A group of animal welfare advocates with a shared desire to pay greater attention to their pets’ needs founded FUNNYFUZZY. When their designer saw that his dog preferred toys with yellow accents, he naturally wanted to know if dogs have the same colour vision as humans. Subsequently, he conducted a study and discovered that canines are limited to perceiving blue and yellow hues, with all other colours appearing nearly grey. Because of his desire to create goods from a canine’s point of view, their brand’s signature warm yellow hue came into being. He rallied a group of people who loved pets, such as manufacturers, parents, and grandparents. They are all working towards the same goal: making life easier for pet owners and their furry friends by designing items with the pets’ needs in mind and adding unique twists to everyday necessities.

FUNNYFUZZY is a lifestyle brand for pets and their owners that offers a wide range of products. Whatever you need for a relaxing stay at home or an exciting adventure abroad, they have it all, plus a whole lot more entertaining stuff. FUNNYFUZZY have been doing and will keep doing things that bring people joy, since that is what they all want. The essentials are great, but they also need some fun. FUNNYFUZZY create many timeless and functional items, but they also add a little “fun” to the old favourites so you and your dogs can enjoy them in a new way. Because you’re part of their design team, they’re paying attention. FUNNYFUZZY welcome your honest feedback, even if their demands are different. With your help, FUNNYFUZZY can improve the product so that their cherished dogs have an even better experience using it.

FunnyFuzzy Range Of Beds

Large Thick Scratch-resistant Spine Protection Dog Cushion Bed

The Large Thick Scratch-resistant Spine Protection Dog Cushion Bed is the epitome of comfort and durability for your beloved pet. Thoughtfully designed to prioritize your dog’s well-being, this bed features an enhanced thickened headrest area that provides unparalleled support for the neck and head, promoting optimal alignment and restful sleep. Its spacious layout guarantees ample room for your pet to stretch out, lounge, or curl up, offering a sanctuary of relaxation and comfort during their sleep or moments of leisure. The bed is constructed from a premium, thick, soft fabric, ensuring a cozy and inviting sleep experience. Additionally, the practicality of this dog cushion bed is amplified with its easy-care design; the outer cover can be quickly unzipped and machine-washed, allowing for effortless maintenance and hygiene upkeep of your pet’s sleeping environment.


Providing your dog with adequate area to stretch out and relax, its design ensures that your dog will experience the highest possible level of comfort while sleeping or resting.

  • Comfortable and Cosy: Crafted from luxuriously plush fabric, this bed provides a snug haven for your beloved pet.
  • The bed’s extra-thick headrest gives your dog the best possible support for his neck and head.
  • Support and protection for your dog’s spine, minimising the likelihood of strain or discomfort—particularly for older or injured canines.
  • The dog bed will stay put thanks to its anti-slip bottom, which is coated with non-slip particles.

Dog Bed – Donut

The Donut Dog Bed stands out as a pinnacle of comfort and convenience for pet owners. It’s as effortless to clean as laundering a short-sleeved shirt—simply place it in the washing machine for a gentle cycle to refresh. The addition of a waterproof liner encases the cushioning, thwarting any liquids or stains from penetrating through, thus ensuring a hygienic resting environment. Crafted from luxurious cotton fleece and velveteen, this dog bed delivers unparalleled softness, making it an ideal, cozy haven for your furry friend. Its plush, thick material not only supports restful sleep but also provides soothing warmth, especially on cooler nights.


Protect the health of the pet’s spine.

  • Your pet will be able to sleep soundly and warmly on this plush and substantial blanket.
  • No more worrying about your dog’s pee or stains seeping through thanks to the built-in waterproof cover that encases the sponge in all directions.
  • A unique anti-slip substance forms the base of the pad.
  • Putting it in the washing machine is all it takes to clean it.

Calming Plush Semi-Enclosed Pet Nest Bed

The Calming Plush Semi-Enclosed Pet Nest Bed is not just a simple pet accessory but a sanctuary for your furry friend. Its semi-enclosed design and soft plush material offer unparalleled comfort and warmth, creating an ideal sleeping environment that adapts to the changing seasons. The covered structure of the bed caters to pets’ instinctual need for security and privacy, making it an excellent retreat for pets who enjoy hiding or digging into their sleeping spots. Additionally, the high-density plush material ensures durability against the playful antics of pets, resisting pulling and tugging without easily shedding. This bed is more than a sleeping space; it’s a protective den that your pet will cherish.


The bottom is made of special anti-slip fabric to prevent sliding everywhere.

  • A Multi-Use Top Cover: The covered bed is an essential for your pet’s safety, whether it’s for hiding or digging. You have the option to lay the top cover flat or leave it open for your pet’s convenience.
  • All-around Comfort: Crafted from a velvety fabric, it offers a cosy spot for your pet to rest and guarantees their well-being. This cosy fabric will keep your furry friend toasty all winter long.
  • Pets can alleviate tension and anxiety by getting a better night’s sleep on their beds with the support of high-density pearl cotton cushioning. While your pet sinks into their cosy haven, their cushioned centre offers supportive comfort.
  • Designed to keep you from slipping about, the bottom is crafted from a unique anti-slip fabric.

2 in 1 Cute Bear Ears Removable Dog House

Upgrade your pet’s sleep experience with the 2 in 1 Cute Bear Ears Removable Dog House! This unique dog bed boasts an adorable, house-shaped design complete with playful bear ears, immediately bringing a touch of whimsy and charm to your pet’s resting area. Its versatile two-in-one construction allows for use as either a cozy cave for those pets that enjoy burrowing or an open bed perfect for lounging, catering to your pet’s individual comfort preferences. Designed with all seasons in mind, it features a double-sided inner cushion that promises year-round comfort, keeping your furry friend snug in the winter and cool in the summer. Beyond its aesthetic appeal and versatility, this dog house is built to last with a stable, non-collapsible construction that ensures it retains its shape and provides a supportive sleep surface over time. Plus, the convenience of its fully detachable design makes cleaning a breeze, supporting a clean, hygienic environment for both you and your pet to enjoy.

Deluxe Flannel Double-Layer Orthopaedic Dog Sofa Bed

Treat your canine companion to unparalleled comfort with the Deluxe Flannel Double-Layer Orthopaedic Dog Sofa Bed. Perfectly crafted to blend coziness with therapeutic support, this bed features a plush top layer of soft flannel that invites your pet to snuggle in, while the robust orthopaedic foam base cradles their joints, providing essential relief from discomfort and enhancing their overall sleep quality. Ideal for older dogs or those with joint issues, this bed also boasts fully padded armrests for additional support and comfort. Understanding the realities of pet parenthood, they’ve designed it with a removable, machine-washable cover, ensuring the bed remains fresh and clean with minimal effort, making life easier for you and comfier for your pet.


  • Soft & comfortable
  • Double-layer design
  • Protect pet’s joints and bones
  • Fashionable sofa design
  • Easy to clean

Elevate Your Pet’s Comfort Today with FUNNYFUZZY Pet Beds

Ready to make your pet’s life a little more fun and a lot more nice? Check out FUNNYFUZZY’s cute selection of pet beds and give your furry friend a way to laugh and rest. FUNNYFUZZY has several different shaped beds for pets, so no matter what kind of pet they are, they will be able to find something they love.

Don’t wait any longer to make the best sleeping environment for your pet. Give them a bed that is as one-of-a-kind and strange as they are. Get your pet a FUNNYFUZZY bed right now and start having fun while you sleep.

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