Floor Standing Vanity Units

With Royal Bathrooms floor-standing vanity units, you can take the storage and aesthetics of your bathroom to the next level. These units are not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful; they provide a large amount of storage space and are available in a range of designs to effortlessly complement the decor of your bathroom. The floor-standing bathroom vanity units that Royal Bathrooms provide are diverse enough to fit your choices, whether you want a traditional and timeless appearance or a contemporary and streamlined design.

1: Lyon Fluted Gloss Anthracite 2 Drawer Floor Standing Vanity Unit 

Transform your bathroom into a timeless oasis with the Lyon Fluted Gloss Anthracite 2 Drawer Floor Standing Vanity Unit with Carrara Marble Top. Featuring a unique fluted design, this vanity unit adds irresistible charm and personality to any bathroom space. The options for personalization are endless with a variety of sleek chrome handles to choose from. Even more, you’ll love the soft-close mechanism that ensures a peaceful environment, while maintaining a seamless look with the soft-close drawer and curved edge design. And with a well-placed shelf for easy organization and a high-quality DTC drawer, you can rest assured that this vanity unit guarantees smooth operation and long-lasting performance. To top it all off, our vanity unit includes a luxurious Carrara white marble basin that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom decor.

2: Turin Gloss White 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit with Mid-Edge Basin

Create a stylish and practical bathroom with the Turin Gloss White 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit with Mid-Edge Basin. This sleek and modern unit is designed with Moisture-resistant MFC and a Gloss White ceramic basin, providing a durable and practical surface that will stand up to daily use. The unit features smooth soft-close doors with handles that open to reveal ample storage space for all of your bathroom essentials. Best of all, this compact vanity unit comes fully assembled, meaning it’s ready to use right out of the box. And with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee, you can be sure that this vanity unit will provide reliable storage for years to come.

3: Modena Satin Green 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit 

Tired of a cluttered bathroom? Look no further than the Modena Satin Green 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit with Minimalist Basin. The sleek satin green cabinet and gloss white ceramic sink effortlessly create a minimalist yet modern feel for any bathroom. With its soft-close doors and multiple handle options, this vanity unit combines functionality and style. Don’t worry about the hassle of assembly – this floor-standing unit comes fully assembled and with a 5 Year manufacturer Guarantee. Invest in the convenience of a tidy bathroom with this top-of-the-line vanity unit.

4: Vienna Rock Grey Push Drawer Vanity Unit with Brass Frame & Pandora Marble Top

The Vienna Rock Grey Push Drawer Vanity Unit with Brass Frame & Pandora Marble Top is a modern, elegant vanity unit that combines classic Greek architecture, Art Deco confidence, and contemporary craftsmanship. The unit features a fluted design, Pandora marble, and satin brass framework, creating a serene ambiance. The contemporary grey finish and luxury gold frame add sophistication to any bathroom space. This floor-standing vanity unit is designed for those seeking the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, elevating daily rituals into indulgent self-care moments. The artful design reminds users of their well-deserved escape from the ordinary, allowing them to immerse themselves in a world of elegance and luxury. The Vienna Vanity Unit unlocks the door to a world where desires are unbound, making your bathroom the epitome of sumptuous serenity.

5: Elena 600mm Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit 2 Door With Semi Recessed Basin

If you’re searching for a stylish and space-saving option for your bathroom, look no further than the Elena 600mm Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit with a Semi Recessed Basin. This cabinet unit comes in a variety of multi colors, making it easy to match your existing decor. The gloss white ceramic sink is moisture-resistant, ensuring it will last for years to come. With soft close doors and a chrome handle, this vanity unit offers a touch of elegance in addition to its practicality. Plus, it comes fully assembled and with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. Update your bathroom with the Elena Vanity Sink Unit today.

Why Do We Shop Floor Standing Vanity Units At Royal Bathrooms?

Shopping for bathroom vanities can be a daunting task, but at Royal Bathrooms, the experience is anything but overwhelming. Those in the market for a floor standing vanity unit will appreciate the extensive collection offered by this reputable retailer. The sleek and stylish designs are not only visually appealing but also practical and durable. With varying sizes, colors, and finishes, it’s easy to find the perfect vanity to complement any bathroom decor. Shopping online ensures that customers get the convenience of browsing from the comfort of their own home, while still receiving exceptional customer service and affordable prices. Whether you’re renovating a full bathroom or simply updating a powder room, choosing a floor standing vanity unit from Royal Bathrooms is the perfect decision.

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