If you’re seeking an unparalleled experience that combines panoramic vistas, interactive exploration, delectable dining, and an array of memorable moments, look no further than View Boston. Nestled atop the iconic Prudential Tower, View Boston is a captivating 360-degree observation deck that promises to redefine your perception of the historic city. From discovering hidden gems to savoring sunset cocktails, this is where your Bostonian adventure truly begins.


Ascending to the Heights of Wonder

As you ascend to the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking sight that stretches beyond the horizon. With indoor panoramic views that leave you awe-inspired, the cityscape unravels before your eyes, allowing you to experience Boston from every conceivable angle. But the journey doesn’t stop there. The Lookout, the elevated viewing platforms, provides an even more exhilarating perspective, while the Virtual Viewers act as your informative guides, unraveling the stories behind Boston’s iconic landmarks and attractions.


The Cloud Terrace

Your exploration takes a new dimension on the 51st floor, where the Cloud Terrace invites you to a 360-degree open-air roof deck. Here, every step you take is accompanied by breathtaking photo opportunities, making it the ideal place to capture memories that last a lifetime. At Stratus, sipping on your favorite beverages with the city skyline as your backdrop becomes an experience in itself. This is where the essence of Boston merges with the magic of the moment.


Boston 365

Immerse yourself in the enchanting seasons, spirited celebrations, and the vibrant essence that defines Boston through Boston 365. This remarkable 3D model of the city utilizes projection-mapping to create an immersive experience that vividly portrays the heart and soul of Boston. From the spirited festivities to the tranquil moments, Boston 365 captures the city’s true essence and brings it to life right before your eyes.


Exploration Redefined

Navigating a city as rich and diverse as Boston can be a daunting task. But with View Boston’s interactive neighborhood discovery tool, exploration is transformed into a delightful adventure. Whether you’re searching for attractions, restaurants, or landmarks that align with your individual preferences, this tool guides you through Boston’s neighborhoods in a personalized manner, making every step of your journey more meaningful.


Open Doors

Immerse yourself in Boston’s pulse and rhythm as you step into the immersive theater of View Boston. This 270-degree theater screen offers a street-level exploration of the city’s neighborhoods, granting you a behind-the-scenes perspective that’s as captivating as it is enlightening. From the captivating streets to the cherished attractions like Fenway Park, View Boston brings you face-to-face with Boston’s beloved treasures.


Crafting Memories with View Print

At View Boston, your experience is yours to create. With View Print, you’re invited to craft a personalized itinerary that aligns with your interests and curiosities. From the exhibits that hold tales of Boston’s past to the modern-day marvels that shape its present, View Print empowers you to capture the essence of Boston in every step you take. As you scan your ticket and complete your itinerary, you’re not just witnessing Boston – you’re becoming a part of its story.


Dining Among the Clouds

After a day of immersive exploration and boundless discovery, The Beacon offers you a dining experience that’s as exquisite as the views you’ve witnessed. With 33 miles of breathtaking scenery, a 22-seat window-facing bar, and an array of seasonal beverages and bites, dining here is a celebration of both culinary excellence and the city’s magnificence. It’s more than just a meal – it’s a sensory journey through Boston’s flavors and vistas.


Memories to Hold

Before you bid adieu to this captivating experience, don’t forget to visit The View Shop. Take a piece of Boston back home with you through distinctive merchandise and memorabilia that embody the city’s essence. Whether it’s a memento to cherish or a gift to share, The View Shop ensures that your Bostonian memories remain vivid and tangible.


Get Your Tickets Now

As you’ve journeyed through the heights of Boston’s allure, it’s clear that View Boston is more than an observation deck – it’s a portal to the heart and soul of the city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Bostonian, View Boston promises an experience that’s as dynamic as the city itself. So, don’t wait – book your tickets now, and let View Boston redefine the way you perceive and connect with one of America’s most historic cities. Your adventure awaits, and the city is ready to be unveiled like never before.

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