They use their trademark TEMPUR® Material, developed with NASA technology, in every one of TEMPUR mattresses and pillows. Space shuttles made use of a brand-new material that NASA researchers developed in the late 1960s. It was the material’s exceptional potential that Their founders first saw. After years of refining the original NASA technology into TEMPUR® Material, the first viscoelastic mattress and pillow were born.

Following its success in the medical field, TEMPUR has made its way into millions of homes and improved the quality of sleep for those who use it. That’s why NASA has acknowledged their mattress and pillow brand as one that improves quality of life*. For sleep so exceptional, it all began with those pioneering NASA scientists, and this distinction distinguishes them, keeps them modest, and motivates them to create relentlessly.

TEMPUR® Mattresses


Imagine sleeping on a cloud, the soft and supportive cushioning cradling your body as you drift off into peaceful slumber. That’s the experience you can have with the TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress Range. Available in three different depths and ten sizes, this collection offers the softest mattresses for an unparalleled level of comfort and support. Made with TEMPUR® Extra Soft Material, these mattresses are designed to conform to your body’s shape, providing the perfect level of pressure relief while you sleep. Plus, the soft zip-off cover is washable at 60°C for easy maintenance. With no need to turn the mattress and a 10-year guarantee, the TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress Range is the perfect choice for those who want to create a heavenly sleeping environment.


The TEMPUR® ORIGINAL MATTRESS RANGE is unlike any other mattress you’ve ever seen. This innovative collection was designed with the original TEMPUR® Material developed for space exploration. Available in three depths and ten sizes, this mattress range features a soft, zip-off cover that can be easily washed at 60°C. Plus, it’s low maintenance and requires no turning, so you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep without any extra hassle. To ensure you get the most out of your new TEMPUR® mattress, each purchase comes with a TEMPUR® Mattress Protector and a 10-year guarantee. With a mattress this supportive, comfortable, and durable, you might find yourself dreaming about space travel every night.


Experience the ultimate in comfort and support with the TEMPUR® Hybrid Mattress Range. This innovative mattress range features the perfect balance of pocketed springs and TEMPUR® Material, providing you with a sleeping surface that conforms to your body’s unique shape and provides unparalleled support. The Precision™ Micro Coils with TEMPUR® further enhance this perfect balance, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. With a soft zip-off cover that is washable at 60°C, this mattress is low maintenance and easy to care for. Plus, the inclusion of a TEMPUR® Mattress Protector means that your mattress will stay in top condition for years to come. And with a 10-year guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. Upgrade your sleep experience today with the TEMPUR® Hybrid Mattress Range.


Achieve the ultimate in a restful night’s sleep with the TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress Range. Available in three depths and 10 sizes, this collection offers maximum support and ultimate comfort for each individual sleeper. With TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Technology, you can experience the relief your body craves as this mattress adapts to your every movement. The quilted soft zip-off cover can be effortlessly removed and washed at 60°C, making this mattress both comfortable and low maintenance. Enjoy the convenience of no turning and the peace of mind that comes with a 10 year guarantee and included TEMPUR® Mattress Protector. Don’t settle for an ordinary mattress, elevate your sleep experience with the TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress Range.


Sleep is an essential component of human health, and the right mattress can make all the difference. Introducing the ONE by TEMPUR® range, designed to help you find the mattress you deserve. Available in three different sizes and one depth, this range offers layers of TEMPUR® Material in three different feels so that you can choose the perfect level of comfort. The soft zip-off cover can be washed at 40°C, ensuring you always enjoy a clean and fresh sleeping space. With no turning required and low maintenance, the ONE by TEMPUR® mattresses let you rest with ease. Plus, with an included TEMPUR® Mattress Protector and a 10-year guarantee, you can sleep soundly knowing that your investment is protected.

Why Do We Shop From Tempur ?

Sleep is a crucial aspect of their lives that affects their overall well-being and productivity. That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable mattress that can offer the best sleep possible. This is where the TEMPUR® mattress comes in. Made with innovative TEMPUR® material, these mattresses are designed to adapt to your unique body shape, providing personalized support for a rejuvenating sleep experience. Whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress, TEMPUR® has a range of options to suit your sleeping style. With its advanced technology and superior quality, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to invest in a TEMPUR® mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

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