Brighten up your kitchen with the beautiful and vibrant collection of Emma Bridgewater designs! From polka dot kitchen accessories to stars, flowers and wildlife, this array of hand painted kitchenware adds a touch of beauty wherever it is placed. Serve guests in style with a biscuit barrel or serveware featuring one of Emma Bridgewater’s many classic patterns! Delight family members with cheerful tea towels or jugs to brighten their day. With unique, colourful kitchen accessories like these, everyone can celebrate the joy and elegance that comes from adding a little bit of Emma Bridgewater magic to their homes.


Emma Bridgewater’s porcelain enamel roasting pans and sauce jugs will make an ideal addition to any kitchen. Made from high-quality, durable materials that are dishwasher safe, these beautiful pieces of cookware function as both a piece of artwork on display and an essential item in your culinary adventures. Perfect for roasting, baking and other oven dishes, the tasteful Black Toast range enhances any meal with its classic designs and powerful craftsmanship. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just yourself, these roasting pans and sauce jugs provide the perfect match for all occasions.


Emma Bridgewater’s cork placemats, coasters, trivets and pot stands are a stylish way to keep your table surface free from scratches and damage. With an array of patterns available, you can mix and match different mugs and plates to create a personalised effect. Not only do these products add some flair to your table setting, but they also provide effective protection against spills or other damage. Get the perfect accompaniment to your modern décor with the colourful selection of Emma Bridgewater cork accessories.


Bring your kitchen table to life with Emma Bridgewater’s patterned cutlery. Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, while adding a dose of colour and personality to each meal. Choose from four of Emma Bridgewater’s most popular designs – Polka Dot, Blue Stars, Pink Hearts, and Black Toast – and mix and match for a combination that is uniquely you. Enjoy stamping your dining experience with playful details, making it an event to look forward to rather than something to dread. With patterned cutlery, your dinner table will never be boring again!


Transform your tea time with unique and creative pottery teapots crafted by Emma Bridgewater. Their factory in Stoke on Trent is full of handcrafted and decorated pieces, painted in vibrant and classic prints. Choose between two-mug or four-mug teapots to suit your desired gatherings, or search their personalised collections which allows you to add a message, name or quote for a special touch. Find the perfect gift for any occasion too – all of the teapots come in beautiful gift boxes, while children can join in the fun with the addition of kid’s tea sets so they can have their own mini get-togethers.


If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen or make a unique gift, Emma Bridgewater’s hens-on-nests and egg cups are the perfect choice. These whimsical pieces combine traditional English earthenware with modern designs and vibrant colors, ranging from soft polka dots to bold Black Toast patterns. And you can use them for all sorts of applications – from setting an inviting table for breakfast with boiled eggs served in charming egg cups, to preventing potential runaway eggs with their cleverly designed nests. Browse Emma Bridgewater’s hen-on-nests and egg cups today to find a set that perfectly matches your style!


Why Emma Bridgewater?

Emma Bridgewater is a British kitchenware and homeware company that has been providing its customers with beautiful products for decades. What makes them stand out from the other brands in the market is the unique character that each and every piece of their collection holds. Their collections are one-of-a-kind and feature exclusive prints, materials, designs, and colors that cannot be found elsewhere. Plus, Emma Bridgewater’s commitment to sustainability means you can shop consciously without compromising on style or quality. From stunning water bottles to ceramic mugs and plates, Emma Bridgewater has something for everyone looking for truly special kitchenware.

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