As cat owners, they want nothing but the best for their feline friends. That’s why they turn to YuMove Cat Supplements. YuMove offers a range of quality products that help with joint support, mobility, and overall wellbeing in cats. The supplements are packed with natural ingredients, which have been proven to work wonders for cats with joint issues. YuMove’s focus on using only high-quality, all-natural ingredients provides cat owners with peace of mind that they are giving their cats the best possible care. Try YuMove Cat Supplements today and watch as your cat moves with renewed vigor and vitality.

YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Moulting for Cats

As a cat parent, you want the best for your feline friend, and that includes a healthy, shiny coat. The YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Moulting supplement for cats is specifically formulated to keep their coats in top condition. With a balanced combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6, this supplement supports your cat’s skin health, leading to a lustrous and glossy coat. One of the best parts? It helps reduce excess moulting, which can be a real pain for both you and your kitty. Give your cat the gift of a healthy, beautiful coat with YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Moulting.


Salmon oil’s Omega-3 fatty acids are great for maintaining a healthy coat and stopping excessive shedding.
Skin dryness is alleviated.
Omega-6 fatty acid, which is present in sunflower oil, is crucial for maintaining the skin’s barrier function and nourishing dry skin.
Aids in skin nourishment
Evening discovery of Omega 6 Primrose oil is beneficial for skin health.

YuMOVE Joint Care for All Cats

As cat owners, they all want their feline friends to live their best lives. That’s why they put so much effort into providing a nutritious diet and plenty of playtime. But as their cats age, joint stiffness and discomfort can become an unfortunate reality. That’s where YuMOVE Joint Care for All Cats comes in. With a powerful combination of ingredients designed to support mobility and maintain joint function, this supplement can help keep your cat comfortable and active as they age. Best of all, it’s easy to feed and contains no added phosphate. With YuMOVE, you can give your cat the care and support they need to live their best life.


Soothes stiff joints
Their unique ActivEase® GLM, provides a special blend of Omega-3s to help soothe stiff joints.
Supports joint structure
Glucosamine provides basic building components of cartilage helping to support and maintain joint structure.
Supports mobility
Hyaluronic Acid helps to lubricate and cushion the joint while the antioxidant, Vitamin E, neutralizes free radicals, helping to maintain joint mobility.

YuMOVE Calming Care for Cats

Does your cat have a nervous disposition and often struggle to cope with stress? If so, YuMOVE Calming Care for Cats could be just what your furry friend needs. This natural supplement uses scientifically proven ingredients to help cats overcome feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s especially helpful for cats that struggle with separation anxiety, are fearful of other cats or strangers, or find new situations difficult. With 30% off the RRP with no commitment subscription and a 6-week money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to give YuMOVE Calming Care a try. The sprinkle capsules are easy to use and perfect for those loud storms or nights when fireworks are going off. Give your cat the gift of peace with YuMOVE Calming Care for Cats.


reduces stress
Their components have been shown to relieve stress and calm anxious feelings.
Reduces stress levels.
Your dog will enjoy the calming effects of lemon balm, which will lead to less anxious behaviour.
Encourages mellow conduct
The natural, scientifically-proven chemicals in YuMOVE Calming Care offer an efficient means of lowering stress levels, encouraging tranquil behaviour, and soothing anxiety.

YuMOVE Digestive Care Plus For Dogs & Cats 

As much as they’d like to think that everything that they feed their pets goes down smoothly and makes them feel great, the reality is often more complicated. That’s why digestive support can be such a crucial part of any holistic care regimen. If you’re looking for a product that can provide fast relief for your furry friend, look no further than YuMOVE Digestive Care PLUS. This high-strength formula is gentle yet effective and is packed with natural ingredients that help to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. Plus, its unique probiotic and prebiotic formula ensures that it tops up good bacteria that your pet might be missing. Don’t let your pet’s digestive issues go unaddressed – try YuMOVE Digestive Care PLUS today!


Assists in keeping the digestive system in check
Traps pathogens and poisons
Facilitates gastrointestinal lining protection

The Reasons We Chose YuMove:

As pet owners, they all want the best for their furry friends. With numerous options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right supplement for their cats. However, after much research and consideration, they  decided to opt for Yumove Cat Supplements. Not only are they made with high-quality ingredients, but they also provide joint support for their aging cat. Additionally, the supplement is formulated specifically for feline needs, making it a trustworthy choice for improving their cat’s overall health. They are confident that Yumove Cat Supplements will make a positive impact on their cat’s well-being, and they highly recommend it to other pet owners looking for a reliable and effective supplement.

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