Designer Plants is the perfect destination to invest in high-quality artificial greenery wall panels, both for indoors and outdoors. Made from only the finest materials that ensure great look and feel for years to come, their products are also UV stabilized for weather-resistant reliability. Whether you need Artificial Trellis & Ivy, Vertical Gardens & Living Walls, or Artificial Hedges & Freestanding Boxwood Hedges, Designer Plants has you covered no matter where you’re located – with easy and secure delivery available for Miami, Florida, California and New York. Enjoy a soul-soothing personal space without worrying about upkeep. With Designer Plants you get beautiful plants without the stress of maintenance!


Artificial Trellis & Ivy

Is your indoor space lacking the vibrancy and charm that you’ve been looking for? Tired of the same plain drapes or wall paint? Designer Plants USA allows you to give that dull corner an artsy update with its artificial trellis wall. Impeccably designed, this faux trellis wall is just the right thing to bring out a warm and cozy vibe in your living space. So upgrade your interior décor with an artificial living trellis wall that is sure to add more depth and character to any area of your home while remaining pocket-friendly. Get ready to immerse yourself in a cheerful setting and create lasting impressions with Designer Plant USA’s artificials living trellis walls!

Don’t let the unattractive features in your room disrupt its good looks! Designer Plants has got you covered with their collection of fake trellis walls that can help conceal AC units or peeled off paint. With these artificial walls, you can add an extra dose of elegance to your living space as well as business areas. Best of all, their UV treated trellis doesn’t wither away during heat waves or rainy days – so your vertical garden will look intricate and beautiful for a very long time! So why wait? Add a touch of sophistication with Designer Plants’ range of artificial trellis walls and bid goodbye to snaggly edges and fading colours.


Vertical Gardens & Living Walls

Nature is one of the most elegant expressions of beauty in the world, but maintaining it often takes time and effort. For those wishing to bring a touch of nature into their home without making the necessary maintenance commitment, Designer Plants USA offers an excellent solution – artificial living walls. Not only are these wall mounted plant panels visually pleasing and durable, they also require minimal tending and effort even while retaining their freshness and charm! From vibrant colorful designs that brighten up a room to subtle leafy options for outdoor décors, there’s something for everyone in Designer Plants USA’s collection. Easily transform any run-of-the-mill space with an artificial living wall — with all its benefits, you won’t regret it!

If you long for a space that resembles the one featured in home decor magazines or on Instagram posts, Designer Plant USA is your solution. With their impressive collection of artificial living wall panels, you can instantly transform the ambience of your space with their easy to install and maintain walls. These panels last longer than natural plants and require no sunlight or special care; all you have to do is wipe them occasionally for maximum effect! And if you’re worried about whether these panels will live up to your expectations, rest assured: Designer Plant USA stands by its products and boasts incredible customer satisfaction rates. Make your living space look just like it did on paper – jump on board with Designer Plants’ faux living walls today!


Artificial Hedges & Faux Boxwood

Designer Plants’ artificial hedge collection offers an easy and stress-free way of creating a personal space in your residential or commercial property. With their wide selection of artificial green hedges – from mix boxwood, jasmine, buxus, to laurel – you can easily and quickly install life-like natural decor that requires minimal maintenance. Whether you want to spruce up an unsightly area or add aesthetic appeal while increasing privacy, these beautiful hedges are the perfect solution to instantly enhance your outdoor area.

Designer Plants offer a unique solution to sprucing up your corporate space with their Artificial Hedge walls. These panels are sure to fit the job with varying sizes available, making it easy to create small gardens and sections of privacy within much larger areas. Their quality is impressive; UV engineered for long-lasting color and edge retention, requiring minimal maintenance. Installation could not be easier – fast delivery across the United States ensures that you won’t have to wait for your order! The hedges themselves are lightweight, portable and reusable which makes them ideal for any business or home looking for a little more green charm in their life!


Artificial Topiary & Balls

The hustle-bustle of the metropolitan often deprives us of a beautiful garden. However, Designer Plants has made it possible to have a lush and life-like green getaway even in limited spaces. Their faux boxwood topiary are not only stunningly realistic but are also incredibly low maintenance — aiding space saving. Crafted with dense foliage, the topiary is an excellent way to create privacy and shield oneself from noisy neighbors or street din. Choose from any of their designs and make your outdoor space more exquisite without compromising on quality or comfort!

Privacy should never have to be compromised when it comes to designing your outdoor space. To ensure you get to keep your privacy while still making sure your space looks gorgeous, Designer Plants’ range of faux boxwood topiaries is a great option. Whether you want to build a peaceful poolside oasis or an al fresco dining area, adding these larger creative artificial topiary balls will not only create a decorative private wall but also adds an organic touch of nature. The best part about these topiary balls is that they require virtually no maintenance and can withstand harsh weather conditions like heat waves, frost, and droughts without losing their vivid green hue due to built-in UV inhibitors.


About Designer Plants

If you are looking for the best in quality and service when it comes to artificial vertical gardens, living walls and hedges, look no further than Designer Plants®. With clients around the world in America, Australia, UK, Germany, Japan and Africa, they have earned a reputation as a cutting-edge leader in their field. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and top-tier quality has earned them praise from all corners of the globe. Whatever your requirements, from ordering online or one-on-one personal assistance with custom orders, Designer Plants has the resources and know-how to provide you with a product you can truly trust for years to come. With Designer Plants on your side, get ready for an unforgettable living wall or vertical garden experience!

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