Xero has revolutionized the world of cloud accounting. Founded in 2006, the company has become a leader across markets that include New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Through their innovative approach to online accounting software, Xero aims to bring convenience and control to small business owners. This is nowhere more evident than in their unique platform which allows users to easily connect with their numbers, bank and advisors at any time. Behind this technology lies a committed team of board members, executives and leaders whose passion for customer success drives Xero’s cutting-edge solutions. These passionate professionals strive every day to help businesses, accountants and bookkeepers streamline processes and enjoy increased efficiency in order to unleash growth potential.

Five Xero features

Bank connections

Xero allows you to connect to your bank and set up bank feeds. Each day of the working week, transactions are imported directly into Xero. With an automatic bank feed, Xero provides a safe and secure way to keep track of all your business finances. Rejoice in knowing that your incoming funds are safe and accurately recorded with no extra effort on your part. Tired of manual data entry? Well don’t worry as Xero takes care of it for you. Plus you can use the organized only viewable by you bank data to more easily keep track of your money going in and out. Forget the hassle associated with maintaining financial records, with Xero automated bank feeds do it all for you.

Claim expenses

If you want to make your business’ expense management easier and faster, not to mention more secure, consider using an expense manager tool. With this technology, you can take a photo of receipts right away, ensuring all information is recorded instantly, enabling you to create paperless expense claims fast for quick reimbursement. Keeping an eye on employee spending is also enhanced by these tools: analytics can be used to monitor activity and make sure expenses stay within company limits. But that’s not all – if you’re always on the go, the app companion piece can help capture expenses or track mileage in real time, any day of the week. With powerful expense manager tools at your disposal, managing your company expenses has never been more convenient!

Track projects

When it comes to tracking projects, having an efficient and accurate system in place can make all the difference. Whether it’s with a timer or location-based tracking, managing costs has never been simpler. Setup is easy and comes with automatic integration for Xero platform users. Invoicing and payments are also much more convenient with custom invoices featuring a ‘Pay now’ option. But financial monitoring doesn’t have to stop there – project dashboards offer real-time visibility of profit margins which helps you stay across trends and alert you if something’s not quite right. This valuable insight helps streamline time management as well as cash flow predictions meaning more time for other important tasks.


Xero makes it easier for businesses to store and access their important documents. With Xero, you can email or upload any type of file to its library so that you can see the original document alongside any related data. In addition, Xero allows you to share these files in real time with your accountant or bookkeeper, taking out much of the hassle associated with managing business documents. With Xero, tracking and organizing your business documents has never been simpler.

Purchase orders

Every business needs to make purchases, but when it comes to ordering efficiently and accurately it can be difficult. Luckily, customising your purchase orders is possible! The lay-out and order numbers can easily be adjusted so that it just works for you. With the ability to create online orders with templates and email them as PDFs, the entire process becomes simpler than ever. And if that isn’t enough, it’s even possible to convert orders into bills ready for payment – streamlining everything your business needs for smooth purchasing.

Reasons For Choosing XERO

XERO is a perfect choice when it comes to streamlining the business administration. It simplifies everyday tasks and keeps the business up to date with its financial matters. This innovative app not only helps automate manual tasks but also provides users with access to records anytime, thus helping them run an efficient practice. As if that isn’t enough, XERO also connects seamlessly with numerous third-party apps for an integrated, hassle-free business experience – making this a great option for growing your company or solving business needs quickly and effectively.

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