The great outdoors is the perfect playground for children to run around, let their creativity flow, and of course, have some good old-fashioned fun! And when it comes to outdoor playtime, having the right toys can make all the difference. From classic favorites Water Table and hula hoops to more modern options like water guns Swings, there is no shortage of exciting outdoor toys for kids to enjoy. These toys not only provide an opportunity for kids to stay active and enhance their physical development, but also allow them to bond with friends and family and enjoy the beauty of nature all around them. So why not encourage your little ones to put down the screens and venture outside for some fun in the sun with some awesome outdoor toys!

Why are outdoor toys important?

Spending time outside can be incredibly beneficial for kids in many ways, from developing physical strength and coordination to fostering creativity and imagination. Outdoor toys provide a fun and interactive way for children to engage with the world around them and stay active, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and set the foundation for lifelong habits. Whether it’s playing catch with a ball, rolling around on a ride-on toy, or building a fort with sticks and stones, outdoor play encourages kids to explore, experiment, and learn while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. By providing a variety of outdoor toys, parents and caregivers can help their kids develop skills and abilities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

The Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table allows children to bring the rain indoors. Children can create a fun waterfall effect by filling the waterfall tray with water from the pond base. Little water enthusiasts may watch the rain shower return to the pond and trigger the maze’s ramps and spinners to create a cascading cascade. This kid’s play table is big and open, so kids of different ages can use it at once. American-made using domestic and foreign inputs. A complement of 13 extras is included. All adults must assemble.

Play Day Sand And Water Table Outdoor Toys 16 Pieces

Looking for an outdoor toy that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end? Look no further than the Play Day Sand and Water Table! This deluxe activity table comes with 16 fun accessories, including a water mill, shovel, rake, yacht, and crab sand molds. Plus, with the included scoop, your little ones can watch as the water spins the wheels for some added fun. The sturdy cover snaps tightly to become an activity desk for blocks, and the drain plug fits snugly to prevent leaking. Best of all, assembly is easy and requires no tools, making it the perfect toy for children 18 months and up.

Hawk Tower Swing Set

With the KidKraft Hawk Tower Swing Set, kids can look out for exciting discoveries. This compact and cleverly designed wooden backyard structure is perfect for spurts of vigorous and imaginative play. There are two belt swings for a high-flying adventure, and a curvy slide for a quick chuckle. Climb to the landing, where you can spend a couple of minutes writing a note to your pals and setting the timer to “fun.” The next step is to continue climbing until you reach the crow’s nest and can look out over the entire area. Lucky you, there’s a telescope perched on the edge for keeping an eye on those pesky explorers (or your parents). This swing set is constructed from high-quality wood and durable hardware to withstand years of fun in the sun.

Plum Play Jupiter Green and Silver Steel Unisex Double Swing Set with Glider

Plum Play’s Jupiter Double Swing Set with Glider is an excellent way to ensure that your kids have a lot of fun in the fresh air. Youngsters and their pals can spend hours of active playtime on the swing set and glider. The powder coating on the steel swing set ensures that it won’t corrode for a very long time. The silvery-green colour scheme looks great in any outdoor space.
The Plum Play swing set has extra-sturdy seats made from injection moulding and pleasant feel ropes. The swing set offers adjustable height swing seats and cross supports for added stability. When their kids are playing on a high-quality swing set, parents can rest easy knowing that it was built with safety in mind.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse in blue is a charming and stylish playhouse that children will adore! With modern windows, arched doorway and brick details, it’s the perfect first playhouse for any little one. The contemporary styling and easy assembly make it a great choice for parents as well. This playhouse has two working doors, two windows with working shutters, a mail slot (mail not included), and even a flag holder (flags are not included). Kids will have a blast playing inside or outside of the playhouse for hours on end. Moms and dads will love how easy it is to assemble and the peace of mind that their children are having a delightful time.

Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV Ride-On

For smaller workers, nothing beats a John Deere Gator XUV. They can get everything they need for the yard in the big dump bed of this genuine John Deere XUV, which has a tailboard that opens. The brakes and the accelerator are both foot-operated. They can travel at either 2.4 or 4.2 mph on softer surfaces (grass, dirt, and hard surfaces) thanks to the two-speed shifter with reverse. The 2nd gear lockout and the ability to alter the seating positions will be greatly appreciated by parents. Powerful 12-volt rechargeable battery with charging station included. 100% American-made.


As the weather heats up, parents are looking for new ways to keep their kids active and entertained outdoors. Thankfully, Walmart has a wide selection of outdoor toys that are sure to do just that. From classic toys like water table to more unique options like Ride on toys and play house sets, Walmart has something for every child’s interests. Plus, with affordable prices and the convenience of online ordering, it’s never been easier to stock up on fun outdoor toys for hours of family fun in the sun. So grab some sunscreen and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors with Walmart’s selection of toys for kids.

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