For those looking to immerse themselves in art, culture, and beauty—look no further than Fotografiska Exhibitions. Located in major cities including New York City, London, Helsinki, and Stockholm this museum of photographic art gives visitors an avenue for discovery through the works of both established and emerging international photographers. From curated exhibitions featuring internationally renowned talents like Annie Leibovitz to a variety of interactive events such as photo walks with artists, there is something for everyone at Fotografiska Exhibitions! With each new exhibition comes an opportunity to explore ideas that make us think differently about how we see ourselves and the world around us—and what better way to cultivate creativity than by taking on this invitation?

Fotografiska’s History and Mission

Fotografiska is a Stockholm-based museum dedicated to contemporary photography. Founded in 2010, it has quickly gained global recognition for its innovative approach to exhibiting and promoting photography as an art form.

The concept of Fotografiska was developed by brothers Jan and Per Broman, alongside photographer and art collector, Patrik Österberg. Their vision was to create a space where photography could be showcased in a dynamic and immersive way, transcending the traditional museum experience.

Since its inception, Fotografiska has hosted over 200 exhibitions featuring the works of renowned artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Sally Mann. At Fotografiska, photography is considered a form of visual storytelling, with each exhibition telling a unique story or exploring a particular theme.

Beyond its exhibitions, Fotografiska also serves as a hub for photography-related events, workshops, and educational programs. Its mission is to inspire a more conscious world through the power of photography.

By creating a space where people can engage with and reflect on the world around them, Fotografiska aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the art of photography. Through its various initiatives, Fotografiska strives to challenge traditional notions of what photography can be, and push the boundaries of the medium in exciting new directions.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Fotografiska is a mecca for photography enthusiasts the world over, offering an unparalleled experience that transcends the usual static displays of artwork. At Fotografiska, the exhibitions are immersive and deeply personal, providing visitors with a multidimensional emotional experience that resonates long after they leave. The team at Fotografiska works closely with each artist and their galleries to ensure that every exhibit is curated to perfection, bringing the artist’s work to life in a way that is unlike anything else in the world. Whether you are a photography aficionado or just someone who appreciates beautiful art, a visit to Fotografiska promises to be a powerful and unforgettable experience.


Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious

(Jan 26th – May 20th)

Hip-hop enthusiasts and art enthusiasts alike will not want to miss Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious, an exhibition presented by Fotografiska. Co-curated by Sally Berman and Sacha Jenkins, Chief Creative Officer of Mass Appeal, this exhibition features a collection of images that range from iconic staples of visual culture to rare and intimate portraits of hip-hop’s biggest stars. From legendary pioneers like Nas, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G to modern icons like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, this exhibit explores the diversity, rivalries, and breakthroughs of hip-hop culture. Through a humanistic lens, visitors will gain insight into the role of women in hip-hop and the origins of the grassroots movement that became a global phenomenon. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to experience the power and importance of hip-hop culture.


(Jan 27th – April 30th)

The Un/Masked Exhibition by Fotografiska showcases the stunning work of Elizaveta Porodina. Born in Moscow and raised in post-Soviet Russia, Porodina has made a name for herself in the photography world with her distinct visual language. With a background in clinical psychology, Porodina’s images capture movement, emotion, and masterful use of color. Fashion houses worldwide are clamoring to work with her on their most sought-after campaigns. Porodina is always experimenting with new techniques and social platforms, constantly elevating her photography to new heights. Her close collaboration with her models creates a unique exchange, almost like a magic ritual, resulting in truly mesmerizing photographs.


Upcoming Exhibitions


(Opening May 26th)

Fire has been a destructive force in recent years, from the heartbreaking loss of Notre Dame to the devastating wildfires that have ravaged the Amazon, Australia, and California. Yet, amidst the destruction, there is also art. The Fire Exhibition by Fotografiska showcases photographers who draw inspiration from both major global events and personal experiences. Prix Pictet Fire, a prestigious photography award, features works that span documentary, portraiture, landscape, collage, and studies of light and process. Sally Mann’s Blackwater series, which won the prize in 2021, explores the wildfires that destroyed the Great Dismal Swamp in southeastern Virginia. It is a reminder that amidst the chaos, beauty and art can still exist.


(Opening June 2nd)

The Fotografiska is bringing the stars to life with the largest Terry O’Neill exhibition ever. From the iconic and glamorous Brigitte Bardot to the legendary Mick Jagger, Terry O’Neill has captured the moments that defined global celebrities of the second half of the 20th century. His lens has immortalized some of the most iconic names in entertainment, including Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, The Beatles, and even Kate Moss. No other photographer has been able to capture the essence and mood of their subjects as Terry O’Neill did. Experience this exclusive exhibition that promises an up-close and personal experience with the world’s most famous personalities.


Why Visit Fotografiska?

Fotografiska is so much more than just a museum. It’s an experience unlike any other, where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty and complexity of art and culture. Each exhibition is carefully curated to create a thought-provoking and engaging experience, and every detail is considered to ensure visitors are left with a deep appreciation for the artwork on display. By exploring Fotografiska’s exhibitions, visitors can gain new perspectives and a greater understanding of the world around them. This museum is a true gem for anyone who loves photography, art, and culture, and who seeks to be inspired and challenged by the power of visual storytelling.

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