Hair extensions have been a popular beauty trend for years, providing people with the opportunity to experiment with their hair without the commitment of a drastic haircut. With a variety of colors, lengths, and styles available, hair extensions can transform anyone’s look in an instant. Whether you’re looking for a more voluminous hairstyle, longer locks, or a pop of color, hair extensions can help you achieve the desired result. Not only do they enhance your appearance, but they can also boost your confidence and leave you feeling your best. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to switch up your style, consider adding some hair extensions to your beauty routine.


Beauty Works‘ popular service is weft-in hair extensions. You may get more than 40 one-of-a-kind hues in fine, medium, thick, and long hair lengths. Double-drawn, half-wefted, and double-wefted hair extensions made from 100% cuticle-retained Remy hair are just some of the premium products Beauty Works offers. Because they require no glue, heat, or damage, weft extensions are a salon favorite. The accredited establishments in Beauty Works’ network provide complimentary color consultations to every client before installing the hair extensions using innovative methods. Adding volume, length, and color in a shorter time frame, micro-ring weft or braided weft hair extension procedures are wonderful forms of semi-permanent hair extensions.

There is no need for any sort of adhesive, heat, or braiding while using micro-ring hair extensions. Rings of the appropriate colour are used to insert the individual strands of hair extensions into the scalp at the hairline. This application procedure is ideal for the tiny ring bond that Beauty Works specialises in providing. The stick-tip hair extension, which uses their patented bond, is sold in 50-gramme packages so that customers can easily blend different hues and increase the volume of their hair. Their color-coded rings fit perfectly on each strand. This procedure can be applied once and have a lasting effect for up to three months before it needs to be touched up.

Strength in Beauty Tape-in hair extensions have won numerous awards for their innovative designs. their tape-in human hair extensions have been the industry standard for over 10 years because of their superior quality. Tape-in hair extensions are a time-saving and efficient option for stylists in hair salons.

Their tape-in extensions, crafted from 100% human Remy hair, are virtually undetectable and fit in perfectly with your own hair. They have the widest range of sizes, from 14″ to 28″, in their store. Browse their tape-in extensions in a rainbow of beautiful hues, from frosty blondes to deep browns and everything in between. Regain lost fullness, length, and color with just a few quick professional strokes. Their tape-in hair extensions include featherweight designs that allow for discreet placement at the hair’s root.

Using pre-bonded hair extensions is a professional method of adding length to your hair. The hair is pre-tipped onto a keratin solution, which is then melted and cooled to make a solid bond with your hair. Since pre-bonded extensions are placed one strand at a time, any shade or combination of colors can be used to create a gorgeous new hue. Because of their longevity and the ease with which they may be applied by a trained professional, pre-bonded hair extensions have become a salon favorite.

Celebrity Choice® Flat Tips, their pre-bonded professional extension method, come in 16″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ lengths in a rainbow of custom colors. All hair types can use keratin-bonded hair extensions. The bond used in pre-bonded hair extensions is keratin, a safe natural bonding ingredient, which is why they are so popular.


Beauty Works Extensions is the go-to hair extension supplier for many reasons. Not only have they been providing premium quality Remy Human Hair extensions since 2009, but they also ensure that their hair is ethically sourced and regulated. With sustainability in mind, their packaging also reflects their commitment to a better world. Their instant clip-in extensions have won awards, making them a top choice for those looking for ready-to-wear extensions. Their reputation extends beyond clip-ins, as their salon professional methods are renowned within the industry. With an extensive collection ranging from 14 to 26 inches in length and 40+ bespoke shades, Beauty Works Extensions has everything you need to find the perfect extensions for you. Join the cult following of celebrities and beauty gurus worldwide who swear by their multi-award-winning extensions, styling tools, and haircare. With over 4,000 salons worldwide as partnerships, you can trust Beauty Works Extensions to give you that bombshell hair you’ve been dreaming of.


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