Adults wanting to give their brain a challenging workout can dive into the endless possibilities of jigsaw puzzles. A seemingly simple activity where pieces have to be simply fitted in place, jigsaw puzzles can force people to think beyond spatial relations and requires them to use problem-solving skills as they piece together each fragment. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, At Buffalo Games, you can get puzzles from 500 pieces to 2000 piece sets with elaborate landscapes and optical illusions that keep adults focused for hours on end. With this fun activity, there’s no need for a cardboard box label with the warning: “for ages 12 and up” – adults over 18 can truly enjoy a few hours of quality puzzle time as well.


Jigsaw Puzzles at Buffalo Games

From their careful eye for quality and sustainable materials to their commitment to ensuring every piece in a Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle locks into place with a signature Perfect Snap™ technology, it’s clear why they are North America’s #1 player. Buffalo Games recognize the special bond formed between their customers and the puzzles and their sense of accomplishment that comes from putting one together, so they’ve created the highest quality puzzles just for you! And because they put such strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and have total confidence in their products, Buffalo Games offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What more proof could you need to choose Buffalo Games?


Puzzles on Sale

1. Charles Wysocki Olde Buck’s County

The Fall season is a beautiful time to enjoy the great outdoors, and with Buffalo Games’s “Olde Buck’s County” jigsaw puzzle by Charles Wysocki you can bring that beauty inside as well! For more than four decades Wysocki’s imaginative and colorful artwork has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Enjoy the cool crispness of a fall day in Bucks County, Pennsylvania as you search for fall favorites like apple butter, pumpkins, homemade root beer, fresh breads and more while piecing together this 300 large piece jigsaw. Never has Autumn Americana-style been depicted so beautifully. So grab your jigsaw today on sale at Buffalo Games and get puzzlin’!


2. Vivid Hummingbird Garden

A magnificent garden of vibrant wildflowers is the focus of Hummingbird Garden, the gorgeous new jigsaw puzzle from Buffalo Games’ Vivid Collection. Within this 1000-piece paradise lies a swirl of color and movement as vividly-hued hummingbirds and butterflies frolic and flutter among the flowers. Photography and artwork from around the world have been specially gathered to make up this incredibly dynamic image, which is now available at an unbeatable price – just $11.99! So why not treat yourself today to this brilliant jigsaw puzzle filled with colorful enchantment?


3. Aimee Stewart The Pirate Captain’s Dream

Everyone dreams of a life filled with pirates and adventure, but few can make that dream a reality. That’s why the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, “The Pirate Captain’s Dream” from Buffalo Games is such an amazing find! Featuring the artwork of Aimee Stewart – a self-taught artist who specializes in lush, electric digital painting and photo manipulation – this pirate fantasy has everything from gold to weaponry, offering hours of pirate loot-hunting fun. But that’s not all; there are 12 hidden images to discover while you piece it together! Now available at Buffalo Games for only $11.99, you don’t want to miss out on this brilliant opportunity to explore a pirate paradise!


4. Darrell Bush Morning Magic 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Morning Magic is a 300-large piece puzzle created by renowned artist Darrell Bush. The picture of an idyllic morning reveals two Adirondack chairs sitting lakeside, the golden morning sun rising from behind the tree line and cascading onto the still lake waters, and a boat full of supplies ready for a fishing trip. Every piece of this puzzle captures Bush’s exquisite luminescent quality, summoning the dreamy beauty of a misty morning along the shore. Bush’s remarkable work has been awarded by four national art publications naming him among America’s 12 most popular artists. Furthermore, he has also won two national stamp competitions for the state of Minnesota and Idaho making this puzzle a true work of art. Pick up your own Morning Magic at Buffalo Games today for only $8.80!


5. Aimee Stewart Family Campsite 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Aimee Stewart’s Family Campsite is a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle from Buffalo Games that celebrates the joy of family summer vacations. This vibrant painting is self-taught artist Stewart’s interpretation of an idyllic scene featuring a lakeside campsite full of all the luscious details that make a family getaway so enjoyable. It captures the ultimate summer day: a picnic lunch, some inner tubes for bear cub fun and plenty of food to share with the critters – including raccoons, squirrels and rabbits. The Family Campsite offers all this plus more for just $ 16.99 on sale at Buffalo Games. Grab this premium quality puzzle and relive your fondest campfire memories today!



Buffalo Games have been providing people with fun, exciting challenges, experiences and entertainment for over 30 years. They design a variety of puzzles, games and different types of arts and crafts that are suitable for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a simple brainteaser or something more ambitious like an escape room game, there’s something for everyone at Buffalo Games. As well as offering opportunities for imaginative play, the range of Buffalo Games also provide great learning experiences that can help younger children develop their motor skills, problem-solving strategies and many other important life skills. With popular titles from renowned artists like Jan van Haasteren and Disney classics such as Frozen II & Mickey Mouse; Buffalo Games is a great way to connect with family members, friends or just have some much-needed quality time.


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