Training skirts from RS Sports are developed specifically to cater to the requirements of active wear. Whether you play tennis, padel, or golf, a skirt from RS will provide you with the ideal balance of fashion and performance for your chosen sport. Throughout your whole workout programme, they provide you with the utmost freedom of movement and comfort thanks to the high-quality materials from which they are constructed.


The Women’s Court Pleated Skirt is an essential piece of clothing for anyone who loves racket sports. Featuring a soft and lightweight fabric, the skirt is designed with a pleated look that adds a touch of elegance to your game. What’s more, it comes with built-in shorts and a ball pocket that makes it easy to store tennis or padel balls during your match. The skirt can be paired with a Women’s Sports Bra, ensuring that you look and feel your best during those sweaty training sessions. With this unbeatable combination, you are sure to have the perfect look that will have everyone wondering where you got your chic and stylish look.


Introducing the Women’s Performance Court Skirt – the perfect addition to your athletic wardrobe. Whether you’re a seasoned tennis pro or a newcomer to the sport, this skirt is sure to elevate your game. Designed with racquet sports in mind, the stretchy and quick-drying fabric ensures maximum comfort and flexibility on the court. Not only does it perform well, but it also looks great as a sporty summer skirt. With built-in shorts and a convenient ball pocket, this skirt is both practical and stylish. Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, it’s bound to become a favorite among your activewear collection. Don’t miss out on the ultimate combination of style and functionality – get your Women’s Performance Court Skirt today!


Are you passionate about racquet sports? If so, you’ll want to check out the Kelly Pleated Skirt. This stylish and functional skirt is a game changer. Featuring soft and light fabric, and pleats that move with you, it promises complete comfort and ease of movement on the court. And that’s not all – the built-in shorts have ball pockets that can hold your tennis balls during your training or match. Can you imagine the convenience? To enhance your style, pair the skirt with the Kelly Sport Top. Once you have experienced the unbeatable combination, you’ll never settle for less. So, add the Kelly Pleated Skirt to your collection today, and take your racquet sports to the next level!


There’s no denying that every woman wants to look good on and off the court, and the Women’s Performance Court Pleated Skirt from RS Collection certainly delivers. With its stunning and fully pleated design, this skirt is both fashionable and functional, making it the perfect addition to any tennis or padel outfit. The wider, elastic waistline adds a touch of elegance with its subtle, tone-on-tone RS logos, while the built-in shorts with ball pocket offer practicality and convenience in match play or training. Whether you’re aiming for a stylish look or ease of movement, this skirt is an excellent choice. Try it out and experience the perfect blend of style and function for yourself.

Why Do We Recommend RS Sport?

Skirts have a long and storied place in the annals of fashion, but RS Sport has taken them to a whole new level of functionality as sports wear. To begin with, they use only the highest quality materials in the construction of their skirts, making them suitable for any physical activity. They come in a wide variety of fashionable designs, and some even include handy extras like pockets or built-in shorts that you may use during your workout. Not to mention the convenience of skirts when it comes to mobility. For what reasons, then, do we recommend RS Sport skirts? As a result of successfully merging style and utility, they provide their clientele the best of both worlds.

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