GetYourGuide can help you get away from it all by providing you with unique outdoor activities. Visit Vancouver, British Columbia, to see these amazing animals up close on a whale watching excursion. Or, you might take a day excursion to Skaftafell in Iceland and trek a glacier to get up close and personal with some beautiful ice formations. Join a guided walk in Iceland’s Landmannalaugar, where geothermal pools and multicoloured mountains will leave you in awe. GetYourGuide is here to help you explore the world’s greatest landscapes.

Vancouver, BC: Whale Watching Tour

This one-of-a-kind whale-watching tour out of Vancouver will allow you to experience the wonder and inspiration of witnessing whales in their natural habitat. Observe various marine mammals such as porpoises, seals, dolphins, and whales (including humpback, minke, and grey whales). Take a guided whale-watching and marine wildlife cruise from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver on a fast, custom-built luxury catamaran.

As you leave Vancouver, decide whether you’d rather keep warm inside the cabin or explore the outside, where you can choose from three distinct observation spots spread across two levels. On this exciting outdoor excursion, you may take in breathtaking views of the Strait of Georgia. As you sail, your expert crew will fill you in on the area’s history and the marine life you’ll encounter along the way. Enjoy this amazing opportunity to the fullest while they  take free, high-resolution pictures of you, your family, and the local wildlife. It’s the ultimate adventure for anyone looking to see whales.

What’s Included

  • Live commentary on board
  • Guide
  • Guaranteed whale sightings
  • Photo package
  • Downloadable tour guides in: English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.
  • Jr. Naturalist guides (kids guide and educational coloring book)
  • Hot drinks (coffee, tea, and hot cocoa)
  • Snacks available for purchase

Skaftafell: Guided Glacier Hike Day Trip

Get out into the wilds of Skaftafell on a guided walk across the spectacular outlet glacier of Vatnajökull. Gather your supplies and listen to a quick safety briefing at the designated location. Then, take the short walk to the ice cap and be in awe of the breathtaking scenery. Wearing crampons will keep you safe when you’re walking on the ice. Explore Skaftafell National Park and its many unique features, such as deep crevasses and ice sculptures. Find out how glaciers are created and why their survival is in jeopardy due to climate change. Before returning to the starting point, learn the ins and outs of glacier hiking at a more advanced level. Choose the sunset cruise to see the sun set over the ocean or the half-day cruise to explore the harbour.

What’s Included

  • Tour guide
  • Glacier equipment (helmet, harness, crampons, and ice axes)
  • Free parking
  • Small-group experience

Iceland: Landmannalaugar Guided Hiking Experience

Take a day trip to Iceland’s Landmannalaugar and the Hekla Volcano region, both of which are accessible from the Southern Highland of Fjallabak. Plunge into a bubbling paradise of caramel-coloured peaks, hot springs, winding lava flows, and crystal-clear lakes. Landmannalaugar, together with the nearby active volcano Hekla, is an incredible natural wonder and one of the most interesting places to visit in all of Iceland. Explore a geothermal region characterised by rhyolite mountains and steaming hot springs, one of the most active on Earth. Have lunch and then go off on a four-hour trek via the vast Laugahraun lava field, the Vondugil Canyon, and finally the peak of the colourful Brennisteinsalda mountain, where steaming vents and sulphur deposits can be found. Navigate the Graenagil Canyon, a chasm created by glacial rivers, ice age volcanoes, and other geodynamic features. Climb Bláhnkur, a volcano that is roughly 60,000 years old and offers spectacular views of the Landmannalaugar Valley, if time and weather permit. Soak in a natural hot pool, where hot and cold water meet to create ideal bathing conditions, as it emerges from beneath Laugahraun. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and a towel.

What’s Included

  • Hiking experience
  • Guide
  • Pickup in Reykjavik (if option booked)

Why We Should Go With GetYourGuide?

Unlike any other travel site, GetYourGuide provides an unforgettable adventure. The platform meets the needs and aspirations of any traveller by providing a wide variety of options, from standard sightseeing trips to one-of-a-kind experiences. The intuitive design and simple booking procedure take the worry out of vacation preparation. The icing on the cake? GetYourGuide partners with local guides and vendors to provide you with an authentic and in-depth experience, so you can learn all about the area’s fascinating history and culture. It’s no wonder that GetYourGuide has become the go-to site for vacationers all around the world. When you can go above and beyond with GetYourGuide, there’s no reason to take a standard vacation.

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