Purchasing e-liquid could be perplexing at times. It is easy to get bewildered by the variety. So, to keep things simple, 88Vape have two varieties of 88Vape UK-made one-pound liquids: one with 70% PG and one with 50% PG and 50% VG. If you like a stronger throat hit and greater nicotine dosages in your e-liquid, PG 70% is the way to go. Coils with a resistance of 1.2 ohms to 2.0 ohms work well with this juice.

You may use 50/50 e-liquid with sub-ohm coils (i.e., less than 1.0ohm) in addition to the ones mentioned before; it’s significantly thicker. Because of this, it is compatible with the vast majority of vape devices. Compared to PG liquids, this kind of juice produces less throat punch but more vapour. Nicotine salts are also available in 88Vape 50/50 range. You won’t need to smoke as much of them since they come in the strongest nicotine strength (20 mg) and provide a stronger nicotine hit faster.

High Quality Ingredients Do 88Vape Use?

Nicotine is the sole component that is included in 88Vape one-pound e-liquids; the other components are PG, VG, flavourings, and nicotine. Food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade substances are included below. Aside from nicotine, you will very certainly already be consuming these other components on a regular basis since they are found in a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages. In addition, 88Vape vape liquids do not include any of the prohibited additives, such as diacetyl or pulegone.

What nicotine strength should I use?

The nicotine strength you need all depends on what your smoking habits are (or were!). There’s no hard and fast rule, so you’ll need to experiment.But as a rule of thumb, 88Vape recommend the following based on how cigarettes you smoke per day:15+ per day – 16mg to 20mg
10-15 per day – 11mg to 16mg
3-10 per day – 3mg to 6mg
1-2 per day – 1mg
0 – nicotine free

Menthol Chill

The Menthol Chill e-liquid is a testament to their commitment to delivering an exhilarating vaping experience. What sets this flavor apart is their daring approach to temperature and taste. 88Vape have meticulously crafted this e-liquid by lowering the temperature and amplifying the flavor, resulting in an icy blast that embodies the essence of coolness. It’s so intensely chilly that even their bottling team has jokingly requested scarves and gloves! With each puff, you’re greeted by a minty freshness that awakens your senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Due to its invigorating properties and the perfect balance of mint and cool, it has quickly risen to become their best-selling e-liquid. It’s ideal for those looking for an all-day vape that keeps them refreshed or for anyone wanting to add a frosty kick to their flavor mix.

Rolling Leaf Tobacco

The exquisite Rolling Leaf Tobacco e-liquid caters to the discerning tastes of ex-smokers, perfectly capturing the essence of a hand-rolled cigarette without the cumbersome effort it usually requires. Crafted for those who cherish the robust, toasted tang associated with traditional tobacco, this e-liquid stands out for its full-bodied and rich flavor profile. It’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking a seamless transition from smoking to vaping, offering the familiar baccy taste devoid of the harmful chemicals found in conventional cigarettes. This makes the Rolling Leaf Tobacco e-liquid not just a healthier alternative but a flavorful journey back to the essence of smoking, without the health risks.


88Fusion stands as a testament to the innovative blending of flavors, seamlessly marrying the sweet, juicy essence of red grapes with the invigorating rush of menthol and the rich, complex undertones of star anise. This bestseller, available in nicotine strengths ranging from 1mg to 18mg, embodies the heart of the 88Vape brand, presenting a signature flavor that is both bold and unique. The interplay of just three distinct flavors crafts an experience that is difficult to deconstruct; the ripe red grapes offer a sweet burst, quickly accompanied by a menthol breeze that refreshes and cleanses the palate. Yet, it is the star anise that transforms 88Fusion into a juggernaut of taste, infusing it with a depth that echoes the warmth of liquorice and the intrigue of aniseed. Together, these elements fuse into a taste sensation that is memorable, making 88Fusion not just an e-liquid, but an aromatic voyage that tantalizes and satisfies with every inhale.

Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Strawberry e-liquid emerges as the quintessential choice for enthusiasts craving the lush, vibrant taste of fresh strawberries. Meticulously crafted to capture Britain’s most beloved fruit flavour, this vape juice is a testament to the dedication that went into perfecting its profile. Offering a broad spectrum of nicotine strengths, ranging from a subtle 1mg to a robust 16mg, it caters to diverse preferences, ensuring every puff delivers the desired hit with an abundance of fruity essence. Ideal for those warm summer days where a juicy strawberry becomes the fruit of choice (with a nod to tennis spectators) or serving as a delightful after-dinner treat, Sweet Strawberry isn’t just an e-liquid; it’s a celebration of one of the UK’s largest vape brands’ commitment to quality, embodying all the sweet, tangy nuances a strawberry aficionado would anticipate.

Red Cola

Who doesn’t love a bit of fizzy pop? Somewhere between a cola bottle sweet and a cold can of the real thing, their updated formula Cola flavour e-liquid is perfect for those of us who can’t resist a nice cold soda pop. At 88Vape, they love getting creative, and this fan favourite is like digging into a pack of cola bottle sweets – without the sugar. The best part is that this sugar-free e-liquid is far less likely to give you cavities than sipping on a two-litre bottle of cola all day. It’s got all of the flavours without anything that’ll make your dentist tear his hair out!

Buy one pound e-liquid and get free UK delivery

For vaping enthusiasts looking for great deals, 88Vape special offer is unbeatable. When you buy fifteen £1 bottles of e-liquid, you’re not just stocking up on your favorite flavors; you’re also entitled to free UK delivery. That’s right, for just 15 pounds, you can explore an array of delicious e-liquid flavors and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered swiftly to your doorstep, at no additional cost. They’re committed to enhancing your vaping experience, providing value for money, and ensuring satisfaction with every purchase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the vaping revolution and make the most of their exceptional offer. Shop today and take the first step towards a more enjoyable and cost-effective vaping journey.

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