Who doesn’t love a personalised gift? Not only is it thoughtful, but the opportunity to add your own designs and custom scent to a candle makes it an extra special present. Whether you opt for their favourite colour, or something totally different – this gift will sure make any space feel more homely. Make someone’s day by gifting them with something that will brighten up their home, and let them relax during scented evenings in. A perfectly chosen and designed candle will be appreciated for years to come.

Love You Romantic Photo Candle

Their Love You Romantic Photo Candle is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially when you personalize it. The included landscape label (70mm x 45mm) provides room to upload 3 photos and features a special text of your choice – such as a date, name, or even a short quote (77 characters max). Specially crafted with Home Sweet Home scent and made from paraffin wax, you can be sure that anyone who receives this will experience relaxation in their home. What’s more, its 100% recyclable glass jar and 50 hour burn time ensures that your gift produces long lasting results. Show your loved ones how much you care with their Love You Romantic Photo Candle.

This particular candle is the perfect size to show the love you have for your mum on this special occasion. It’s a unique, customisable gift that oozes thoughtfulness, made using a cotton wick so it will burn gently and last for at least 50 hours – what better way to keep your most treasured memories alive? Not only is each jar wholly recyclable, you can also choose your own photos and/or text to adorn the label which measures 71mm by 45mm. To make sure your special order is perfectly unforgettable, it has been infused with an amazing scent made from the finest fragrance oils.

Funky Pigeon’s Heart Photo Candle is a lovely way to add some passion to any event. This candle, with its sophisticated black exterior and beautiful carved heart, would make a wonderful addition to any birthday or anniversary party. Adding a personal picture to the candle is a quick and easy way to make it more special. You can use an old, treasured picture of the two of you or go for something more lighthearted and entertaining. The solid build ensures that your loving token will last for a very long time, enabling you to keep your love burning bright.
An ideal gift for any special occasion or just to show your appreciation, the 3 Portrait Photo Upload Candle from Funky Pigeon is a delightful way to bring some extra sparkle to someone’s day. This thoughtfully crafted candle is made with real wax and contains space for three special photos that can help create a truly personal present. Not only will you be able to have three of your favourite pictures uploaded on one of the candle’s four sides, but the fragrant smell of the candle’s white gardenia scent is sure to make any gift receiver feel pampered and appreciated. Whether you’re gifting it for a birthday or maybe even just as an expression of your love, this unique portrait photo upload candle from Funky Pigeon will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


How do the candles smell?

All of their candles have a warm and comforting Home Sweet Home aroma, with soothing tones that make any room feel more like home. A pleasant, familiar scent can completely alter the atmosphere in your house, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or any other room.

How Much Time Will My Candle Burn?

Each of their bespoke candles has been created with a minimum burn duration of 50 hours in mind. This way, you can have your scented candle and fresh home fragrance for a very long time.

How Will I Receive My Customized Candle?

Your candle will be packaged safely in recyclable cardboard to ensure it arrives in one piece no matter which shipment method you select.

Can I reuse a used candle?

Yes, surely! When you’re done with one of their candles, you can either reuse the container or melt out the wax and recycle it.

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