Emma Bridgewater pottery is a treasure trove of unique and stylish earthenware. Each piece is handcrafted individually in Emma Bridgewater Stoke-On-Trent factory, making them one of a kind. Their pottery collection boasts a classical aesthetic, ranging from polka dots to flowers and hearts, with a touch of English charm. You’ll find a plethora of options to choose from in their British handmade pottery range, that are sure to stand out on your table. Get ready to be captivated by Emma Bridgewater exceptional collection – explore their English pottery collection today!

Sampler Medium Candlestick

The Sampler Medium Candlestick is a must-have for any dinner party or gathering. This candlestick adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any dinner table, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for all who attend. Whether it’s a midweek supper or a grand celebration, this candlestick helps to set the tone for a delightful feast. The flickering candlelight creates a calming ambiance, allowing guests to fully relax and enjoy the company of their loved ones. So, bring out the best dishes and pour the wine – with the Sampler Medium Candlestick, your dinner table is sure to impress.

Halloween Toast & Marmalade Medium Pasta Bowl

If you want to spice up your Halloween dinner party, you can’t go wrong with these Toast & Marmalade Medium Pasta Bowls. They’re perfect for serving up frighteningly delicious pasta dishes, and the eerie design is sure to impress your guests. But why settle for a boring bowl of noodles when you could add some spooky touches? With a few simple ingredients like mozzarella and olives, you can create creepy eyes that will bring your dish to life. Whether you’re hosting a haunted get-together or just looking for a fun meal, these bowls are a must-have for any Halloween celebration.

Witch’s Brew Small Jar With Ears

The Witch’s Brew Small Jar With Ears is not just any ordinary jar. It is a magical vessel that witches use to keep their potions and precious items secure. And what better way to keep their skeleton keys safe than in this cute little jar? The jar has tiny ears that give it a unique character, and its small size makes it easy to store in any witch’s arsenal. Whether you’re a practicing witch or just enjoy adding a touch of the mystical to your décor, the Witch’s Brew Small Jar With Ears is a must-have. Who knows, perhaps you might even catch a glimpse of a witch or two peeking out from behind its glassy frame.

Blackberry Small Teacup & Saucer

There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea to help you unwind after a long day, and what better way to enjoy it than with a pretty cup and saucer set? This Blackberry Small Teacup & Saucer is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. With its delicate design and charming blackberry motif, it’s guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to your tea-drinking experience. And if you’re someone who loves to pick their own fruit, this cup and saucer set is the perfect way to celebrate your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor! So why not treat yourself to a little luxury today?

Queen Elizabeth II The Golden Years Tea Towel

As we look back on the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II, there’s no denying her reign has been filled with breathtaking moments. From the coronation in 1953 and her iconic fashion choices to her introduction to the world of social media, she has remained a symbol of grace and steadfastness throughout her tenure. Now, with their Queen Elizabeth II The Golden Years Tea Towel, you can celebrate these moments in style. Whether you’re wiping up spills in the kitchen or showing off your love for the Queen, this tea towel is the perfect way to commemorate the golden years of one of the most beloved monarchs in history. Let’s raise a cup of tea and toast to Her Majesty and all the wonderful memories she has given us.

Why Do We Shop From Emma Bridgewater?

Shopping for pottery pieces can be an exciting experience, but we all have that one go-to brand that consistently comes out on top. For many, that brand is Emma Bridgewater. What makes Emma Bridgewater so special? Perhaps it’s the unique designs that are both classic and modern, or maybe it’s the high-quality materials that make each piece a treasure to hold. But most likely, it’s the sense of nostalgia and warmth that comes with owning an Emma Bridgewater piece. Whether you’re sipping your morning tea from a polka dot mug or serving a homemade recipe in a floral dish, Emma Bridgewater pottery has a way of making even the simplest moments feel special and cherished. No wonder we can’t get enough of this beloved brand.

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