All of Tech21‘s covers for the iPhone 15 were created with innovation in mind, featuring multifunctionality, MagSafe compatibility, and improved camera protection across the board. Tech21 are working on designing the most cutting-edge iPhone 15 cases possible, including waste-responsible materials as well as intelligently imbedded material innovations. Tech21 selection of cases for the iPhone 15 ranges from crystal clear to bold and brilliant, and each one is certain to provide you with substance, style, and protection for your device.

Evo Clear – Apple iPhone 15 Case

Introducing the Evo Clear iPhone 15 case – a perfect way to show off your stylish device while keeping it protected. With its 12ft multi-drop impact protection and smart UV-resistant agents, you can have peace of mind knowing your phone is in good hands. This case is also over 60% biodegradable, thanks to the sustainable bio-spice ingredient used in its design. What’s even better is that it’s fully MagSafe© compatible, so you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for looks. With self-healing scratch-resistant materials and raised camera protection bevels, you can be sure your lenses are in good hands too. Get the best of both worlds with the Evo Clear – protecting your phone and the planet!

Evo Crystal Kick – Apple iPhone 15 Case

Are you looking for a phone case that does more than just protect your phone? Look no further than the Evo Crystal Kick for your Apple iPhone 15. With its multiple functions, you can go handsfree and use it as a gaming display or set it up for a Teams call. And with its FlexShock™ multi-drop impact protection, your phone will be safe from drops and bumps. But that’s not all – this case is also eco-friendly, with a sustainable bio-spice ingredient that makes it over 60% biodegradable. Plus, its full MagSafe© compatibility means you can easily attach it to your other Apple devices. With enhanced camera protection and a range of stylish colorways, the Evo Crystal Kick is truly design innovation at its best.

Evo Lite – Apple iPhone 15 Case – Orange

The Evo Lite Apple iPhone 15 Case in Orange offers so much more than just a pop of color. With its lightweight body, it makes for a great handheld experience without compromising the protection it offers. Made with a sustainable bio-spice ingredient, this case is 100% biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice. The unbeatable 8ft multi-drop impact protection ensures that your device is safe from any accidental impact, and the enhanced camera protection gives you peace of mind knowing that your device’s most vulnerable feature is shielded from harm. This is an affordable case that delivers everything you need, without any fuss or frills. Upgrade your iPhone 15 with the Evo Lite case – it’s protection you can rely on.

Evo Check – Apple iPhone 15 Case – Smokey/Black

The Evo Check Apple iPhone 15 Case in Smokey/Black is the ultimate statement piece. Not only does it boast the most impact protection out of all their cases, but it’s also built for sustainability using their specialized bio-spice ingredient, making it fully biodegradable. With contrasting-coloured interchangeable buttons, this case is not only functional, but it’s also designed with style in mind. You’ll turn heads everywhere you go with its unique check design and bold impact protection. Make a statement and show the world that impact protection and sustainability can go hand in hand with the Evo Check case.

Impact Glass – Apple iPhone 15 Screen Protector

The Double Tempered Screen Protector is the ultimate addition to your iPhone 15. Not only does it provide double the strength to protect your screen from high-impact drops, but it also keeps scratches and scuffs at bay. Whether you’re enjoying a wild night out at a festival or exploring a new country on holiday, this impact glass will keep your phone’s most expensive feature safe. But that’s not all – the Camera Lens Protector is an added bonus that ensures your pictures are always hi-res and scratch-free. With repair costs for iPhone cameras skyrocketing, investing in a simple protective measure like this is a wise choice for any tech-savvy individual.

About Tech21 

Tech21 was founded in 2002 out of the need to discover a more sustainable and lasting product that could better safeguard their technology from the inevitable drops, falls, and accidents that are a part of everyday life.

The majority of cases offer protection against a hard drop just the first time it occurs. Tech21 felt that this was not especially sustainable or applicable to real life, which is why they make sure that their cases protect your equipment from damage even after it has been dropped multiple times.

Tech21 is still the most functional and high-performing multi-drop brand available today for consumers who are looking for a case that makes no sacrifices in terms of protection. Since the beginning, they have taken an innovative approach to the development of better and more environmentally friendly impact products. Constantly difficult, persistent in pushing boundaries, and persistent in looking for ways to improve upon what has come before.

In order to produce products that are both the most durable and the least harmful to the environment, Tech21 have made it their mission to arrive at environmentally conscious decisions.

Tech21 cases are an investment, in their opinion, since they will not only provide you with peace of mind, but they will also save you money on future maintenance costs and keep your technological devices out of the trash and landfill for a longer period of time.

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