An important part of achieving a successful workout routine is making sure you have comfortable and stylish workout gear. Having the right clothes allows you to move naturally and comfortably, without any restrictions or discomfort. Not only can that kind of clothing help to prevent injuries during exercise, it can also give you improved confidence and motivation. Even when the task ahead seems impossible, the right fit can make you feel more empowered and ready for the challenge. On top of that, fashionable workout gear helps keep your mindset positive, so you’re able to enjoy your workout instead of dreading it. With a complete set of high quality and fashionable activewear in your wardrobe, there should be no hurdles between you and achieving your fitness goals.



Montirex is bringing boldness and breathability with their brand new women’s collection. From striking windbreaker jackets to sports bras that offer the ultimate comfortable protection, the latest range from Montirex has something for everyone to feel and look good in. Perfect for heading outdoors on a chillier day, you can find lightweight outerwear and leggings that give both form and function – ventilation panels for extra breathability, adjustable hoods and vibrant colourways combine to create pieces that bring out your every activity. Plus, take note of the reflective logos for a touch of edginess when you’re on the go. Whatever your style or workout wardrobe needs are, Montirex has it all covered this season.


1. Women’s Speed Windbreaker

Invest in an iconic piece of outerwear with the Speed women’s windbreaker jacket from Montirex! Not only is it lightweight and breathable, but its reflective detailing and adjustable hood will keep you safe throughout your day. It’s also weather-resistant and made from 100% polyester for long-lasting durability. Choose from three amazing colors – navy/blue, periwinkle/cadet grey, or black – for a look that’ll take you from outdoor activities to more dressy occasions with ease. Look fashionable and protected when you add this stylish windbreaker to your wardrobe!


2. Women’s Pace 1/4 Zip

The Women’s 1/4 zip sweatshirt from Montirex is the perfect piece for your workout wardrobe. Featuring a classic fit for full coverage, it’s ideal for outdoor wear or colder temperatures. Not only is the fabric stretchy and supportive, but it can also help keep you visible with its reflective logo. Designed with raglan sleeves and thumb hole detail for a stylish and comfortable fit, this top is conveniently machine washable in four versatile colors: black, midnight blue, cadet grey, and jade. With so many features, this sweatshirt checks all the boxes – get yours today!


3. Women’s Trail 2.0 1/4 Zip

Whether you’re tackling trails or chilling at home, the Montirex Women’s Trail 2.0 1/4 Zip is made for comfort and convenience. With a stand-up collar to resist the chill, full length sleeves and breathable fabric, you won’t have to worry about the weather again. The regular fit lets you move easily no matter what activity you’re doing, while 9 different colors including pink, purple, blue and green give you plenty of stylish options. a Reflective branding details add an extra touch and you don’t even have to worry about washing as it’s machine washable! The Trail top is ideal for keeping active without compromising on comfort.


4. Women’s Pace Sports Bra

When it comes to comfort and support for your workout, the Women’s Pace Sports Bra by Montirex is a must-have. This bra provides classic fit with high stretch material for effortless movement, removable cups for versatile wear, reflective branding for stylish touch, and machine washability for easy care. Available in seven colors ranging from blue and jade to grey, there’s something to suit everyone’s style. Get ready to move those muscles with confidence and look great while doing it!


5. Women’s Trail 2.0 T-Shirt

Whether you are out for a run or lifting weights in the gym, Montirex’s Trail 2.0 Women’s Sports T-Shirts are perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Crafted with lightweight materials, this t-shirt is designed with an easy-to-wear regular fit and classic crew neckline. Plus, there is a reflective logo placed on the t-shirt so you will remain visible in low light settings – ideal for those evening workouts! Feel comfortable no matter the activity and team these shirts with your favorite leggings, joggers or shorts. Perfectly stylish and ultra-durable as well since they can easily be machine washed.


Best sportswear clothing for men and women

Montirex is revolutionizing the apparel industry with their cutting edge sportswear clothing. Their designs range from casual everyday wear to functional workout gear, ensuring versatility and a vast selection to choose from. Every piece is designed with comfort and style in mind, providing quality pieces no matter a person’s preference or lifestyle. The material used in Montirex sportswear is not just stylish but also durable, making them ideal for activities like running, yoga, biking, and weightlifting – proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. With Montirex sportswear, men and women can stay comfy and look great!

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