In the world of hedonism and mouth-watering delicacies, Cadbury stands as a supreme confection. Famous for its thick, creamy chocolate and iconic brand, Cadbury is no doubt a part of families and lovers hearts around the world. And now, let Cadbury Gifts Direct provide you with the magic of Cadbury in the perfect packs, with a myriad of choices for any occasion in the selection boxes.

Situated in middle England, Cadbury Gifts Direct is being managed under licence from Mondelēz International by Hemingways Marketing Services Ltd, a unique e-commerce and distribution company with rich experience with the Cadbury brand. These partnerships have, as a result, given birth to some of the most spectacular innovations in the world of chocolate gifts, such as the legendary Giant Selection Box and the personalization of the well-loved Cadbury classics of Dairy Milk and Milk Tray.

Let’s take a journey into the wonders of Cadbury’s Selection Boxes and explore the culinary delights that are waiting for you.

The Cadbury Double Deck Chocolate Selection Box


Imagine a chocolate lover’s paradise—a selection box of Cadbury chocolates even better than before with a Cadbury Bar layer that isn’t just a classic variation but also has another layer of chocolatey flavors. Take a look at the Cadbury Double Deck Chocolate Selection Box, a limited-edition artful packaging that is meant to be your gateway to heaven.

Seize this box full of delights, and it will enshroud you in the uppermost surface teeming with all the beloved Cadbury icons: Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, Crunchie, Twirl, Flake, Curly Wurly, Wispa, Boost, and do not forget the legendary Double Decker. But the main excitement waits for you on the second layer, where you’ll find yourself with a lovely taste of Milk Tray Box that you’ll really appreciate on top of all the other delicious nibbles in this box.

Whether you yearn for a treat or you want to impress a loved one, the Cadbury Different Flavours and Double Deck Chocolate Selection Box is a great present as it celebrates the brand’s rich history and wonderful tastes.

The Cadbury Thank You Chocolate Selection Box


Nowadays, we live in a very busy world where, with zero to little effort, we can easily forget to say how grateful we are. Yet the Cadbury’s Thank You Chocolate Selection Box provides you with the opportunity to convey your gratitude in the most mouthwatering way imaginable.

This series box of limited-edition pieces features the same two-layer construction as the Double Deck but with innovation and inventiveness. The surface layer comprises every Cadbury chocolate that we adore, while the second one contains many other insane chocolate options. It is the best way to portray your gratitude by talking about their value, and this could be someone you just met, a colleague, or even a family member.

Think of the expression on their face when they open this box with chocolate treats that are just right for them, ready for the ultimate enjoyment of the smooth Dairy Milk, the crunchy Crunchie, the fabulous Twirl and all other Cadbury products that have been firm favourites of the past for consumers. It’s a blessing in a beautiful package, with Cadbury’s incomparable quality as warm and as loving as someone’s hug.

The Cadbury Happy Birthday Chocolate Selection Box


Everybody likes to make a birthday different and what better way to celebrate the day than with a Cadbury Happy Birthday Chocolate Selection Box? This exclusive masterpiece is not only the best way to make an occasion even more memorable but also a yummy treat for the soul.

Unfolding this box of joy, you will find in its first layer all the Cadbury classics: the distinctive dairy milk, dairy milk caramel, dairy milk fruit and nuts, and a whole lot more. However, the cake standout is the second layer, where one will find a wider range of Cadbury’s world-renowned chocolates in a range of flavours and colours, all waiting to be tasted and shared.

It makes no difference whether you are surprising a loved one, a family member or just treating yourself; the Cadbury Happy Birthday Chocolate Selection Box is a gift that understands the occasion and celebrates it. This is a shining example of the hallowed adoration for Cadbury’s chocolate and the pleasure of living life’s sweet moments.

The Cadbury “You’re Amazing” Chocolate Selection Box


In a world that is full of uncertainties, it is imperative to pause and enjoy the little victories and everyday achievements. And how cooler can it be to send your loved ones a Cadbury’s “You’re Amazing” Chocolate Selection Box this season?

The year-round customised box is an oath to the notion that eating chocolate is not just for special events. Instead, it is a delicious way of showing affection and bringing happiness to the people we love. The first layer of this box is full of all the customers’ favourite Cadbury chocolates. The second layer, however, is not to be missed as it contains Milk Tray boxes, which are delightful chocolate treats.

Whether it is your colleague who has been working hard, your friend who has achieved a personal milestone, or your family member who really has been a rock, the Cadbury ‘You’re ‘Amazing’ Chocolate Selection Box is the ideal way to cheer them up for their effort. This is a small act of recognition that translates to, “You are important and you deserve to be honoured.”

The Cadbury “I Love You” Chocolate Selection Box


In the world of romantic love and amore, Cadbury has stood for a long time as a symbol of the gift of affection and luxury. And now the Cadbury “I Love You” Chocolate Selection Box takes this idea to a new level and gives you one more way to express your heartfelt emotions with the sweetest possible notes.

This limited-edition artwork is a reproduction of the two-layer design that has always been the trademark of the Cadbury selection boxes, but has been given a compassionate twist in the process. The first and foremost layer shall have all the Cadbury favourites, from Dairy Milk to Crunchie bars, and the second layer will be even more chocolatey, each piece being a testimony to your care and love.

Whether you’re commemorating a special moment in your relationship, catching someone by surprise, or simply intending to express your affection, Cadbury’s “I Love You” Chocolate Selection Box is the gift that can capture hearts and tease taste buds. It’s a romantic declaration of love—just a few words in the beautiful taste of the best candy products.

Indulge in the Sweetness of Occasion with Cadbury Gifts Direct

Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, expressions of gratitude or love, Cadbury Gifts Direct has everything you need to make your special day the best! Cadbury, a name so rich in its heritage, which is dedicated to excellence in quality and has a passion for innovation, has kept chocolate lovers around the world hooked.

That is, if you are pampering yourself or giving a gift to a family member or a loved one, go through the splendid selection on the Cadbury Gifts Direct website and be sure to find the sweetest way to enjoy the most precious moments of life.

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