Have you ever considered renting a car? You will discover a broad range of rental cars at Avis Car Rental, whether you need a nimble small car for efficient city travels, a high-quality mid-size car for longer routes, or a luxury car for business trips. Avis Car Rental is located in a number of convenient locations across the United States. Would you also be interested in renting a sports car, or are you trying to find a minibus so that you and your family can go on a vacation together? Or how about a sturdy four-wheel drive car that can handle any terrain and any kind of weather? You are certain to find the rental car that is ideal for your requirements among their fleet of high-quality automobiles that are kept up to date and produced by well-known automakers.

Would you like to rent a specific make or model?

Are you a car enthusiast seeking to drive your dream car? Look no further than the Select Series offered by Avis Prestige. With a range of extraordinary models to choose from, you can finally experience the rush of driving your dream car. As the exclusive rental car partner of Porsche, Avis Prestige offers the classic dream car model variety that every car lover deserves to enjoy. If you’re looking to rent a sports car, you’ve come to the right place. Take your pick from the top-class Select Series and start your journey in the model of your dreams.

Rent trucks and vans

Are you tired of cramming all of your belongings into your car for a move or a DIY project? It’s time to upgrade to a van! Their rental options vary in size to accommodate any need you may have, from a small afternoon haul to a multi-day move. If you need even more space, they offer 7.5-ton trucks for those extra large jobs. Plus, if you’re in need of moving accessories, they have you covered with their practical options. Say goodbye to limited storage space and hello to stress-free loading and unloading with their van and truck rentals.

Vehicles for people with disabilities

For individuals with disabilities, finding the right vehicle is crucial for independence and mobility. Unfortunately, many rental car companies don’t cater to the needs of mobility-impaired drivers. That’s where they come in. their  partnership with PARAVAN ensures that every driver, regardless of their disability, can find the vehicle they need. With innovative technology and custom vehicle conversions, PARAVAN is a leader in the industry. They are proud to offer their vehicles for their customers, giving them the freedom to explore and achieve their goals on the open road.

All About Avis

Avis is a company that strives to be a leader in the automobile rental industry. Their mission is to provide outstanding services that are customized to their customers’ needs. Their ‘They Try Harder®’ ethos permeates every aspect of their business, as they are dedicated to excellence. The company is committed to being honest, trustworthy, professional, and ethical in all of their dealings with customers, employees, and shareholders. When it comes to employees, Avis values respect, professionalism, and dignity. They set clear expectations and provide honest, timely feedback to help their staff reach their full potential. Avis understands the importance of embracing diverse perspectives, cultures, races, and backgrounds to improve their customer promise and value. Ultimately, their focus is on prioritizing the interests of the consumers and providing personalized rental experiences that promote satisfaction and loyalty.

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