracetam in each tablet and sixty tablets in a carton, you can be sure your pet is receiving the best care.

Protopic Ointment (0.03%, 0.1%) – PET Prescription

Caring for our beloved pets can sometimes require medication to manage certain health conditions, including autoimmune skin diseases such as lupus or pemphigus. One such medication that has been found effective in treating these conditions is Tacrolimus, also known as Protopic ointment. However, a prescription from a veterinarian is required before purchasing this medication. The Oxford Online Pharmacy, can provide Tacrolimus at a strength of 0.1% in an ointment form for topical application. With the guidance and support of a veterinarian, this medication can provide relief and comfort to pets suffering from autoimmune skin conditions.

Omeprazole 20mg – 28 Capsules

If you or your pet are suffering from ulcers or gastric stomach erosions, omeprazole may be the solution you’ve been searching for. This medication is a proton-pump inhibitor, which means it reduces the amount of acid production in the stomach. In addition to treating ulcers, omeprazole can also help heal Acute Gastritis and Helicobacter infections in dogs. However, it’s important to note that this medication requires a prescription from a licensed veterinarian before shipping can occur. Once you have the prescription, you can find Oxford Online Pharmacy at Unit 7 Apollo Business Park Ironstone Lane Wroxton Banbury Oxon United Kingdom. The box contains 28 capsules, each with 20mg of the active ingredient, Omeprazole.

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