Monopoly Lifesized is an immersive, physical version of the world’s favourite family game brand that is played on a lifesized Monopoly board that is 15 metres by 15 metres and is located in the centre of London.

Take part in one-of-a-kind competitions to earn points towards the purchase of real estate. Try your hand at pulling off a robbery in Mayfair, race against the clock to construct some of London’s most famous buildings, unravel a puzzling murder mystery, or immerse yourself in the world of codebreakers. All of these activities will provide you with an exhilarating experience.

As you move around the life-sized board, you will need to complete escape room-style problems in order to earn as much money as possible. These objectives will require you to build houses, collect rent, break out of jail, and even take control of London’s waterworks.

When you schedule your experience with Monopoly Lifesized, you will have the option of choosing from four fascinating editions: Luxury, City, Classic, and Classic Own It All. Discover more about these boards and the game’s mechanics by reading the following:

How It Works?

When you order your tickets, you will have the option of selecting from one of four amazing Monopoly Lifesized boards. The gameplay is precisely the same across all of the other boards (there are no additional rules to learn!) However, the topics and tasks will change, providing you the opportunity to take part in the competition once more.

When you get to their magnificent stadium, the helpful team of staff members will greet you by scanning your tickets and checking you in for the game. Following that, you will be brought to their gameplay briefing area, which is where your Monopoly Lifesized experience will get underway!

Let’s start with an introduction to the man behind the Monopoly board game. He will introduce you to your teammates and the opposing team. Each team will have a maximum of 6 members, and there will be 4 teams total. He’ll also introduce you to the in-game character who will act as your guide. You will be led upstairs to your playing board after a briefing and explanation of the regulations. Get ready to play!

You’ll have some time to soak in your new surroundings as the clock ticks down to zero and you enter the playing field for the first time. When the clock hits zero, play can begin! When it’s your turn to act, you’ll toss a die and take the resulting action. If the land you land on is unclaimed, you may be able to purchase it. However, since this is the real world, there may be additional hurdles to clear before you can actually make the purchase. While the rest of the team watches from outside the property, a few members will enter through a door not on the board and complete a brief challenge while inside. If you are able to complete the task, you will be awarded the property and the property card. If not, the other teams will bid on it at an auction and perhaps take it.

If it isn’t your turn to roll the dice, you can still take a strategic action by using a Chance Card. Taking out a Community Chest Card is one option, as is managing your finances or constructing a home on land you already own (though this is easier said than done). It’s up to you to decide. You’ll need a strategic approach if you want to maximise your earnings from your houses and cards.

You’ll need the specific skills of certain properties in your quest to become the world’s greatest capitalist. You can keep your opponents from moving around the board by charging them money to use the trains, and you can control the city’s energy, water, and internet connections by placing utility squares in strategic locations. Keep in mind that you’ll need to break out of jail if you want to avoid paying bail.

After eighty frantic, exhilarating, and exasperating minutes, during which there were more highs and lows than the stock market, the ultimate winner will be announced, and they will be able to bask in their triumph. As soon as you have gained the praise of your rivals, you will be free to make your way back to the restaurant to reward yourself with some well-deserved refreshments.

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