Scribbler isn’t just a brand; it’s a gateway to expressing your deepest affections and funniest thoughts through beautifully crafted cards. With years of experience in bringing smiles and spreading joy, Scribbler remains your go-to for birthday cards that are as unique and special as the people you love.

Get ready to discover the charm and wit of Scribbler’s birthday cards that guarantee to bring a smile! Whether you’re looking to sprinkle some humor, share a tender message, or surprise someone with a quirky note, Scribbler has got you covered with their latest collection of birthday cards. Read on to find the perfect card that not only speaks your heart but also tickles the funny bone, with exclusive insights into their newest arrivals and unbeatable designs.

Drinks On Bill Card by Comedy Card Company

Scribbler introduces the “Drinks On Bill Card” from Comedy Card Company, a delightful choice for those who appreciate a good chuckle with a touch of duck humor. This card features a playful joke popular in the duck community, ideal for lightening the mood and sparking laughter at any birthday celebration. The vibrant illustrations coupled with the witty punchline make this card a standout choice for anyone looking to make their greetings memorable.


The “Drinks On Bill Card” is expertly crafted with high-quality materials ensuring a premium feel. The card’s humorous approach is perfect for friends and family who enjoy a good laugh, making it more than just a birthday card but a moment of joy.

Sweary Poppins – LOL Card by Fock Cards

Next on Scribbler’s list is the daringly hilarious “Sweary Poppins – LOL Card” by Fock Cards. Tailored for those with a bold sense of humor, this card features creative profanity that is sure to evoke laughs and possibly blushes. It’s a perfect match for the friend who loves humor that’s as colorful as their personality.


The card uses vibrant colors and bold text to capture attention instantly. Its fearless use of language makes it a memorable pick for anyone who enjoys edgy and spirited humor.

Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks Card by Sarah Ray

Scribbler offers the cheeky “Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks Card” designed by Sarah Ray. This card combines adorable artwork with a playful message, ideal for a friend or partner with a good sense of humor and a love for all things fun and flirty.


With its charming design and engaging message, this card not only conveys warm birthday wishes but also adds a personal touch that’s hard to find in standard greetings.

Funny Retro 4 Colour Pen Birthday Card by Running With Scissors

For those nostalgic souls in your life, Scribbler’s “Funny Retro 4 Colour Pen Birthday Card” from Running With Scissors is a perfect blast from the past. This card is designed to evoke memories of yesteryears with its vintage pen design, ideal for anyone who appreciates a touch of retro on their special day.


This card is not just a greeting; it’s a trip down memory lane. Its classic design and relatable humor make it especially appealing to those who cherish the good old days.

Fresh Bedding Birthday Card by Scribbler

The “Fresh Bedding Birthday Card,” designed by Scribbler, offers a cozy and humorous way to celebrate a birthday. It’s perfect for the friend who loves to spend their special day lounging and relaxing in the comfort of their bed.


This card combines comfort with humor, reflecting modern lifestyle trends and appealing to those who enjoy a more laid-back celebration.

 Unwrap Joy with Every Card

As you choose from Scribbler’s delightful array of birthday cards, remember that each card is more than just paper—it’s a heartfelt laugh, a shared memory, and a warm wish for joy. Dive into the world of Scribbler today and discover how each card can bring a little more joy into the world.

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