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Every business owner knows that when it comes to shipping and receiving products, there are many options available. So why do we choose Trade Point? For starters, Trade Point offers a centralized platform that connects businesses of all sizes across the world, making it easy to find and work with reliable suppliers. Additionally, Trade Point provides access to an extensive network of shipping carriers and logistic partners, ensuring that packages arrive on time and in good condition. But perhaps most importantly, Trade Point prioritizes transparent and fair negotiations, guaranteeing that both buyers and sellers get the best deal possible. When it comes to international trade, Trade Point is undoubtedly the go-to platform for businesses looking to streamline their operations and expand their reach.

Corner cabinet Orion grey Soft-close RH Pull out storage, (H)613mm (W)1000mm

If reaching into the deep depths of your kitchen cabinets is a hassle, then the Corner cabinet Orion grey Soft-close RH Pull out storage is the solution you need! With its high load capacity runner and soft-close system, you can effortlessly slide the shelves out to access all your items. Plus, the door swings out to the left for your convenience. This product is compatible with 100cm base cabinets and comes with all the fittings and fixings you need, as well as instructions for fitting. The cherry on top? The three-dimensional adjustment of the door and adjustable height of the upper external basket make this cabinet a customizable storage solution.

GoodHome Pebre Anthracite Soft close runners Pull out storage, (H)2155mm (W)250mm

Looking for a reliable, sturdy storage solution for your home? Look no further than the GoodHome Pebre Anthracite pull-out storage, complete with soft close runners and easy-to-install fittings and fixings. This sleek and functional unit is perfect for keeping your kitchen or other living spaces tidy and organized, with ample room for all your essentials. Measuring in at (H)2155mm and (W)250mm, and compatible with a 30cm tall larder cabinet, this pull-out storage solution is sure to add practicality and style to any room. With a 10-year guarantee included and detailed fitting instructions provided, you can start using your GoodHome Pebre Anthracite pull-out storage right away, and enjoy its convenience and durability for years to come. Please note that the carcass is not included.

Corner cabinet Orion grey Soft-close LH Pull out storage, (H)613mm (W)800mm

No more struggling to reach items hidden at the back of your corner cabinet! The Corner Cabinet Orion Grey Soft-Close LH Pull Out Storage is the perfect solution for effortless organization. With a high load capacity runner and soft-close system, you can smoothly and easily access your belongings. This innovative storage unit also features three-dimensional adjustment of the door and an adjustable upper external basket to accommodate your changing storage needs. Plus, with a door hinged on the left and shelves swinging out to the right, this corner cabinet is designed to fit snugly in cabinets with the left-hand side in the corner. To make installation a breeze, fittings, fixings, and instructions are included. Say farewell to clutter and frustration and hello to efficient, elegant storage with the Corner Cabinet Orion Grey Soft-Close LH Pull Out Storage.

Orion grey Soft-close Universal Pull out storage, (H)506mm (W)300mm

Searching for a solution to make your kitchen space more organized and efficient? Look no further than the Orion grey Soft-close Universal Pull out storage, perfect for your 30cm base cabinet. The well-designed storage system is fitted with single extension runners, each with a soft close system that dramatically reduces noise when the drawer is closed. This pull-out storage also boasts a fixing position of the runners on the sides of the cabinet which significantly improves stability, ensuring everything remains securely in place. Fittings and fixings are included and instructions for fitting are also provided, making it an easy installation process. What’s even better is that the door can be mounted on the left or right, providing greater flexibility in the layout of your kitchen. Say goodbye to the days of having to awkwardly reach and rummage through the back of cabinets. This pull-out storage is all you need to help you stay organized and make every day in the kitchen a breeze.

GoodHome Pebre Anthracite Soft-close Pull out storage, (H)1845mm (W)555mm

The GoodHome Pebre Anthracite Soft-close Pull out storage is a must-have for any modern kitchen. Measuring at (H)1845mm (W)555mm, it is compatible with 50cm larder/tall larder cabinets, and its unique features and benefits make it one of a kind. With the Pebre, you can say goodbye to the frustration of reaching all the way inside the cabinet to get what you need. The colour-coordinated shelves blend seamlessly into your cabinets, creating a sleek and uniform look. The plastic shelves are also removable and easy to clean, making it effortless to maintain a tidy and organised space. With its ingenious design, the Pebre maximises the height and width of the cabinet, providing ample storage space accessible from both the front and the side. With the GoodHome Pebre Anthracite Soft-close Pull out storage, finding your kitchen essentials is easier than ever before.

Why We Choose Trade Point?

When it comes to kitchen cabinet storage, choosing the right option is crucial. After all, nobody wants to be rummaging around in a cluttered cabinet, trying to find that one missing lid to their Tupperware. That’s why we choose Trade Point. With their innovative storage solutions, your kitchen can become a model of efficiency. From pull-out drawers to cleverly designed shelving units, Trade Point has thought of everything to make your kitchen organization a breeze. You’ll be amazed at how much more functional and enjoyable your kitchen experience is when you choose Trade Point for your cabinet storage needs.

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