Fast Pass Driving Courses

For new drivers who want to get their licence as soon as possible, they offer a specialised intensive driving course. Fast Pass Driving place a premium on their customers’ happiness, so they work tirelessly to meet their needs in every manner they can. All of the training for Fast Pass Driving Courses is given by instructors who have been approved by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). With their intensive lessons, you can skip the months-long wait for your practical driving test.

Fast Pass Driving have several crash driving programmes for students of varying skill levels. Fast Pass Driving Courses are suitable for anyone at every stage of driving experience, from complete inexperience to recent test failure. Call their office at 0800 001 6417 to speak with an Approved Driving Instructor who will help you choose the right driving school and programme for your needs.

Both manual and automatic instruction are offered in each of their intensive driving courses. Any course can be modified such that it can be taken semi-intensively over a longer period of time if that is more convenient for you.


Are you sick and tired of always having to take the bus or wait for the train? Get behind the wheel ASAP with the help of their Fast Pass Driving classes! Fast Pass Driving have something for everyone with courses ranging from 6 hours up to 48 hours. Whether you’re just starting off or want a refresher, they’ve got you covered. Online reservations make it simple to secure your driving time with minimal effort. Fast Pass allows you to bypass long lineups and get behind the wheel immediately.


Hello, and thank you for visiting Fast Pass Driving! Thank you very much for joining them today. Learning to drive can be challenging, but Fast Pass Driving strive to make the process as smooth as possible for their students. If you decide to study with them, know that you’re in capable hands. Only DVSA-licensed professionals with years of expertise teaching the road safely are employed by them. That’s why you’ll get the best possible training and direction, so you can hit the road with complete assurance. They’re here to help you every step of the journey because they think everyone should be able to get their driver’s licence. Why hold off? Get behind the wheel ASAP by signing up for Fast Pass driving classes!


Want to get your driver’s licence as soon as possible? Try Fast Pass Driving first! Their qualified instructors have taught students from all over the UK, so wherever you are, they should be able to help you prepare for and pass your driving test. You can pick the course that best suits your needs from among their manual and automatic car options. Whether you’re a scared first-time driver or a seasoned pro looking to hone your skills, Fast Pass Driving can assist. Why hold off? Join Fast Pass Driving right away to get moving towards obtaining your driving licence.


What paperwork do I need to begin my course?

The only mandatory need is a provisional driving licence valid in the United Kingdom. Here at, you can submit your application for a provisional licence. Online applications carry a £34 fee. Postal applications cost £43.00. The website has all the details you need.

What kind of in-house driving instruction do they provide?

Fast Pass Driving Courses will pair you with a local, DVSA-approved driving instructor when you sign up for a course, saving you money on travel and lodging. In the extremely unlikely case that they are unable to provide a course in your area, they will do their best to find a suitable alternative and are delighted to make suggestions for reasonably priced lodging in the area. The price of lodging is separate from the driving school tuition.

Do Fast Pass Driving have any sort of guaranteed passing exam?

A common misconception, but in reality, there is no such thing as a sure certainty. The DVSA practical driving test is administered by an impartial DVSA examiner, thus there is no way to ‘ensure’ your success. But with Fast Pass Driving training, you can rest confident that your teacher is well-versed in providing intense driving training, and that you will receive the best possible preparation for your exam.

Can I take driving lessons in an automatic vehicle?

You certainly can! Both manual and automatic gearbox instruction are offered for all their fast pass driving courses.

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