Located on the very highest floors of the One World Trade Center in New York City is the breathtaking One World Observatory. It is a fantastic place for families with kids to go because everyone, no matter their age, will have a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable time there. What makes the One World Observatory a great place for families and kids, and what they can expect while there, will be discussed in this article.


Interactive and Educational Exhibits

The One World Observatory’s emphasis on family-friendly, hands-on, and educational exhibits is a major draw for families with young children. Viewers can get a sense of the building’s past and New York City’s resiliency in the face of adversity thanks to these displays. The Voices Gallery, which showcases the individual experiences of the people who helped bring the One World Trade Center to life, is a popular stop for visitors. The measures taken to lessen the structure’s impact on the environment are also explained to curious onlookers.


The One World Observatory has both informative displays and fun, hands-on activities that will keep kids of all ages entertained. For instance, the Sky Portal is a 14-foot-wide circular disk that provides a breathtaking view of the streets below. The City Pulse exhibit is interactive and features a real-time, panoramic display of the city’s sights and sounds for kids to enjoy.

Stunning Views of New York City

The breathtaking views of New York City from the observation deck at One World Observatory make it a great place for families to visit. The observatory can be found on floors 100, 101, and 102 of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center. The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park, among other New York City icons, are all visible from the observation decks.


At sunset, when the sky takes on radiant tones of orange, pink, and purple, the views from the observation deck are nothing short of breathtaking. Families and kids can take pictures that will remind them of happier times for years to come.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

The One World Observatory has facilities that make it suitable for families with young children. For instance, the facility welcomes strollers and provides changing tables in the restrooms. Parents with young children can use the family restrooms, which are specifically designed to accommodate families. The Kids Explorer Program at One World Observatory is aimed at getting kids interested in the exhibits and educated about the history of the building in a way that they will enjoy.


When you buy a ticket to the One World Observatory, you also get access to the Kids Explorer Program at no extra cost. The Explorer’s Guide given to the kids is packed with interesting information, games, and other entertainment. Guided by the guide, kids can have a fun and educational time checking out the museum’s displays.

Family-Friendly Dining Options

At the One World Observatory, you can eat at a variety of restaurants that are suitable for the whole family. The 101st-floor cafe serves a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Salads, sandwiches, and entrees are available, as are kid-friendly dishes like chicken tenders and mac and cheese.


The One Dine restaurant, perched on the 101st floor, is ideal for families seeking a more refined dining experience while taking in the cityscape below. On the menu you’ll find a wide array of modern American dishes paired with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.


Ticket Options



Experience one of the most stunning views in the world with a Standard ticket to the One World Observatory. Get 360° access to panoramic sights of New York City that you’ll remember for a lifetime, all for just $44. Take advantage of their online discounts and make sure to book your ticket today! As soon as you step into this state-of-the-art facility, you will be greeted with some of the most extraordinary views that Manhattan has to offer from one of the world’s tallest buildings. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.



The One World Observatory combination ticket offers an experience that grants visitors unparalleled access to the breathtaking 360° views of New York City from the top of the tallest building in the western hemisphere. With one purchase, vacationers gain a priority lane and speedy entry into the observatory as well as their own digital Skyline Guide, making it easy to explore different panoramas. Moreover, when customers book reservations in advance online, they get a discount with this convenient package – allowing travelers to maximize their time and energy for sightseeing and other related activities in NYC.



Experience an amazing all-inclusive adventure at the One World Observatory and take in the incredible 360° views of New York City. With your ticket you get priority Lane access to security, elevators and exits, plus a Digital Skyline Guide to capture photos and stories of the most iconic skyline. You also have flexible arrival, and $15 credits to indulge at the café or bar, pick up a souvenir from the gift shop or just treat yourself for dinner. With so much included within one great ticket price, it’s easy to start planning your trip online and save even more!



The One World Observatory is an ideal destination for families and children traveling to New York City. Upon arriving at the observatory, kids can explore its interactive educational exhibits—including virtual “sky pods” with 3-D visuals and audio narrations of the incredible views—and take in renowned panoramic views of NYC from any of the three observation levels. Families traveling with young ones will also appreciate the kid-friendly amenities available, including stroller check-in and small comforts for weary feet like foot massagers. Plus, there are several family dining options to choose from, including a marketplace with all-day grab & go, an upscale stylish restaurant offering full meals, and a cafe serving light snacks and beverages—perfect for keeping everyone happy during your visit!

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