Check this out if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, fully immersing 5G gaming experience. And trust them when they  say it doesn’t get any better than this.

To build a 5G-powered, haptically charged, sensory-overloaded home entertainment experience, they partnered with one of the biggest franchises in gaming history: Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. Imagine a gaming experience where the use of lighting effects, image projection, and spatial audio takes you to a whole new level.

Online gaming is taken to a whole new level with what amounts to a “oh-my-days,” hyper-immersive, 5G reality. Powered by Three’s 5G throughput, latency, and capacity, you’d be able to physically sense the rotors of an overhead helicopter.

Therefore, their 5G is the future of hyper-immersive gameplay, with the potential to create the ultimate, online gaming and home entertainment environment and amazing mixed-reality gaming on the bus, the street, or down the park.

Three Gaming Story

Gaming is a major interest of theirs. They’re enjoying the enjoyment of the 129th century by inventing with it, learning from it, and being captivated by it. Like many genuine loves, this one began a long time ago. Think back to Injustice 2. Yeah? One of the first events was a tournament between YouTube gaming powerhouses Syndicate and Kaarrrllll, and it was held at their studio on Oxford Street.

Get along with the Sidemen crew? Sure. Even before they had a fancy studio, when the Razer phone first came out, eSports stars Vikkstar and Josh Zerker came in to battle it out with fans. Yes, you read that correctly. When measured in terms of technological advancements, that is an eternity ago.
Since then, Damo of Team FNATIC Esports and OnePlus’s B0aty have teamed up for throwback gaming collaborations. Leading video game designers Rachele Doimo and Alejandro Arque were recently on their show to talk about the significance of story and character development in video games. to making the first Instagram game playable on an 8-bit computer. Shyeah.

At Level 3, gaming has always been a way of life, a source of inspiration, and a means of rebirth. In January, they showed off the speed of Three 5G network by streaming and playing the first-ever Fortnite Battle Royale on 5G with their friend Vikkstar. In light of their recent collaboration with Call of Duty®, it’s easy to imagine how much better 5G gaming will be. And I’ll explain why. Here are the four mainstays of 5G gaming—speed, low latency, cloud gaming, and capacity—for your gaming pleasure.

Let’s get the simple one out of the way first. It is the topic that everyone is discussing and the thing that everyone is obsessed with. Do they understand what it means when they talk about speed? Faster. What does this imply for the game industry? The newest versions of the most popular games are installed as soon as they are made available. No longer will you have to wait for it to download for hours. There is no need to waste the day wasting time as it updates. With 5G, you won’t waste any time getting up and running at all.

The question is, what about the other stuff? The amount of time that passes between when you click anything and when it actually takes effect on the screen is referred to as latency or lag. They’ve either been on the receiving end of or the producer of the question “What is this laaaggg?” a million times. The good news is that it is anticipated that 5G would greatly reduce this. This equates to shorter load times, enhanced responsiveness, and lower ping, which will give you a better competitive edge over your 12-year-old adversary.

Inclusion in gaming can begin here. It could mean the end of the familiar home console format. In a couple of seconds, you could be watching the latest and greatest films thanks to a tiny streaming device. Since the game is hosted online rather than on your gadget, this is the case.

Refresh rates that allow for seamless, in-the-moment encounters will change virtual and augmented reality. Imagine Pokémon Go on a whole other level, where you and your friends go out into the real world to battle aliens or protect make-believe kingdoms. All with just an augmented reality-enabled gaming console or 5G-ready smartphone and no need for pricey headsets.

The one and only word that matters in metropolises. You’ll get a tonne of exposure in crowded areas, such as on trains or at festivals, or when your younger sibling gets home and logs on to watch his favourite cartoons on YouTube. Nothing will interfere with your gaming experience. The quality of a 5G gaming experience is beyond description. Amazing beyond words. It’s so mind-boggling that it defies description. everyone who has ever lost a Perrie Edwards and their significant other to Call of Duty: be ready for the 5G gaming revolution.
Learn About 5G with Three

What Is Three?

In 2003, Three became the first 3G-only network in the United Kingdom, establishing itself as the network that was conceived to be unique. With 9.5 million users, Three is a leading connectivity provider that links people, places, and things together. Three’s network now reaches 99% of the UK population, and its customers utilise mobile data at a rate 3.5 times higher than the industry average. The UK’s leading 5G spectrum holder, Three debuted 5G in August 2019 and owns more than the rest of the industry combined. Only Three can provide true 5G services by the deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in 2020. Both the men’s and women’s Chelsea FC teams have Three as their official jersey sponsor. The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards named Three the Best Network for Data, while uSwitch named them the Best Network for Roaming, and the Mobile Industry Awards named them the Best High Street Retailer. CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, of which Three UK is a subsidiary, operates mobile businesses in 11 countries. They have almost 4,800 employees between their headquarter locations in Reading, Glasgow, and Reading, as well as their 311 retail outlets.

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