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Here at Emma Bridgewater, they strive to create items that improve people’s day-to-day experiences.
In 1984, Emma Bridgewater was born when she was unable to locate her mother a suitable birthday present.
It all started in 1984, when Emma had recently graduated from college and was working in London. She went shopping for her mother’s birthday gift one day. The two glasses and saucers were intended to be a “I love you” gift. ‘I long for you. She wandered into a china store in search of a set that would make her feel like she was back in her mother’s North Oxford home. The Great British High Street back then seemed to only sell things that were either delicate and formal or sturdy and distinctly unromantic. Emma had an instant flashback to the cabinet in her mom’s kitchen. She pictured it in this riot of colour and mismatched ceramics at the china store. The only way to make the dream a reality was for her to learn how to create china by hand. However, she had no clue how or where to begin looking.

Personalised Little Daffodils Medium Vase

The cheery golden daffodils inside a Personalised Little Daffodils Medium Vase with a thoughtful greeting are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
Their pottery is made and decorated by hand in a workshop in the English city of Stoke on Trent.
Because they hand-decorate all of their individualised ceramics, the design and writing on each item may vary slightly from piece to piece. Please double-check your spelling and capitalization before submitting your order, as they will be painted precisely as you type. (e.g. James, james, JAMES).

Personalised Little Daffodils Medium Vase – Emma Bridgewater US

Black Toast Set Of 2 Glass Flutes

Their Black Toast Set of 2 Glass Flutes is the perfect way to say “congratulations” or “cheers” to your favourite Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Bellini, or other sparkling wine drink enthusiast.
Their glasses are made of lead-free crystal and crafted by hand in a Polish area that has been employing age-old methods since 1923. Their Emma Bridgewater glassware is unique because of the care and precision with which each item is finished by hand, from the hand-turned moulds to the carefully sandblasted words.

Black Toast Set Of 2 Glass Flutes – Emma Bridgewater US

Black Toast Short Wooden Pillar Candleholder

The Black Toast Short Wooden Pillar Candleholder is the perfect addition to any room, adding a touch of rustic charm to your décor. Its sleek black finish adds a modern twist to its traditional shape, creating a beautiful contrast. Whether placed on a mantelpiece or dresser, this wooden candlestick will effortlessly draw the eye and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. For an even more striking effect, cluster several of these candleholders together and watch as their flickering flames create a stunning candlelit display.

Black Toast Short Wooden Pillar Candleholder – Emma Bridgewater UK

Wildflowers Embroidered 50x40cm Cushion

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with a stunning Wildflowers Embroidered 50x40cm Cushion. With intricate embroidery highlighting wildflowers in full bloom, this cushion will add a touch of natural elegance to any space. Whether you’re lounging on your punt, in need of some extra support on your sofa, or seeking a statement piece for your bedroom, this cushion is sure to impress. The delicate design is perfect for a light and airy look, while the plush feel will have you diving in for a cozy nap. Add a touch of nature to your indoor decor with the Wildflowers Embroidered 50x40cm Cushion.

Wildflowers Embroidered 50x40cm Cushion – Emma Bridgewater UK

Bluebells Small & Medium Jam Jars

Bring a touch of the great outdoors into your home with Bluebells Small & Medium Jam Jars. These charming pottery pieces are perfect for displaying delicate flowers picked during a leisurely stroll. Their handcrafted and hand-decorated design adds a touch of rustic beauty to any room. And with each piece made in Stoke on Trent, England, you’ll be supporting local artisans and keeping traditional craftsmanship alive. Don’t settle for generic vases when these lovely jam jars add a sweet touch of nature to your décor.

Bluebells Small & Medium Jam Jars – Emma Bridgewater UK

Why To Choose From Emma Bridgewater?

Emma Bridgewater is a one-of-a-kind English pottery company known for its eye-catching designs, rich hues, and heirloom-quality wares. Emma and her husband Matthew founded the business in 1985, and since then it has become known for producing high-quality goods that draw inspiration from their location near the River Thames. What makes Emma Bridgewater products so endearing is the fact that they are all made with such care by experienced artisans in a traditional Victorian-style factory. More than that, from breakfast sets to bathroom accessories, Emma’s trademark eccentricity shines through with eye-catching polka dots and cheerful hand-applied illustrations. With such a unique and interesting selection, a present from this quaint pottery shop is sure to be appreciated and remembered for a very long time.

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