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Belongings. It’s something everyone possesses. They gather it throughout our lives and it accompanies us everywhere. We purchase new items to replace the old ones. We form attachments to them. We even develop affection for some of them. At some point, we need to transfer them. We all desire to entrust the responsibility to someone reliable, to transport our belongings swiftly and securely. AnyVan comprehends this. They completely understand. They exist to simplify the process of moving anything, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly for everyone. And they’re quite skilled at it too – just ask the furniture…

AnyVan Story

AnyVan was established in 2009 by its founder Angus after he observed that half of the vans on the road were operating with only half of their cargo capacity. Recognizing the potential for reducing delivery costs and benefiting the environment, he aimed to fill those underutilized vans. Now, after 14 years, they have achieved remarkable milestones worth celebrating!

AnyVan Services

Looking to move house or transport some large and delicate items without the hassle of doing it yourself? Look no further than AnyVan services. With their expertise in house removal and furniture delivery, transporting your items safely and efficiently has never been easier. And it’s not just furniture and large items – AnyVan can also transport your car, piano or even your beloved motorbike. With their professional and reliable team, you can trust that your items will be in good hands. Say goodbye to the stress of moving and let AnyVan take care of the logistics for you.

1. House Removal Services

Allow AnyVan to alleviate the burden, time, and expense associated with locating dependable home removal services. Their aim is to facilitate your move by providing a dedicated coordinator who will oversee the entire process.

It all commences with an immediate complimentary quotation and complimentary fundamental coverage up to £50k for fire and theft (in adherence to their terms and conditions). They take pride in delivering an efficient, effective, and economical service. Whether you’re relocating to a new apartment or a rural estate, their team of Removal Partners is well-trained and equipped to cater to your needs.

They have garnered a perfect 5-star rating from over 100,000 satisfied house removals, and they are excited to offer you the same level of contentment. Regardless of what you’re moving or where, AnyVan is available to provide assistance.

2. Furniture Courier Services

If you have furniture transportation needs or require a move from one place to another, you can rely on AnyVan’s top-notch courier service to handle it for you.

They understand that moving furniture can be overwhelming, whether it’s your first sofa into a new apartment or replacing an old bed. That’s why they simplify the process: just provide the details of the furniture you need to collect or deliver, and they can immediately offer you a price.

Their pricing is highly competitive, and they  provide free basic compensation for fire and theft, covering up to £50k (according to their terms and conditions). This means you can have your items transported quickly and securely, with peace of mind. Additionally, with AnyVan, you’ll receive personalized support from industry professionals and their expert Transport Partner team.

So, regardless of what you need to move, they’re here to assist you.

Allow AnyVan to take care of your car transportation needs. In just 15 seconds, they can provide you with an instant quote, £50k compensation cover (subject to their terms and conditions), and an experienced car transport partner to ensure a seamless move.

They understand that arranging car delivery or collection can be challenging. With numerous competing companies, making the right choice can seem daunting. That’s where they come in. Regardless of your car’s make or condition, their car pick up service makes arranging collection and delivery easier and more convenient than ever.

Whether you require transport from a car dealership or need to move a vehicle for parts or repairs, they can handle it for you. With their extensive team of transport partners, they guarantee to find the car collection and delivery service that best suits your vehicle. They have had the privilege of working with AutoTrader, BPI Auctions, and H. R. Owen, and they would be delighted to assist you as well.

AnyVan’s experienced Transport Partners specialize in handling delicate and diverse pianos, alleviating the stress of their transportation. Their Partners have worked with prestigious organizations like the Royal Opera House, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and the British Paraorchestra, making them an ideal choice for piano collection and delivery. They provide specialist piano moving services that begin with a quick and free quote, along with free basic compensation cover up to £50k for fire & theft, in line with their Terms and Conditions. Once you’re ready, a dedicated piano transportation coordinator will take care of your piano removal from beginning to end, ensuring a seamless operation and putting your mind at ease. Their professional piano movers guarantee impeccable service, whether you’re transporting a small upright piano or a concert grand piano over long distances. At AnyVan, they attribute their success to their commitment to customers and their team of Transport Partners who specialize in secure piano transit at affordable prices.

5. Motorbike courier service & delivery

You can easily arrange reliable and cost-effective motorcycle transportation services through AnyVan, ensuring a high-quality service at a lower cost. When it comes to transporting newly purchased or sold motorbikes, it should be a simple task due to their compact size. Their extensive network of experienced vehicle transport partners has successfully delivered numerous motorcycles and scooters over the years. Contact them now to receive an instant quote for motorcycle delivery, including complimentary basic compensation coverage up to £50k for fire and theft (as per their Terms and Conditions). If you need to transport your motorbike from one location to another without any risk of damage or having to ride it yourself, AnyVan’s delivery services are the most convenient choice. Opting for a professional motorcycle delivery transportation service is preferable to attempting it yourself. Discover the reasons behind their top-rated motorcycle transport service.



Moving can be a daunting process, especially when it involves packing up and transporting large and valuable items. But with AnyVan’s range of secure and efficient moving solutions, you can say goodbye to your moving woes. From house removals to furniture and large items delivery, AnyVan ensures your possessions arrive at their destination safely and promptly. And if you’re worried about moving your vehicle, AnyVan also offers car, motorbike, and even piano transport services. Now you can rest assured that all your valuable possessions will be safeguarded throughout the moving process with AnyVan.



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