The Ordnance Survey is a British government agency responsible for national mapping that dates all the way back to 1791. It’s purpose is to provide data and products that people can use for research, personal projects, and other applications. Today, it continues its longstanding tradition of being an excellent source of geographical information, offering reliable methods of obtaining even the most obscure details. From digital downloads of maps to GPS technology, this organization continues to prove itself as a leader of innovation in the field of mapping while still paying tribute to it’s life long history.

The Ordnance Survey Great British Treasure Hunt

Here’s a fresh take on the classic treasure hunt theme from the #1 bestselling puzzle book series.
The Ordnance Survey Great British Treasure Hunt is the follow-up to the best-selling 2018 and 2019 Ordnance Survey Puzzle Books, featuring riddles based on 40 brand-new maps covering the entirety of Britain.
This new version features a variety of puzzles to be solved alongside good ol’ Aunt Bea as she guides her nephew on an adventure throughout the British Isles.
The places their heroes visit are marked on detailed 25k OS Explorer excerpts. This is a great novel for those who are curious, enjoy being active, and appreciate the great outdoors.
When you’ve solved the riddle on all of the maps, you’ll know exactly where the treasure is hidden.
The notes sections of the 2020 edition have been reduced in size and relocated to the back of the book so that there is more space for text, images, and amazing graphics.
Julia Bradbury, host of BBC’s Countryfiles, contributes an introduction.


Would you like to go on an actual adventure? Everything from how to read a map and use a compass to trip preparation and what to do in an emergency is covered in this 256-page book written by professionals at Ordnance Survey. Aside from destination recommendations, you can learn a ton of useful information and interesting trivia.
Further, you can put your map-reading and observation abilities to the test with a set of puzzles designed by puzzle expert Dr. Gareth Moore. If your child is 8–12 years old and enjoys being outside, this is the guide for them.


Each of the maps included here was chosen for inclusion in this book for a specific purpose, such as illuminating an important event in national history, highlighting a unique geographical feature, or highlighting a location of cultural significance. Accompanying each map is a brief description, as well as the map source. Next, there are the inevitable queries. The puzzles are made to force you to examine each map in greater detail, uncovering information you might have missed at first glimpse and pushing your problem-solving abilities to the limit.
There are a total of 40 maps, and the hundreds of questions they contain range from word puzzles to search-and-find clues to general knowledge questions to connection-making puzzles to different mathematical, map ability, and navigational challenges. You can choose from four different degrees of difficulty ranging from simple to extremely difficult, and if you get stuck the solutions are provided at the end of the book.


The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain Book

Each sort of puzzle, from the simplest to the most devilish, has been reimagined for this year’s edition, making it both larger and more difficult than ever before.
This book features hundreds of puzzles to solve, and it has 40 regional maps from all over the nation. In addition to random facts about regional history, mythology, and activities, there are a plethora of mind-bending brainteasers, navigational challenges, word games, code-crackers, anagrams, and mathematical conundrums to solve.
The puzzles are categorized as Easy, Medium, Tricky, or Challenging, and the solutions are provided in the rear. Both up-to-date and previously drawn plans are provided. The maps are accompanied by pages of local information, including the meanings of place names and little-known historical events, as well as motivation from the Ordnance Survey’s own GetOutside Champions. Get the Most Interesting Coloring Books Ever!


The Ordnance Survey Activity Books provide a great way of exploring the countryside, no matter your age. From forest habitats to coastlines and rivers, young and old alike can venture out into the world with one of these handy guides. Not only do they offer plenty of activities – spot wildlife, record plant species, write down geographical features – but also come filled with interesting facts about the local environment. It’s a perfect way to experience nature and its beauty within a safe and educational learning environment. It’s never too late or too early to start discovering the world around you; why not make use of Ordnance Survey’s Activity Books for an enjoyable time outdoors?

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