Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon

The most ultra-thin earbuds ever designed for the most comfortable night’s sleep—the Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon. With their cutting-edge noise-masking capabilities and exclusive audio fade-out technology, these revolutionary headphones provide a peaceful night’s sleep every night. If you want to feel revitalised first thing in the morning, every morning, then you need to make sure that your Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon are a part of your nightly routine. With the Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon, you can finally say farewell to sleeplessness and hello to a more rejuvenating night’s sleep.

What’s in the box

  • Philips Sleep Headphones + Carry Case
  • 12-month Kokoon Premium App Access

What makes Philips Sleep Headphones special?

The built-in sensors allow you to track the length and quality of your sleep, which the app then uses. Clinical studies have shown a correlation between physiological, psychological, and emotional stress, and this sensor can detect your heart rate and its variability by applying an infrared light to your skin. The Kokoon app takes all of this data and uses it to provide you with a daily report on your sleep, including details like how long you slept and how well you slept.

The Kokoon App – Your Perfect Sleep Companion

Introducing the Kokoon App, your perfect sleep companion, designed to elevate your sleep experience to new heights. With an expansive audio library offering a diverse range of sounds, there’s something for everyone, ensuring a personalized and soothing sleep environment. Utilizing biometric sleep sensors and advanced noise-masking technology, the app intuitively adapts to your sleep patterns, automatically adjusting audio levels and introducing tranquil masking noise to promote uninterrupted rest throughout the night. Take control of your sleep journey with the app’s comprehensive sleep tracking feature, providing valuable insights into your sleep trends and helping you discover the audio that works best for you. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to deep, rejuvenating sleep with the Kokoon App—a game-changer in the pursuit of better sleep.


With Adaptive Audio, the Kokoon app empowers you to indulge in your favorite relaxation audio from anywhere, ensuring tranquility and serenity wherever you go. Integrated with Philips Sleep Headphones equipped with advanced sleep sensors, the system seamlessly detects your transition into sleep, automatically fading and turning off your audio to facilitate a seamless and uninterrupted slumber experience. Say goodbye to disturbances and hello to a restful night’s sleep with Adaptive Audio—your key to unwavering relaxation and rejuvenation.

Size & Specifications

  • Designed for sleep comfort – Philips Sleep Headphones weigh just 4 grams (about the same as 4 paper clips!).
  • The curved control unit is designed to sit at the nape of the neck – making it undetectable when laying on your back.

30-Night Better Sleep Guarantee

Experience the assurance of their 30-Night Better Sleep Guarantee—a testament to their commitment to your sleep satisfaction. With confidence in both Kokoon product and dedicated sleep support team, they guarantee that you’ll enjoy the perfect night’s slumber with Nightbuds. However, if for any reason you find yourself not experiencing the restful sleep you deserve within the first 30 days, simply return your Nightbuds for a full refund. Terms & Conditions Apply. Rest easy knowing that your sleep experience is their top priority, backed by their  unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

4 steps to a better night’s sleep

What works to help you get to sleep and relax is something that is unique to you. The solution that “one size fits all” does not exist. In order to provide you with the best possible sleep experience, Kokoon collaborates with you, your body, and your surroundings.


A set of Philips Sleep Headphones should be obtained.


Please finish filling up your online sleep profile and download the Kokoon app.


When you pair your headphones with the app, you will have the option of selecting either your personal sleep audio or ours.


As you begin to drift off to sleep, they begin to fade your audio and then inject coloured noise to cover up any interruptions.


How about you try using noise cancellation?

Since noise masking is more successful at protecting sleep, Kokoon uses it instead of active noise cancellation.
Noise masking adds ambient sound to all audio frequencies. This ambient music masks exterior noises, allowing them to relax and sleep. Noise masking is more effective than active noise cancellation at protecting their sleep and relaxation when done properly.

This is because it allows their hearing to naturally respond to sounds without being disturbed, rather than fighting sound to reach silence. They recommend taking time to choose the right-sized earbud sleeves to create a better seal in the ear, limit airflow, improve audio, and eliminate disruptions.

How reliable are the Philips Sleep Headphones?

Of course! View their video testimonials and read their evaluations to find out for yourself. Located at the base of the neck, the control unit is so small—just 7 cm wide—that it is hardly noticeable even when you sleep. Because they are the tiniest on the market, their earbuds sit flat against the ear and provide all-day comfort.

Are my headphones okay to wear to bed?

In a heartbeat! Their headphones are made with sleep in mind, which sets them apart from the competition. Throughout the night, you can move freely and comfortably because of the cable design.

What is the average lifespan of the battery?

With a full charge, the Philips Sleep Headphones can keep on rocking for up to eleven hours.

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