Vapers in the UK understand the importance of locating a trustworthy vendor for their e-liquid requirements in their pursuit of the ideal vaping experience. Stop searching and head over to Vapoholic, the go-to place for vape fans all around the world, not just in the UK. Vapoholic is a shining example of quality and compliance in the vaping community. They offer a wide choice of vape juice, kits, CBD products, and accessories.


Promise of Safe and High-Quality Products

Verifying TPD compliance is of utmost importance when buying vape items. The TPD establishes regulations for the production and distribution of tobacco and associated goods inside the European Union. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that all of Vapoholic’s e-liquids, CBD products, and vape kits are genuine and safe because they are compliant with these standards.

Flavours from All Around

Over seventy mouth-watering e-liquid tastes are available at Vapoholic, and more flavours are being introduced all the time. Every taste bud may be satisfied, whether you lean towards the tried-and-true tobacco flavour or are in the mood for something more adventurous, like a blend of exotic fruits. Among their many offerings, some stand out:

1. Blue Raspberry X Cherry Ice 50/50 E Liquid Fantasi

  • UK-made premium vape juice
  • Unique Fantasi trademarked flavouring
  • Choice between standard nicotine or nic salts for preferred nicotine strength
  • Bursting with succulent cherries and ripe, juicy berries with a sweet candy twist

An avalanche of blended fruit flavours will unleash themselves on you, leaving a refreshing icy aftertaste. Made in the UK, this premium e-juice stands out with its distinctive Fantasi flavouring. To meet your preferred nicotine strength, choose between nic salts and regular nicotine.

Reminiscent of those delicious blue ice-pops from yesteryear, this combination brings back memories of juicy berries and succulent cherry with a sweet candy twist. If you’re a vape connoisseur, you need Vapoholic’s Blue Raspberry and Cherry vape juices. Their flavour is unmatched by other e-liquids.

2. Blackcurrant X Grape Apple 10ml Nic Salts Fantasi

  • Made with Nicotine Salts for smoother vaping experience
  • 50% VG / 50% PG Mix, Available in 10ml Bottles
  • Available in 10mg or 20mg Strength
  • Perfect fusion of ripe blackberries, succulent grapes, and crisp apples

Nic Salts of Blackcurrant, Grape Apple, and Apple provide the ideal trifecta of flavours. The nicotine salts in this blend make it easier to inhale, and the combination of rich blackberries, juicy grapes, and crisp apples makes for a delicious vape.

Carefully mixed with a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin, these Nic Salt E-Liquids are perfect for anyone seeking a strong nicotine dosage without the unpleasant throat hit. The 10ml bottles come in different nicotine levels and are compatible with vape pens and POD kits, so they’re convenient and versatile.

3. Ice Mint 10ml E-Liquid Ferocious

  • Refreshing Ice Mint flavour E Liquid
  • 50% VG / 50% PG Mix
  • Available in 10ml Bottles with strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Invigorating menthol with an added shot of cooling for a refreshing vaping experience

Look no farther than Ferocious’s Ice Mint E-Liquid if you’re in the mood for a revitalising vaping session. This stimulating mixture, which is 50% VG and 50% PG, wakes the senses and revitalises you with a shot of refreshing menthol.

Vape pens and POD kits are the ideal vehicles for this TPD-compliant e-liquid, which is made in the UK and comes in strengths from 3 milligrammes to 18 milligrammes. Ice Mint will fulfil your desires for a revitalising flavour experience, whether you’re a fan of menthol or just want a chilly vape.

4. Watermelon Ice 50/50 E Liquid Fantasi

  • Classic watermelon flavour with a cool throat sensation
  • Option for freebase nicotine and nic salts in 3mg and 6mg strengths
  • Smooth 50/50 e-liquid blend bursting with sweet and chilly flavours
  • Designed for use in pod kits or lower power devices

Experience the refreshing sensation of a cool throat along with the iconic juicy flavour of watermelon with Watermelon Ice E-Liquid by Fantasi. This 50/50 e-liquid provides a perfectly balanced vaping experience, with the ability to select between 3mg and 6mg levels of freebase nicotine and nic salts.

Produced for use in pod kits or lower power devices, this flavour stands out with its delightful watermelon flavour and beautiful pink tint. A burst of sweet and cool undertones makes it the ideal partner for hot summer days or whenever you long for a tropical getaway.

5. Cola Ice 10ml Nic Salt Fantasi

  • Sweet and fizzy taste of cola in a 10ml bottle
  • Available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths
  • Fast-acting nicotine burst for quick satisfaction
  • Ideal for pod style vape kits for a smooth vaping experience

Cola Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid from Fantasi will whisk you away to a world of sugary sodas. Indulge in the refreshing flavour of cola, perfectly packaged in a 10ml bottle. This silky e-liquid comes in two nicotine strengths—10 mg and 20 mg—and will quickly quench your desires.

The smooth vaping experience offered by Cola Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid, made with a balanced blend of PG and VG, is suitable for pod-style vape kits. Indulge in the classic tastes of a cool cola drink and transport yourself back in time with each puff.

Buying the Best Vape Juice Online

Vapoholic provides the most value and convenience for people looking to buy vape juice online. Being an online retailer allows them to offer high-quality e-liquids at competitive pricing by avoiding the overhead costs associated with physical stores. Count on a consistently pleasurable vaping experience because every product is made to exacting standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

To address common queries, here are some key insights into e-liquids and vaping:

What is e-liquid?
E-liquid, also known as vape juice or vape liquid, is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes to produce vapour. It typically contains a blend of VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Glycol), flavouring, and optional nicotine.

What is vaping?
Vaping involves using an electronic cigarette or e-cig as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping does not involve combustion; instead, e-liquid is heated to produce vapour for inhalation.

What is the difference between 10ml e-liquids and shortfills?
The EU Tobacco Products Directive limits nicotine-containing e-liquids to 10ml bottles. Shortfill e-liquids, however, are supplied nicotine-free in larger bottles and allow users to add nicotine shots as desired.

Finally, Vapoholic is a reliable source for high-quality e-liquids, meeting the varied needs of vapers all over the globe. The vaping industry continues to look up to Vapoholic because of their dedication to quality, compliance, and happy customers. Unlock a world of flavorful possibilities by exploring their collection today.

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