A good hair day can truly make a difference in how they feel about their selves. Whether you’re looking to cover up stubborn grays or switch up your style completely, finding the right permanent hair dye is key. Luckily, their collection features a vast range of shades to suit an array of skin tones and preferences. From bold, statement-making hues like vibrant reds and pinks to classic blonde shades, they’ve got you covered. Their permanent hair dyes promise long-lasting color and flawless results, so you can feel confident in your new look. With brands like wunderber and L’oreal Professionnel, you’ll be able to trust that you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to your hair. So why not take the plunge and try out a new shade today?

XP100 Intense Radiance Permanent Hair Colour – 5.0 Light Brown

The unique and salon-quality XP100 Intense Radiance Permanent Hair Colour lotion promises to leave hair nourished and gleaming after colouring. There are almost seventy on-trend colours available, and the incredibly fast-acting pigments in each of them ensures that grey and white hair are completely concealed. The powerful herbs used in this unique mix are meant to provide both comfort and a sense of renewal. Lavender, mint, nettle, thyme, heichrysum, eucalyptus, artemisia, fennel, and eucalyptus are all examples of such herbs. Rosemary oil, which contains antioxidants and helps stimulate and condition hair while it is being coloured and increases its shine, is the star of the show, though. XP100 guarantees a strong yet calming colour that will make anyone stand out, whether you choose a copper, violet, or chocolate tint. The treatment, hair thickness, length, and quality all affect the development time, which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

XP200 Natural Flair Permanent Hair Colour – 3.0 Dark Brown 100ml

With plant components to protect the hair and produce beautiful, natural colour effects, XP200 Natural Flair is a mild, ultra-cosmetic permanent hair colouring cream. Protecting against damage and guaranteeing shade stability, its delicate formula is crafted using natural extracts from palm seed and coconut to produce the most natural, translucent colour effects.
There are over 60 different natural and reflex colours available in the XP200 permanent colour line. These colours range from coppers and ashes to reds and golds, and they all have microcolor pigments for deeper penetration and longer-lasting colour. For maximum condition while lightening up to 4.5 levels, choose the Super Lightener series, which is fortified with vitamin C.
XP200 has sequestering chemicals that shield hair from daily pollution and boost shade performance, allowing it to cover up to 100% of grey. If you and your customers are looking for long-term effects, XP200 is the way to go.

L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel Permanent Hair Colour – 5 Light Brown

L’Oreal Professional’s flagship Majirel Permanent Hair Colour line is back and better than ever to inspire your inner artist. Every one of the over a hundred fashionable hues offers full white coverage and anywhere from zero to three levels of lift, so the possibilities are practically unlimited. Its cutting-edge formula safeguards the hair’s fibre while colouring it thoroughly and vividly. They claim that hair will be shiny and touchably smooth after a colour treatment because it is rich in incell and ionene G. New, fashionable (and recyclable) packaging with a colour-coded system for easy identification. The traditional Permanent Colour range will remind you why Majirel is so well-known throughout, especially when paired with the brand’s other popular lines like Cool Inforced, GLOW, and Maji Contrast. Treatment, hair thickness, length, and quality all affect the average 35-minute development time.

Wunderbar Permanent Hair Color Cream 7/4 60ml

With panthenol and plant proteins, all of Wunderbar’s hair colour creams are formulated using their Triple Colour Technology (TM), which helps to hydrate and condition the hair. Extremely vibrant colours and complete whiteness are the result of the shade-specific alkali concentration and carefully chosen colour molecules. Care ingredients that rejuvenate the hair and protect the cuticle are paired with a shade-specific moderate ammonia concentration in this line. They also act as a sealant, protecting the hair’s cuticle from the elements. Wonderful Hair Colour Cream also stops drips and lessens scalp staining without irritating the skin.

L’Oréal Professional Luocolor Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent hair colour from L’Oréal Professionnel called Luocolour can lighten hair by 2.5-3 levels and cover up to 70% of grey or white hair. Using cutting-edge Nutri-shine and Nutri-gel technology, this new, multidimensional, transparent dye brings out the hair’s natural highlights while imparting an impression of natural beauty. Grape seed oil is an ingredient. 50-milliliter packs.

Why We Shop From Sally Beauty?

When it comes to beauty, they all want to look their best. But finding the right products can be a hassle. That’s where Sally Beauty comes in. With a wide range of options from top brands and their own private label, Sally Beauty provides everything you need to achieve your desired look. Plus, their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect product for your specific need, whether it’s a new lipstick shade or a curling iron for your hair type. Shopping at Sally Beauty not only saves you time and effort, but it also guarantees you’ll walk out feeling confident and beautiful. So why shop anywhere else for your beauty needs?

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