Get ready to transform the way your business connects with the Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi service. With lightning-fast fibre broadband and reliable coverage, you won’t have to worry about blackspots or slow connections. Whether you’re running a small office or a large corporation, this service provides the ultimate solution for seamless internet access. Say goodbye to buffering videos and frustrating timeouts, and say hello to Total Wi-Fi. Let your business thrive with the very best in modern technology.


They’ve been the industry leaders in connectivity since 2011.
The internet had not yet reached people’s homes and expectations.So they grabbed the initiative and hit the streets, giving it their all the whole way.
Efforts are being made to eliminate the downsides of online interaction. People can expect ultra-fast speeds, not hidden price increases. Their engineers are rock stars, and their work is rock solid.
Their 100% fibre-optic network was designed to accommodate future generations’ needs without compromising those of the present.
They’re happy to be not just trailblazers but also future builders, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and the support of investors who believe in their mission.
Their network continues to revolutionise the UK’s broadband landscape with its cutting-edge fibre optic technology and gigabit speeds, which are 18 times as fast as the average.


In today’s fast-paced digital environment, having reliable and efficient cloud-based applications and servers is a must for any business. This is where the 150Mb package comes in, offering lightning-fast internet speeds and a Next workday SLA to ensure your business stays ahead of the game. For just £55 a month with a 24-month commitment, you’ll receive a free Wi-Fi 6 Hyperhub Router, one static IP address, and a one-off £100 activation fee. This package is perfect for businesses that heavily rely on the internet and need to stay connected at all times. With the added benefit of free Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to keep your employees and customers connected and productive, making it well worth the investment.


Average download speed 158Mbps
Average upload speed 158Mbps
Minimum speed 150Mbps


In today’s digital age, heavy data usage is no longer out of the ordinary. For businesses, this can be especially challenging when trying to accommodate a large number of customers accessing wifi simultaneously. That’s where the 500Mb plan comes in handy. For a competitive monthly fee of £100 (ex VAT), businesses can enjoy the fast speeds and reliable connection they need, whilst also having the ability to handle heavy data usage from multiple users. Additionally, the free Wi-Fi 6 Hyperhub Router and next workday SLA mean that businesses can work with confidence knowing that they have the necessary tools to keep their operations running smoothly. With a static IP address included, businesses can also benefit from enhanced security and stability. Joining the 500Mb plan comes with a one-off activation fee of £50, but with the range of benefits included, it’s a small price to pay for such an impressive solution.


Average download speed 527Mbps
Average upload speed 528Mbps
Minimum speed 500Mbps


Are you tired of slow and unreliable internet service for your business? Look no further than 1Gb business broadband. At a competitive price of £160 a month for a 24-month minimum commitment, you can experience the speed and reliability your business needs to succeed. With a next workday service level agreement and a free Wi-Fi 6 Hyperhub Router, you can say goodbye to frustrating internet outages and hello to seamless connectivity. Plus, with one static IP address and free activation, getting started has never been easier. Don’t settle for subpar internet service – upgrade to 1Gb business broadband today.


Average download speed 900Mbps
Average upload speed 900Mbps
Minimum speed 900Mbps


All of their corporate broadband packages are landline-free. Unlimited internet, a free Wi-Fi 6 Hyperhub router, and round-the-clock network monitoring and assistance are included with every subscription. Plus:

With speeds that can be adjusted and a rolling contract option, your organisation can adapt to whatever the future holds.

Guaranteed service availability for the duration of your plan.

Establish yourself as a hub by providing lightning-fast Wi-Fi to your patrons.

Their team is here to help you run your business and manage your network in real time.

Time is saved because all plans feature the same download and upload rates.

The switch to full fibre will secure the future of your company.

All the way from placing an order to having it activated, their Dedicated Care teams will be there to help.

Why We Choose Hyperoptic?

As consumers, they have a wide variety of internet service providers to choose from. So, why do they choose Hyperoptic? One standout reason is their lightning-fast speeds. With options up to 1Gbps, Hyperoptic’s broadband can keep up with even the most demanding streaming and gaming needs. Additionally, their customer service receives high praise, with many customers reporting quick response times and helpful representatives. Hyperoptic also stands out for their commitment to sustainability, using renewable energy sources and pledging to reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, Hyperoptic offers a winning combination of speed, service, and sustainability that sets them apart in the crowded ISP market.

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