Currensea’s innovative approach to international money transfers is revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses handle currency exchange. By eliminating the hefty bank fees typically associated with foreign transactions, Currensea offers a more economical and transparent solution. For all cardholders, transferring funds to EUR, USD, PLN, and HUF bank accounts incurs a minimal flat fee of just 0.5%. This straightforward and low-cost fee structure not only simplifies the financial process but also ensures that users retain more of their money when conducting transactions across borders.

0.5% flat fee on all money transfers!

Introducing Currensea new streamlined money transfer service, designed with simplicity and transparency at its core. With the same interbank exchange rate you already enjoy with your Currensea travel debit card, their service now offers an incredibly low flat fee of just 0.5% on all transactions. This means you can send funds ranging from £100 to £20,000 directly from your UK bank account to accounts in EUR, PLN, HUF, or USD swiftly and without hidden costs. For existing Currensea cardholders, managing transfers has never been easier; simply log into your account via the app, use Currensea convenient money transfer calculator to preview your transaction, and proceed with confidence. Click the button below to start sending money the smarter way.

How to use Currensea’s Money Transfer

  • Login to your Currensea account

To access your Currensea funds, go to your dashboard, hit the “More” tab, and finally, choose the “Money Transfe” option.

  • How much do you want to send?

Just tell them how many British pounds you want to send in euros, dollars, Polish zlotys, or Hungarian forints, and Currensea ‘ll give you a good idea of how much the recipient will get and how much you’ll have to spend.

  • Choose which account to transfer funds from

The funds will be sent from the bank account you provide when you link it to Currensea. You will be given the chance to choose the account from which you want to transfer money if you have connected several accounts.

  • Let them know who you want to transfer money to

You may pick someone from the recipient list that you already have, or you can add a new recipient in EUR, USD, PLN, or HUF by following the instructions. Alternatively, you can choose someone from the receiving list that you already have.

  • Currensea send the funds

When you receive money on a weekday before 9 p.m., it will be forwarded to you the next working day for you to receive. On the other hand, any funds that are received during the course of the weekend need to be distributed on the Tuesday that follows.

What are the available currencies for sending money?

At the present, customers of Currensea have the ability to transfer money from their bank account in the United Kingdom to an account in either EU, USD, PLN, or HUF. There are presently just these currencies that are supported by the Currensea money transfer service; however, other currencies will be added in the near future.

When I’m overseas, why can’t I fund my UK bank account?

Currensea accounts are only compatible with bank accounts that are domiciled in the United Kingdom since Currensea operates using open banking technologies. You are able to transfer money to accounts in foreign currencies such as USD, EUR, PLN, and HUF; but, you are unable to send money from outside to your bank account in the United Kingdom at this time.

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