This is a world where your imagination is limitless, and each performance is a pass to a fantastic journey. The wide variety of musicals and plays presented by LW Theatres is sure to captivate you with stories of romance, mystery, and victory. LW Theatres doors are open, asking you to be a part of something genuinely hypnotic, whether you’re a seasoned theatregoer or just starting to explore the enchantment of the stage. Feel the thrill, the drama, and the awe-inspiring beauty of live performances. At LW Theatres, you’re in for more than just a performance; you’re in for an experience like no other.


Live performance is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s lifeblood at LW Theatres. That electrifying, immediate, and unmistakable energy that exists between the stage and the audience. They adore every moment of it, from the thrilling backstage friendships and exciting rehearsals to the excitement before the show and the opening of the doors. Just like their viewers.

Owned by the brilliant Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has written and directed some of the most beloved and enduring musicals of all time, we know how to put on a show. Thanks to their dedication and enthusiasm, LW Theatres have grown into London’s leading operator of musical theatres since their founding in 1977. If you’ve ever come to the capital to see a musical, you’ve probably been to one of their West End theatres, as one-third of everyone who attends a London musical does. They’re always on the lookout for new and better ways to do things. To ensure that each and every one of LW Theatres customers has an exceptional experience.

This is why, in July 2018, they formally changed their name to LW Theatres from The Really Useful Theatres. LW Theatres also revamped their website and came up with innovative ways to improve their service. From the time you purchase your ticket until the time you depart from their venues, they want you to have a wonderful experience. Whether you’re interested in seeing timeless classics like Matilda, The Musical by the Royal Shakespeare Company, or The Phantom of the Opera, or cutting-edge productions like Frozen, The Musical by Disney, Back to the Future: The Musical, or Standing at the Sky’s Edge, all of your ticket purchases should be made at LW Theatres.

Come watch that one-of-a-kind performance you’ve been coveting at LW Theatres—they promise to have the finest seats and the most availability of any theatre in town. No two of their many famous and historic theatres are alike; each has its own unique character and hosts spectacular performances, but they are all bound together by an unyielding commitment to excellence.

No matter which LW Theatre you visit—Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The London Palladium, the Gillian Lynne, or His Majesty’s—you will discover that each and every one of these venues offers far more than just a performance.

Musicals & Plays At LW Theaters


Exclusive Presale: Wednesday 27 March

General on sale: Thursday 28 March

Following a sensational run at The London Palladium and breaking records on its UK & Ireland Tour, The Wizard of Oz makes a dazzling return to the West End for a limited four-week engagement this August. This enchanting production stars the highly talented Aston Merrygold, known for his role in JLS, as The Tin Man, and the inimitable The Vivienne, crowned winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and a star in Dancing On Ice, as The Wicked Witch of the West. Audiences of all ages can look forward to a spellbinding performance that brings the magic of the beloved MGM film to life on stage. With the unforgettable original score featuring classics like “Over The Rainbow,” “Follow The Yellow Brick Road,” and “We’re Off To See The Wizard,” complemented by additional compositions from the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, this production promises an unparalleled theatrical experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to join Dorothy, Toto, and the gang on their extraordinary journey to the Gillian Lynne Theatre. Secure your spot early by signing up for LW Theatres exclusive 24-hour presale and get ready to be whisked away on an unforgettable adventure down the yellow brick road.


At Gillian Lynne Theatre until 3 August 2024

Standing at the Sky’s Edge has not only marvelously encapsulated the essence of Sheffield’s endeavors and dreams but also triumphed as a beacon of storytelling within the British musical scene. Crafted with the heart-wrenching lyricism of Richard Hawley and the poignant narrative prowess of Chris Bush, this musical navigates the lives intertwined around a Sheffield housing estate. Through a seamless blend of humor, tragedy, and melody, it transcends a mere theatrical performance to become a profound commentary on the perseverance of community spirit amidst the shifts of modern British history. With its West End debut marking another milestone following its acclaim at the National Theatre and Sheffield Theatres, it stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, engaging audiences with the magnetic pull of shared humanity and the universal quest for a place to call home. Catch this breathtaking experience at the Gillian Lynne Theatre until August 3, 2024, and be a part of a story that defines and defies the boundaries of what their know as home.


Now playing at His Majesty’s Theatre

Far beneath the opulent grandeur of the Paris Opera House lies a world shrouded in mystery and darkness, the domain of the enigmatic Phantom. Tormented by a life in the shadows and a disfigured countenance, the Phantom’s existence is one of solitude and dismay. Yet, within this realm of darkness, a fervent love blossoms for his protégée, Christine Daaé, a love so deep and powerful it captivates her heart against all odds. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” masterfully intertwines a hauntingly beautiful score with awe-inspiring scenery and spectacular special effects, creating an unforgettable experience that transports audiences into the depths of the Phantom’s secluded world. Since its premiere on October 9, 1986, at His Majesty’s Theatre, with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman leading the cast, this spellbinding musical has claimed its place as one of the most celebrated and lucrative productions in theatrical history, captivating over 140 million people worldwide, and garnishing a trove of 70 major theatre awards.


Now playing at the Cambridge Theatre

Matilda The Musical has captivated audiences around the globe, establishing itself as a masterpiece of modern theatre. This enchanting adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic tale, brought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Company, showcases the ingenious narrative of Dennis Kelly paired with the memorable melodies of Tim Minchin. At its heart, Matilda is an inspiring story about an exceptional young girl who, equipped with her unbounded imagination and keen intellect, boldly challenges her circumstances to rewrite her destiny. Lauded with numerous awards, this musical has been experienced by over 10 million individuals across 90 cities worldwide, including a notable run in London’s West End, where it has been enchanting viewers for over ten years. Its universal appeal lies not just in its magical storytelling and dynamic performances, but also in its profound message of empowerment and courage.


Starlight Auditorium at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre

Set to dazzle audiences in the summer of 2024, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express is making a groundbreaking resurgence in a custom-built venue—the Starlight Auditorium at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre. This immersive production promises to envelop audiences in a high-velocity world of melody and drama, featuring an extraordinary ensemble of 40 performers. They’ll skate around and above the spectators, breathing life into some of musical theatre’s most cherished tunes, including the electrifying “AC/DC,” the heartfelt “Make Up My Heart,” the hopeful “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” and the unforgettable title track, “Starlight Express.” At the core of this spectacle is a narrative of aspiration and marvel, where a child’s miniature train set springs to life.
Within this dynamic world, Rusty, a humble steam engine, dreams of clinching the title of the world’s fastest train, fueled by the mythical power of the “Starlight Express.” Captivating over 20 million viewers globally, Starlight Express continues to be a potent blend of spectacle and storytelling, sure to enchant attendees of all ages with its renewed vision. This rendition benefits from the visionary efforts of acclaimed professionals including Luke Sheppard, Tim Hatley, Andrzej Goulding, Gabriella Slade, Howard Hudson, and Gareth Owen, with dynamic new orchestrations and musical oversight by Matthew Brind. Enhanced by Ashley Nottingham’s vibrant new choreography and the proficient casting by Pearson Casting CDG, the show also heralds the return of Arlene Phillips in a pivotal creative role. As June 2024 approaches, the anticipation for Starlight Express’s arrival at the Starlight Auditorium crescendos, promising an unforgettable spectacle.


Performing on Selected Mondays
Booking at the Cambridge Theatre

“SHOWSTOPPER! THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL” offers an unparalleled theatrical experience, where the unexpected becomes the norm, delighting audiences with a one-of-a-kind musical comedy at every performance. The genius of this multi award-winning show lies in its ability to transform audience suggestions into a fully improvised musical marvel, complete with compelling narratives, spontaneous humor, and enchanting songs. Celebrating over a decade of success, including a prestigious run at the Edinburgh Festival, a BBC Radio 4 series, and an illustrious Olivier Award, the performers of “SHOWSTOPPER!” have mastered the art of improvisation. Their skill in weaving suggestions into instant classics—from envisioning the energy of “Hamilton” within the confines of a hospital to bringing the sophistication of Sondheim to the Sahara—ensures a uniquely mesmerizing experience for every audience member.


The London Palladium

In the heart of London’s buzzing theatre district, a remarkable revival of the classic musical “Hello, Dolly!” is poised to captivate audiences once again. The legendary Imelda Staunton returns to the stage in a role that feels tailor-made for her immense talents, under the masterful direction of Dominic Cooke. This dynamic duo previously enchanted the theatre world with their work on “Follies,” and this reunion promises an equally mesmerizing experience. Set against the backdrop of Yonkers, New York, the musical follows the irrepressible Dolly Levi as she intricately weaves her matchmaking magic, only to find herself caught in the web of love. The production boasts a stellar cast including Andy Nyman, Jenna Russell, Tyrone Huntley, and Harry Hepple, promising an unforgettable theatre experience. With its infectious energy, memorable tunes by Jerry Herman, and a heartwarming narrative, “Hello, Dolly!” at The London Palladium for a limited summer season starting July 2024, is a must-see event that celebrates the joy and mischief of finding love where you least expect it.

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