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More than ten million stunning bouquets have been sent all across the United Kingdom by them in the last fourteen years. Even though ten million flowers is a lot, Arena Flower prefer not to think about it that way.

Arena Flower florists take the time to personally arrange and hand-tie each bouquet that comes through their door. Arena Flower provide special attention to each arrangement since they know that every consumer is unique.

Every step of the way, they work to reduce the impact on people and the environment from their global and local supply chain.

Arena Flower have maintained their unwavering dedication to bettering the lives of their people and the world, set lofty goals, and set strict standards as the top ethical and sustainable brand in their business. Arena Flower accomplishments mirror the ideals of their clients and serve as an expression of their own principles. Arena Flower shared dedication to sustainable practices and ethical consumption is the glue that will hold they community together.

When you shop with them , you’re getting more than simply gorgeous flowers. By purchasing a bouquet from Arena Flower shop, you are choosing to support they commitment to ethics, which in turn allows them to support Arena Flower Fairtrade producers and the charitable organisations Arena Flower are delighted to work with.

Easter flowers and plants

This Easter, do something special. A bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to bring a little bit of nature into any event, whether you’re having a garden party, visiting friends and family, or even just going for a picnic in the park.
Send Easter greetings with a bouquet of vibrant, gorgeous, and sustainably grown flowers and plants. Send beautiful flowers to loved ones this Easter as a token of your appreciation for the season’s bounty of colour and blossoms.In addition to seasonal plants and popular spring flowers like tulips and daffodils, Arena Flower also provide the very practical mailbox flowers, which come with fresh, seasonal stems. Get the most out of your Easter present by adding a bottle of bubbly, a box of chocolates, and a candle or diffuser set—the ideal Spring gift package!

Topaz Elixir and Divine chocolate

Like the lustrous liquid that flows through the veins of the Greek Gods, the Topaz Elixir alludes to ethereal opulence and a state of heavenliness. Its palette combines heritage cream and pink with the serene shades of cool lilac and blue, all dusted by the golden light of genista, creating a vision of beauty that transcends the ordinary. This arrangement is a delicate harmony of Cream Stocks, Lilac Lisianthus, Pink Roses, and Yellow Genista. It’s accentuated with the subtle allure of Blue Oxypetalum, while the Eucalyptus Robusta and Pistache foliage lend an air of robust freshness. Each element combines seamlessly, creating a bouquet that whispers tales of divine luxury and unparalleled grace.

Sanguine Sun

The “Sanguine Sun” bouquet embodies the essence of spring’s first, unfiltered beams of sunshine, caressing your skin and soul with warmth and light. It’s a vibrant composition, where golden tulips mirror the sun’s cheerful radiance, symbolizing the bloom of new beginnings and joyful days ahead. Amidst this sea of yellow, the perfume of white freesias emerges, adding a layer of sophisticated fragrance and elegance, while the delicate solidago whispers of wild, untamed beauty. Together, these flowers create a symphony of textures and scents that capture the optimistic spirit of spring, making the “Sanguine Sun” arrangement a perfect testament to the season’s undying hope and renewal.


The Seraphine bouquet, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of dawn, captures the essence of early morning light cascading across the sky. With an exquisite arrangement that seems to mirror the celestial hues of a waking day, it brings together an array of colors and textures that are both vibrant and soft. The composition features a stunning selection of flowers including cerise and cream spray roses, richly hued orange and bi-color roses, along with captivating cerise and cappuccino roses. These are thoughtfully complemented by pink hypericum, deep raspberry scabiosa, delicate lilac clematis, and the silvery-green touch of eucalyptus cinerea. Each element in the Seraphine bouquet contributes to a sense of warmth and divine beauty, reminiscent of the seraphs after which it is named, making it a perfect embodiment of nature’s splendid transformation at dawn.

Apricot Aura

The Apricot Aura bouquet encapsulates the essence of a sun-drenched orchard, with its vibrant fusion of colors and scents, invigorating the senses like that first bite of a ripe, sweet fruit on a warm, glittering afternoon. Arena Flower skilled florists handcraft this stunning arrangement with an assortment of fresh flowers that echo the hues of a perfect sunset. Peach roses symbolize warmth and gratitude, while yellow lisianthus blooms add a touch of elegance. The cheerfulness of yellow spray roses and yellow ajania pacifica contrasts beautifully with the wild touch of panicum grass, all nestled within the refreshing green of eucalyptus foliage. Together, these elements combine to create a bouquet that is not just a feast for the eyes but a balm for the soul, embodying the joyful serenity of a peaceful, sunny day.

Soft Romance

The Soft Romance bouquet is more than just an assortment of flowers; it’s a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes. Each bloom is carefully selected, creating a symphony of hues that whispers sweet sentiments and tender connections. The Moody Blues roses serve as the centerpiece, radiating a deep, compelling love, while the aster lilac and syringa pink add whispers of affection and admiration. Campanula pink and lisianthus purple weave in notes of enchantment and elegance, respectively, and the eucalyptus foliage provides a refreshing contrast that elevates the entire arrangement. This bouquet is not just seen; it is felt, making it the perfect messenger of heartfelt emotions and soft, romantic moments.

Cerise Dream

Shimmering like a gemstone, the Cerise Dream bouquet is a marvel of floral design that captures the essence of elegance and beauty. This arrangement, crafted with meticulous care, features an exquisite selection of Narcissi Paperwhite, pink and purple tulips, pink ranunculus, and lush pistache foliage. Each stem is chosen for its vibrancy and freshness, ensuring that the bouquet maintains its stunning appearance for as long as possible. The Cerise Dream stands out for its monochromatic pink palette, which evokes a sense of celebration and feminine grace, making it a perfect gift for special occasions or a splendid addition to decorate and brighten any room.


To what flowers does Easter traditionally refer?

Easter conjures images of bunnies, eggs, and a plethora of sweets. On the other hand, daffodils and tulips are in bloom at this time, making it a significant floral season. Easter isn’t complete without white lilies, the most emblematic flower of rebirth, innocence, and beginnings.

When you think of Easter, what flower comes to mind?

‘White Easter lily’ is the ideal flower to choose during the Easter season, just as the name suggests.

Can you send out Easter eggs?

Sure, Arena Flower normally offer a limited selection of Eater eggs and chocolates to make a gift more memorable!

Do you make Easter wreaths every year?

Excellent news! Arena Flower will be offering their do-it-yourself Easter wreath kits for delivery, so anybody who isn’t a lover of chocolate may have something a little different!

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