Raise your glass without the buzz with SENTIA’s neat and signature drinks. Gone are the days of bland and boring non-alcoholic options. With SENTIA, you’ll experience rich and complex flavors that elevate every moment. Don’t just take their word for it, SENTIA drinks are expertly blended by bartenders and backed by science. Dive into the world of sophisticated serves and experience SENTIA for yourself. It’s time to discover a new way to enjoy a drink without compromising on taste or experience.


The perfect way to savor SENTIA is in the comfort of a warm rocks glass. Filled with 25-35ml of SENTIA straight, the unique liquid offers a direct experience that you won’t want to miss out on. With every sip, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the intricate flavors and aromas that make SENTIA stand out from other spirits. This is not a drink to be rushed – take your time and savor every moment as you indulge in the rich, smooth taste of SENTIA. Trust them, your taste buds will thank you.


There’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted cocktail to elevate an evening, and the SENTIA signature is no exception. This delightful drink is incredibly easy to make and showcases the full spectrum of flavours SENTIA has to offer. Simply pour 25ml of SENTIA into a convex rocks glass with ice, top it off with 75ml of premium tonic, and add a fresh orange wedge to finish. This simple yet ingenious recipe is sure to tantalize your taste buds and provide a sensational drinking experience. Give it a try and let the unforgettable aroma and taste of SENTIA transport you to an exotic location.


The SENTIA Negroni is not your average cocktail – it’s a perfect balance of bitter, sweet and sour flavors that’s sure to get your taste buds dancing. Start by pouring 25-35ml of SENTIA over ice in a rocks glass. Then, add 25ml of Monin Bitter and give it a good stir. The result is a smooth and delicious drink that’s as strong as it is tasty. But the real showstopper? The burnt orange peel finish. As soon as you add it to the glass, the citrusy aroma will fill the room, making every sip an unforgettable experience. Cheers to the SENTIA Negroni – a cocktail that’s equal parts sophisticated and delicious.


Introducing the SENTIA Sour – a deliciously balanced cocktail that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. With a combination of 25ml SENTIA, 25ml lemon juice, 15ml agave, and 3 drops of grapefruit bitters, this cocktail offers a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors. What’s more, the best part is that no foamer is required, making this a quick and easy recipe for any bartender. Simply finish it off with some ice, shake it up, sieve it, and add a grapefruit twist for a refreshing finish. Trust them, this cocktail is a crowd-pleaser and the perfect way to showcase SENTIA’s versatility and complexity.


If you’re looking for a refreshing drink this summer, try the SENTIA Mojito. This cocktail is perfect for those hot afternoons lounging by the pool. With only four ingredients, it’s easy to make and even easier to sip. To start, muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves, one teaspoon of sugar, and two lime wedges together in a 250ml highball glass. Next, pour in 25ml of SENTIA over crushed ice. Finish off the drink with a splash of soda, a good stir, and a few more sprigs of mint. Enjoy the crisp, cool taste of this classic cocktail.


The SENTIA Passionfruit Martini brings a touch of sophistication to the classic cocktail. This stylish drink is as mouth-watering as it is visually captivating, served in a sleek 150ml coupe glass. With the perfect blend of 30ml SENTIA, 25ml passionfruit puree, 20ml lime, and 10ml vanilla syrup, this martini is sure to impress. To top it off, 30ml of soda and a half passionfruit are added to give the drink a refreshing finish. Sip on this exquisite and authentic cocktail to add a touch of elegance to any evening.


SENTIA SUN is a tropical drink that is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Packed with the goodness of grapefruit and lime juice blended with passion fruit puree, this drink is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. And with the addition of SENTIA, it offers a unique twist that sets it apart from other tropical drinks. Served in a 250ml highball glass over ice, this drink is best served after a long day in the sun. The soda on top adds an extra bit of fizz, while the passion fruit half packs in even more flavor. So, why not try SENTIA SUN the next time you’re looking to add some tropical flavor to your life?

About Sentia Spirits

David has been studying the effects of alcohol for over 40 years, making him a leading expert in the field. With the goal of providing adult social drinkers with more options, David co-founded GABA Labs.

As a result of this ground-breaking research, Sentia is the pioneering consumer-facing brand. Vanessa, a botanical alchemist and plant craft expert, creates SENTIA’s decadent sensory experience by combining the secret GABA Labs blend with exotic ingredients sourced from fair trade and wild farms throughout the globe.

As a species, SENTIA  are social beings at their core, and many of their most formative social experiences revolve around alcohol.

That feeling you get when your first drink hits the place where you can relax, let your guard down, and have meaningful conversations?

SENTIA was created so that you can hold into that very moment. Gathering together is the next generation of conscientious drinkers’ go-to beverages for a good time.

We want all that alcohol has to offer, but without the alcohol, therefore SENTIA  created an alcohol alternative that tastes excellent and works well, perfect for sophisticated hedonists who want to enjoy themselves in a social setting.

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