Discover the joy of gifting with Appleyard London‘s pristine selection of pretty outdoor plants and trees, available for delivery nationwide. Whether it’s a gesture of love, a token of appreciation, or simply an addition to someone’s garden, Appleyard London collection offers the perfect luxury outdoor plant for any occasion. Choose from an array of carefully curated greenery, destined to bring life and color to any outdoor space. With the convenience of online ordering and next day or named day delivery options across the UK, sending a living, breathing gift has never been easier. Allow Appleyard London to help you make lasting impressions with high-quality, beautiful plants and trees that stand the test of time.

Appleyard Flowers

A high-end flower and gifting company that focuses on unique, contemporary British boutique designs. Appleyard London mission is to provide an unforgettable and opulent shopping experience for each customer, a product of Appleyard London insatiable love for innovative flower design and fine workmanship.

 Appleyard London are committed to making all of their goods as eco-friendly as possible as we expand. They support local farmers in Kenya and the United Kingdom by purchasing flowers from them. Their expert florists are always on the lookout for the finest stems, then they meticulously arrange them in bouquets and wrap them in beautiful black satin ribbons, all in preparation to amaze and excite their clients.

Using recyclable cardboard and paper in Appleyard London packaging is just one way they’re trying to reduce waste without sacrificing the quality of your flowers. For their future packaging, they are actively exploring methods to make this a reality.

 Appleyard London always use stems that have been responsibly harvested whenever they import flowers for their bouquets. Their contribution goes back into the community in the form of a percentage, which has helped fund the construction of new schools.

 Appleyard London partner with Fairtrade farms that pay their workers above-average salaries because they are concerned about the origins of their flowers. All of these farms provide safe workplaces, medical treatment, nursery and educational opportunities for their employees.


The Pink Rose Plant, elegantly nestled in a sleek, grey ceramic pot standing at 10.5cm, offers a timeless symbol of grace and affection. This stunning plant, with its delicate pink blossoms, serves as an ideal gift for myriad occasions, seamlessly blending into any interior decor. Whether it’s a token of gratitude, a birthday surprise, or simply a gesture to brighten someone’s day, this charming rose plant in its contemporary pot symbolizes enduring beauty and love.


The White Rose Plant in a Pot stands as a symbol of purity and elegance, making it an ideal gift for various occasions. Nestled within a sophisticated 10.5cm ceramic pot, this pristine plant can bring a touch of serene beauty to any space. Whether it’s to express love, gratitude, or simply to brighten someone’s day, the timeless charm of a white rose, coupled with the tasteful presentation of the ceramic pot, ensures it fits perfectly within homes or offices, adding a whisper of nature’s tranquility to indoor environments.


The Red Rose Plant, nestled in a sleek grey ceramic pot, offers more than just a visual delight; it symbolizes deep affection and enduring passion. This exquisite plant makes for the perfect gift, embodying elegance and beauty. The vibrant red roses bloom with grace, adding a splash of color to any setting. Its sophisticated grey pot complements the fiery blooms, creating a harmonious balance between nature’s wild beauty and the refined touch of human craftsmanship. Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or as a thoughtful gesture, this potted wonder brings warmth and love to any space it graces.


The Yellow Rose Plant in a Pot symbolizes warmth, happiness, and friendship, making it an exceptional gift for various occasions. Housed in an elegantly simple 10.5cm ceramic pot, this bright and vibrant plant adds a splash of color and life to any space it occupies. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a gesture of goodwill, the yellow rose plant elevates any gift to something truly heartfelt. For those looking to make an even more memorable impression, pairing this delightful plant with a box of luxurious chocolates combines the sweetness of the gesture with the beauty of the blooms, ensuring your gift is cherished and remembered.


The Gift Wrapped Blue Hydrangea Plant presents an exquisite offering for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple gesture of appreciation. This vibrant blue hydrangea, known for its lush, voluminous blooms, comes thoughtfully packaged in a sleek, stylish box that enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. The vibrant color and elegant presentation make it more than just a plant; it’s a symbol of enduring grace and beauty. Easy to care for and sustain, this gift continues to remind the recipient of your thoughtful consideration long after the initial moment of unwrapping.

Enhance Your Outdoor Haven: Shop Appleyard Flowers‘ Garden Plants Today!

Elevate your garden oasis with the exquisite selection of garden plants from Appleyard Flowers. Whether you’re seeking vibrant blooms, lush greenery, or fragrant herbs, Appleyard London have everything you need to transform your outdoor space into a botanical paradise. Don’t wait any longer to breathe new life into your garden – explore their collection now and let the beauty of nature flourish right outside your door!

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