The unique storage beds from MattressNextDay can completely revamp your bedroom, turning it into a peaceful haven with all the necessary organisation. In addition to promising a restful night’s sleep, these mattresses also include clever storage options, making them ideal for anyone who likes a space free of clutter. They are the best option for getting the most out of your bedroom space because they conceal plenty of storage for clothes, bedding, and other necessities within their fashionable frames. Find out how to sleep in elegance while maintaining a peaceful and organised personal environment with MattressNextDay.

Birlea Hannover Steel Crushed Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed

The Birlea Hannover Steel Crushed Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed is the quintessence of both form and function, presenting a voguish statement alongside a pragmatic solution for maintaining an organized sleeping space. Clad in a luxurious steel-colored crushed velvet fabric, this bed exudes sophistication and comfort with its plush texture that is agreeable to the touch. The design is elevated by its cushioned, geometrically pleasing square headboard and a compatible footend, adding a touch of elegance to any bedroom aesthetic. Beneath its stylish exterior lies a practical sprung slatted base, known for augmenting the comfort level of your mattress, and with the aid of gas pistons, it effortlessly unveils a capacious storage compartment. This hidden under-bed area offers an unobtrusive solution for stowing away linens, clothing, or any bedroom essentials, thereby creating a tidy and clutter-free environment.


  • Luxurious Material: Crafted in a steel-colored crushed velvet fabric, providing both a sophisticated look and a plush texture that enhances the bed’s overall comfort.
  • Elegant Design: Features a cushioned, square headboard and a matching footend, which together contribute to the bed’s modern and stylish aesthetic, perfect for any bedroom.
  • Practicality and Comfort: Incorporates a sprung slatted base that not only supports the mattress for a restful sleep but also improves the lifespan and comfort of your mattress.
  • Efficient Storage Solution: Equipped with a spacious under-bed storage compartment, accessible through an easy-lift mechanism supported by gas pistons, to keep your bedroom essentials neatly organized and out of sight.
  • Durability and Support: Built to last, the bed’s sturdy construction ensures long-term durability and support, making it a valuable addition to your bedroom furniture collection.

Birlea Loxley Grey Ottoman Bed

The Birlea Loxley Grey Ottoman Bed marries elegance with practicality, creating a centerpiece in any bedroom that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Its sophisticated design, highlighted by the captivating grey buttoned headboard, adds a touch of luxury, while the ingeniously integrated ottoman storage solution offers a substantial space-saving advantage. The bed’s base, easily elevated with gas-lift pistons, reveals an ample storage area perfect for tucking away seasonal attire, extra bedding, or personal items, thereby maintaining a clutter-free environment. Supported by chic, natural light wooden feet, the bed’s elevation not only contributes to the room’s aesthetic but also promotes air flow, enhancing the mattress’s longevity. The inclusion of sprung slats further adds to this bed’s appeal, providing superior mattress support and ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Crafted with high-quality, light grey fabric, the Birlea Loxley Ottoman Bed stands out not just for its stylish appearance but for its comforting, soft-to-touch finish, promising not just a bed, but a haven.


  • Elegant Design: Features a captivating grey buttoned headboard that adds a luxurious touch to any bedroom.
  • Ottoman Storage Solution: Offers integrated, spacious storage beneath the sleeping area, easily accessible with gas-lift pistons, ideal for stowing away seasonal clothing, extra bedding, and more.
  • Enhanced Air Flow: Supported by chic, natural light wooden feet, allowing for better air circulation around the bed to help extend mattress life.
  • Superior Mattress Support: Incorporates sprung slats that provide excellent support for the mattress, contributing to a more comfortable, restful sleep.
  • High-Quality Fabric: Crafted with a soft-to-touch, light grey fabric, offering both style and comfort to ensure the bed is not just furniture but a haven in the bedroom.

Time Living Brunswick Sand Ottoman Bed Frame

The Time Living Brunswick Sand Ottoman Bed Frame isn’t just a solution to your cluttered bedroom woes; it’s a stylish addition that elevates the aesthetics of your sleeping space. The sand-colored fabric, adorned with chic chrome stud accents and boasting an elegantly high headboard, infuses a sense of refined luxury into your bedroom decor. Beyond its visual appeal, this bed frame offers a pragmatic approach to storage, allowing you to stow away seasonal clothing, keepsakes, and even children’s toys out of sight but within easy reach. Thanks to a clever hydraulic mechanism, accessing the ample under-bed storage is effortless—simply lift the base from the side. Additionally, the bed features sprung slats that not only support your mattress but also enhance its flexibility, promoting optimal pressure relief for a restful night’s sleep. This combination of form, function, and comfort makes the Time Living Brunswick Sand Ottoman Bed Frame a worthwhile investment for a tidy, stylish, and inviting bedroom.


  • Sand-Colored Fabric with Chrome Stud Accents: Adds a touch of refined luxury and style to any bedroom.
  • High Headboard Design: Provides a chic and elegant aesthetic, elevating the room’s decor.
  • Ample Under-Bed Storage: Offers a practical solution for decluttering, ideal for storing seasonal clothing, keepsakes, and toys.
  • Effortless Hydraulic Mechanism: Enables easy access to storage space with a simple lift of the base.
  • Sprung Slats System: Supports the mattress, enhancing its flexibility and promoting better pressure relief for a comfortable sleep.
  • Aesthetic and Practical: Marries form and function, making it a great addition to any bedroom for a tidy, stylish, and serene atmosphere.

Owen White Wooden Storage Bed

The Owen White Wooden Storage Bed stands as a pinnacle of functional design and aesthetic appeal, designed meticulously to blend into the modern bedroom while addressing the common challenge of storage. With its robust construction of solid pine and engineered wood, coated in a serene white finish, this bed invites a sense of calm and tidiness into any room. The inclusion of a bookcase headboard is a thoughtful touch, allowing for the display of personal items and nighttime reading materials, thus combining convenience with personalized style. The bed’s innovative design extends to a sizable pull-out drawer, providing an ingenious solution for space management and reducing clutter. This feature, coupled with the bed’s solid slatted base, not only enhances the room’s appearance but also promotes a comfortable night’s sleep, benefiting users of all ages with its sturdy support.


  • Solid Pine and Engineered Wood Construction: Guarantees durability and long-lasting use, providing sturdy support for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Serene White Finish: Adds a sense of calm and tidiness to the bedroom, easily complementing a wide range of decor styles.
  • Bookcase Headboard: A thoughtful addition that allows the display of personal items and nighttime reading materials, offering both convenience and a touch of personal style.
  • Sizable Pull-Out Drawer: An innovative storage solution designed to maximize space efficiency and minimize clutter in the bedroom.
  • Solid Slatted Base: Enhances the bed’s appearance and ensures a comfortable sleeping experience by offering reliable support.

Ella Wooden Storage Bed

The Ella Wooden Storage Bed transcends traditional bedroom furniture by combining modern design with practical storage solutions, making it a sublime choice for those grappling with limited space. Available exclusively from BedNextDay, this bed is not just a place to sleep but a multifaceted storage unit cleverly designed to maximize the utility of your bedroom without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether you opt for the chic white & grey combination or the pristine all-white version, the Ella bed is poised to elevate the look of any bedroom. Its foot end and headboard aren’t just for show; they double as additional storage for books, blankets, and beyond, with the headboard featuring two conveniently placed drawers for nighttime essentials. Below, the bed frame cleverly hides additional under-bed space ready to be outfitted with up to two optional Ella Drawers, ensuring that your bedroom stays clutter-free. Integrating convenience with style, the Ella Wooden Storage Bed by BedNextDay is indeed a sophisticated solution to the modern dilemma of space and storage in the bedroom.


  • Modern Design: Combines contemporary aesthetics with functional design, suitable for any bedroom decor.
  • Practical Storage Solutions: Offers multiple storage options including headboard drawers and optional under-bed drawers to keep your space tidy.
  • Versatile Color Options: Available in a chic white & grey combination or an elegant all-white version, catering to diverse tastes and room themes.
  • Multifunctional Headboard and Foot End: Serves as additional storage for books, blankets, and other essentials, maximizing the use of every inch of the bed.
  • Space Efficiency: The design focuses on maximizing the utility of the bedroom space without compromising on beauty or functionality.
  • Exclusivity: Available exclusively from BedNextDay, ensuring a unique addition to your bedroom furniture collection.

Ariana White Ottoman Storage Bed

The Ariana White Ottoman Storage Bed from BedNextDay epitomizes the perfect blend of modern sophistication and unparalleled functionality, making it a standout choice for those aiming to enhance their bedroom’s aesthetics while optimizing storage. With its innovative design, this bedframe revolutionizes bedroom organization through a storage headboard and a commodious under-bed compartment. The incorporation of a powerful hydraulic piston mechanism simplifies lifting the mattress base, providing effortless access to the ample storage space underneath. Meanwhile, the bookcase-style shelving in the headboard offers a unique solution for keeping essentials within reach, adding an extra layer of convenience. Adorned in a pristine white finish, the Ariana bed seamlessly adapts to any decor style, allowing individual tastes to shine through and create a personalized retreat.


  • Innovative Storage Headboard: The Ariana White Ottoman Storage Bed includes a clever bookcase-style shelving in the headboard, perfect for storing books, decor, or essentials, keeping them within arm’s reach.
  • Ample Under-Bed Storage: A spacious compartment beneath the bed provides extensive storage, ideal for bedding, seasonal clothes, or items infrequently used, effectively maximizing bedroom space.
  • Hydraulic Piston Mechanism: Equipped with a powerful hydraulic piston, the bed allows for smooth and easy lifting of the mattress base, guaranteeing hassle-free access to the under-bed storage.
  • Sophisticated White Finish: The bed’s pristine white finish offers a sleek and modern look, making it versatile enough to complement any bedroom decor and allowing for personalization.
  • Optimized Bedroom Organization: Through its unique design, the Ariana White Ottoman Storage Bed offers a solution to declutter and organize your bedroom, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Birlea Sienna Steel Crushed Velvet Side Ottoman Bed

The Birlea Sienna Steel Crushed Velvet Side Ottoman Bed stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of modern aesthetics, functional design, and luxurious comfort. Upholstered in the highest quality crushed velvet, this bed exudes a soft, radiant sheen that lights up the bedroom, while also feeling sumptuous to the touch. The elegance of the velvet is further accentuated by the gracefully curved rolled headboard and footend, along with the sophisticated button tufted detailing that forms a mesmerizing diamond pattern, infusing a sense of grandeur into any space. Beyond its visual appeal, the bed incorporates a practical side ottoman mechanism, utilizing powerful gas pistons for easy lifting. This reveals an ample storage space beneath the sprung slatted base, which not only supports the mattress for enhanced comfort but also ensures a clutter-free environment. The design’s thoughtful side opening feature guarantees convenient access to the storage area, regardless of the bedroom’s layout, making it a perfect embodiment of style meeting functionality.


  • High-Quality Crushed Velvet Upholstery: The bed features top-tier crushed velvet that offers both a visually stunning appearance and a luxurious feeling to the touch.
  • Elegant Design: Showcases a gracefully curved rolled headboard and footend, enhanced with sophisticated button tufted detailing in a diamond pattern, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to any bedroom.
  • Practical Side Ottoman Storage: Equipped with a side ottoman mechanism supported by strong gas pistons for effortless lifting, revealing significant under-bed storage space for a neat and organized sleeping area.
  • Sprung Slatted Base: Incorporates a sprung slatted base that not only provides superior mattress support for a comfortable night’s sleep but also improves mattress lifespan and ventilation.
  • Easy Access Storage: The thoughtful side opening feature of the ottoman ensures convenient access to storage, making it an ideal choice for optimizing space in any bedroom layout.

Where can I buy cheap bed frames?

You may choose from a wide variety of affordable bed frames at MattressNextDay, from the more modest conventional single bed to a king-size ottoman bed and beyond. You can sleep in style with any of their trendy and reasonably priced designs, no matter what room you’re furnishing. MattressNextDay  back all of their bed frames and mattresses with at least a 12-month warranty, and on some models, they even provide an extra 5-year guarantee. Standard next-day delivery is free of charge and available countrywide. If you’re looking for a new mattress, MattressNextDay has the greatest selection online.

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